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Hyosung GV700C to get me back on the road after 15 years

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  1. That looks nice mate. I enjoyed my time on my old gv650
  2. Love the look of this bike! Koreans are certainly taking the game up another level.

    Enjoy your return mate!
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  3. Did think about the GV but decided on the classis cruiser look. I think Hyosung is going the way of Hyundai, which is making good cars now after a shaky start in terms of reputation.
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  4. In reply to your conversation from the review thread, rebm, lol! I bet the missus hangs on for dear life. Thank God for the back rest! =D
  5. At 63, the wife is 60, I'm well past ripping open the throttle but I wouldn't take her on the bike without it. Every now and then I open it up suddenly and I really don't want to have to break in a new missus!
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  6. Hyosung have done a much better job with the styling on this model compared to the earlier cruiser!