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Hyosung left sitting.....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wallyt99, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Well I just bought a Hyosung GT250R and it has been sitting around unridden for about 12 months.

    (Some would argue that is to be expected with a Hyosung :]

    Anyways, I need to ride it home. The battery is quite low, but it turns over and starts, before dying after a few seconds.

    I am thinking I only have a few more starts before a push start is required. (would like to avoid this) I think the fuel has fouled (possibly in the carbs), but I dont want to drain the fuel on site then ride it home......

    What the best advice to get it started and running well enough for the 15 minute trip to home? (I am going to give it the deluxe treatment when she gets home)

    I was thinking 5 litres of fresh fuel with a cap full of Methalated Spirits in it would do the trick......

    Anyone else got any recommedations?

    PS - When I started it I thought also the fuel tap could be off? I found the fuel petcock directly under the tank but there didn't seem to be a tap on it, anyone know this bike? I heard somewhere it has some sort of 'vacuum' thingie?
  2. Anoyne know where the air intake is on this bike as well? Just in case I need to use start ya bastard spray.
  3. Get the battery on charge, for one.
    The fuel + Metho will solve any water in fuel problems, probably a good idea anyway.

    Did you only try and start it once? If so, due to the way the vacuum operated petcock works, it could have drained the fuel in carbies, and had nothing in the pipe, and thus spluttered out.
    Either try and find the prime position (No idea if it even has one) Or turn it over for a bit on starter to get that fuel flowing.

    But yeah, I would get the battery on charge as the first priority if it seems dodgey.
  4. Sorry for the dumb question, did you use the choke? My bro-in-laws's R needed full choke and persistence with the starter before kicking over after sitting idle for 2 months - just cold and dry I guess.
  5. The choke works as an enrichener, it increases the amount of fuel in the mixture. The thing which probably made it fire, was the constant turning over, drawing fuel down, the carby was probably dry.
    With the Gpx, I turn it over for ~5seconds, then leave it for 30 or so. (Only had to do it once, gogo running out of fuel :cry: )
  6. Bad fuel can be one reason, also the battery dies in the arse, so try jump starting it, that might work. The other thing to check is spark plugs and leads, for some reason they can go off during long periods of disuse.
  7. Yeah, had to use full choke when I started it.

    Will go the fuel and metho, and then push start it if necesasary.

    I would say you guys are right, carbs a little dry/fouled but a few runs should get her going.
  8. Drain the carbs as well - should be a screw at the bottom of each.

    Fuel can gunk up in the bowl.


    Trevor G
  9. Good idea. Do I need to keep anything underneath it?

    Also, I have a concern that the bike may have an electrical fuel pump.

    If the battery is low, will no fuel be delivered to the carbs?