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Hyosung GV650 odometer erro

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Inphered, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    3 days ago I brought my first bike, a brand new GV650. when setting the clock today on the digital dash I clicked the trip meter to the Odometer and it read 165000+ kms. Anyone have any clues as to weather I can fix this or will I need to take it back to the dealer to have it corrected?

    PITA for a brand new bike.
  2. you sure its brand new?
  3. Lol, yeah its a Dec 2010 build and was brought new, not used.

    Going to take it back to the dealer this week to get it sorted
  4. 165,000 kays would be noticable,
    Take it back and get them to fix it,

    Dont forget to tells us what you cruiser is like to ride, and any problems you might experience,
    Heather has a 250 GV, Her only problem with it, its too slow for her, She's done 4500 kays on it
  5. Yeah keep us posted Nick. Is yours the new classic model, or the more modern looking model that's been out for a while?
  6. Its the modern looking one, i'll put some pics up and a bit of a personal review in the my ride forum.

    @deadman: the 650 has more than enough power to luge my 117kg behind around. sits up at the 100km/h (of course i don't know this ebcause i'm still on my L's) really nice.