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Hyosung GV650 Classic

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MC15, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Hi all

    Have only been on the forum for a few days, and I've just been searching through posts that are relevant to the bike and gear I've just picked up.

    I get a 2015 Hyosung GV650 Aquila Classic delivered next week. From the searches I've done thus far, there's not a heap on the GV650's of any models, and it's fair to say that a lot of the views aren't positive.

    I've actually done a fair bit of homework prior to my purchase, and I am comfortable that Hyosung have made significant improvements from the earlier versions, and that the reliability issues are not as bad for the new models as assumed.

    As such, I'm pretty keen on sharing my experience from delivery. Looking for people who have a 2015 Classic or Sport to also share their thoughts.

    Happy for people to bash the brand too, but please only feel free to do so if you've owned one of the later models. The objective of this is to provide a true user experience of the 2015.


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  2. Well said, personally I think the bikes look great and reviews suggest that much like Kia and Hyundai they've ironed out most of the early issues. I will be watching this thread with great interest.
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  3. I loved my gv650 efi . It was not the classic but the other one. It had a minor issue down low, dealer reset the computer and it was great after that. Easy to derestrict and went great.
  4. My understanding is that the LAMS sport is restricted to 38kw but as you say, can be opened up. The classic is at 47kw, but I don't think it can be unrestricted. Wouldn't take much to modify though.
  5. Well today was the big day! Bike was delivered mid morning. The dude that dropped it off was an absolute champ. He was flat out and so was I so we just wheeled it off the transporter, and left it looking damn pretty out in the sun until I had a chance to ride it after lunch.

    Ignition on... Into neutral... Stand up... Clutch in... Starter button... Tick tick tick tick. That's not good... Tick tick tick tick...

    Sounds like the starter motor is cactus before I can even get a first ride under my belt. Called the shop and they are on their way now to pick it up. Really want this thing up and running over Easter. Hopefully it's something small and they can get it back to me tomorrow.

    Not a great start for any kind of defence around the reliability of Hyosung...
  6. Oh dear. Checked the kill switch?
  7. Yeah I wish it was something that simple. The dude from the shop is kicking himself as he thought it was just a dodgy battery this morning when it wouldn't turn over. Changed that over and it started/ran fine.

    They've taken it back for a look. My money is on a starter motor
  8. That's weird. Maybe something is shorting and flattening the battery? It's good that it's their problem, not yours.
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  9. What a joke mate. F ing idiots delivering a new bike that doesn't start. Unreal
  10. #10 MC15, Mar 23, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 27, 2016
    Ok, so I got a call just after lunch. Problem resolved, and the bike delivered back to my place a couple of hours later. Yesterday's frustration somewhat relieved after really good follow up (and embarrassment) from the shop. Can't shoot the sales/delivery guy. Clearly someone didn't give it the once over. An electrical problem stopping charge getting to the starter motor.

    Anyway, on to the first ride! Started her up. Was somewhat surprised at the nice sounds coming from the pipes! Was expecting a pathetic whimper out of the 650! Slip it into first, and roll up my very steep driveway. Two things very clear by thus stage. Firstly, this is a big, heavy bike for a LAMS (229kg). Fun wrestling up the drive... Secondly, the clutch is excellent. Very smooth and liner response which for me is awesome as I have a pretty beat up left hand/not great with fine control.

    Down the hill and into my first block run. I have some pretty steep undulating hills round my place and a little better planning for the first ride should have occurred. Turn left into a sweeping left that closes off in the second half. Entered a little quick and had to throw it over a little to get round the corner. Was pretty clear that you need to ride this bike as it really wants to just go in straight lines (no Sh!t its a cruiser).

    Up through the gears along a flat straight stretch. Plenty of power there with out revving too hard. On acceleration you wouldn't think it was such a heavy bike. Looking forward to getting out on the freeway over Easter.

    User error on the steep climb back up the hill. My inability to select the right gear/right rev range had the bike burping and farting until the road flattened out back into a couple of up and down sweepers til I got home.

    Overall, very happy with it as a first ride. Will be able to take it to some flatter roads when I have more time, and the roads are quiet over Easter. It's going to be a nice easy bike to ride as my skills develop, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it for years to come.

    Next check in will be practising throttle and clutch control and braking.
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  11. Should read clutch control. How do you edit posts?..
  12. They are a nice bike, I have a 2014 one. My only major issue has been with the bloody pathetic radiators splitting. I just had the second one go a few weeks ago just before 23,000km's. Fixed under warranty (about a week after the warranty expired), and expect me and the dealer will have to fight with Hyosung Aus to get it sorted next time, as the dealer agreed I shouldn't pay to replace a known faulty part with a known faulty part. Not looking forward to that. Hopefully you don't have this issue.

    I have also had some issues with rough idling/stalling, but the dealer recons that might be fuel related, and I think it may be right, I get bulk fuel delivered to home, and it has only played up twice, and came good after the next fuel delivery. So hopefully... Oh, and I buggered a belt and rear pully at 22,000km, (it didn't break completely, was ride-able) but I think that was a combination of dirt (I go on lots of dirt/gravel roads) and I think the belt may have been too tight. It handles beautifully on gravel and dirt too no matter the speed.
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  13. laughing about the starter issue straight out the box!!
    To be fair you should probably be expecting a few minor quality issues like that, they're not likely to be major, just frustrating.

    I'm curious as to warranty with the hyosungs? What sort of warranty do they have?
  14. Fixed.
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  15. Yeah I don't get too concerned about little things such as this. Probably hasn't been started in 6 month plus/when they took delivery. 2 years unlimited kilometres on the warranty. Think that's pretty standard right?
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  16. Yeah I'd put money on the fuel being an issue. The mix that the refineries use actually varies a lot across the year as it's adjusted to the temperatures of the seasons. Likewise, the shelf life of it is I think three months before it degrades. Boat owners out there will tell you that they often use a preserving agent for fuel going through their marine engines if they're not taking them out for a while.

    My understanding is that the radiators were changed from the 2013 models to the 2015's. With a bit of luck, is won't be an issue
  17. So a few rides under my belt over the long weekend. Day 1 I spend 30-40 min just working on clutch and throttle control. I'm not professing to be a gun on two wheels, so this practice while on a heavy bike is invaluable prior to tackling inner melbourne during the week. Allowed a bit of time turning the thing at slow speeds. This is a challenge. I need a heap more work on this to be comfortable. Relatively easy to find a good bite point on the clutch. The back break on its own for stop/start walking pace is pretty much useless. Might get a little better when it beds in.

    2nd ride was some blockies which open up onto a couple of major roads. This was probably the first contradiction from what I expected from the bike, and what actually occurred. Me thinking cruiser, I was thinking it would like low to mid range revving. Not this case. It likes to be revved, and really it doesn't have much in the low rev range once out of first. Considering it's the same engine as Hyosung's sports bike, and considering it's really not a big bore engine, I shouldn't be surprised. Spent most of this ride getting my gear changes sorted. Tried to get in the habit of using engine breaking, in particular on the downhill stops from 70kph which was then leading into off camber turns. A bit more comfortable in leaning the bike over. Happy with turning the bike at speed, but low speeds... Hmmm.

    3rd ride for the weekend and I wanted to get a longer run in. Down the hill I navigated a bit more traffic than I've been in. Had to pull up on a steep hill and do the bike equivalent to a hand real start. Stalled it twice. User error... Nothing to do with the bike. Not enough revs... But now for the fun stuff... Onto the freeway. At hits of half throttle, the bike got up to 90kph effortlessly. Let it just creep up to 100 as there was a bit of traffic around. Did about 3-4km on the freeway before jumping off, and heading up a boulle of major roads to complete a 10km loop. Did this a few times. Observations were that the engine is starting to work a bit harder on reaching 100kph. It might run out of legs a little at this speed if the road went up, or you wanted to really wanted to give it some stick. Not to say that there's no HP in reserve, but I wouldn't expect it to jump into warp speed. A real positive was how it handled the wind. A big crosswind while on the freeway, and while it pushed the bike, it always felt really planted, and no way near out of control. A great feeling of safety for someone still learning.

    There is a little bit of tingling back through the pegs round 100kph, and a little through the handle bars at 70kph. Nothing to be really annoying on the 45min ride. If you were constant at those speeds for an hour, it might be a different case.

    Really started leaning the bike over today. Was turning with no issue and always felt like there was grip to spare. Got a better handle of the slow speed turning, but still work to be done!
  18. good job MC, glad you're enjoying your new ride and the few minor bugs have been sorted - now get to splattering bugs on your visor!