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Hyosung GV650 - Feedback from owners?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Darklord, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking at getting a Hyo GV650 cruiser and I'd be interested in getting some feedback from people who own one, be it Good :grin: , Bad :evil: or Very ugly :furious: .



    [Remember, no matter where yo go, there you are]
  2. TD, I have a GV650 and apart from a lack of factory and aftermarket accessories for the bike, I have had no issues with it, I BLOODY LOVE IT!!! and mine is still restricted!!! I have recently bought a set of saddle bags and a tank bag which are not a perfect fit but they do the job and look quite nice. I ride with a pillion sometimes and this does not hamper the bikes performance, i was surprised at how well it went 2up. I ride with a bunch of guys in Newcastle, most of them have sports bikes, and I have no trouble staying amongst the pack..... BEFORE the slack, OF COURSE the sports bikes COULD EASILY blow me away, I'm saying that having recently upgraded to this bike from an XVS250 which had enough trouble just doing 110km/h let alone overtaking from 110.

    I wont bore you too much, so if you have any specific questions, hollar back!!

    Yes there are lemons of all makes, so don't be put off by 10 bad stories amongst 1000 bikes, I ride my bike 'hard' and it has never missed a beat.

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  4. [​IMG]

    MMS cycles of germany have all the parts to custom your GV right up to this!
  5. That Trend Killer is one SWEEEEET bike, BUT, to buy all the parts+shipping, you could go out and buy a whole other GV650!!! Yep, all the bits combined add up to approximately $9600+shipping, I got my GV for $10,000 ride away, worth it?????????

  6. I'd at least get those pipes, they look so good
  7. The pipes and the bars would make it a sweet lookin ride. People are such bloody brand sbnobs, I reckon they can all get stuffed :grin: I love my Hyo GT250.
  8. Yeah man, definately. All those Hyos are killer looking bikes.
  9. gotta love lams my lil bro is going for his L's on the 7th and he is getting the gc650 for his first bike nd i will be taking it for a crack whether he likes it or not, anybody have a link for that company in germany???
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  11. The orange is pretty cool, orange bikes have always held a fascination for me. But in this case it needs some darker colour to balance it, maybe black forks, black engine and carbon pipes would balance it out. It looks a bit anemic.

    But would be a good start. :cool: :cool:
  12. Shit hot!!

    Had mine just on a year now, and I've got to admit there have been one or two warranty issues, but they have been solved with a minimum of fuss.

    The bike itself is fantastic. Holds the road like you wouldn't believe, very comfy, good acceleration and speed (like Tim 650 mine is still restricted), can keep up with most sports bikes on most days...

    only real draw backs I can think of are the looooong wheel base - you'll never do the U-turn at the P's test on one of these, these display can be a bit hard to see (only when facing due east at 5.45pm when the sun is on the 4th quadrant...), and the front brake fluid resovoir - which they chromed!!! Dumb Koreans gotta chrome everything!!! Reflections from the resovoir can be a bit distracting. Bit of Gaff solves that though...

    Do it!! They're a great bike.
  13. ok so i have now ridden my brothers, had a great excuse, adjusted his gear lever coz it was to low to comfortably get foot under to shift up, anyof you have this problem? anyway its all solved now..
    also can anyone tell me how to get the damn seat off the thing, was told just undo the screw and pull off but she dont come off no matter what i try...

    basically i have to say i love the looks of the bike but i am not a big fan of the restricted model after ridding the bike, i personally think my old 79 escort would blow it away but then again its a learners bike but then again so is my gs500f and until now i thought it didnt have enough pace, i know its a cruiser and all that but its definatey lacking some thing...

    i also dont really think this is an ideal first bike for a learner because of the riding position with forward mount controls, handle bars pushing you way back in the seat, leaning backwards but maybe that is just me