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Hyosung GV650 buzzing noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nick1234, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Hi

    I have a new 2014 gv650 classic, just done 4100km today.

    Tonight I cleaned it, just hosed it with not much pressure, then was wiping it clean.

    While wiping one of the front forks, it started making a buzzing noise, and kept making it for over 5 mins, until I disconnected the battery. It starts fine, but still makes the noise. the noise starts again immediately when connecting the battery.

    It sounds to be coming from up under the fuel tank. First I thought it was the fan, but it's higher than that.

    I'm going to ring the dealer tomorrow morning, but just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

  2. It's probably about to burst into flames, is it insured?
  3. tumblr_ljh0puClWT1qfkt17.
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  4. So I should run?

    Yes it's insured. Hopefully it's nothing that drastic though.
  5. Maybe the fuel pump? I assume the keys in the Off position, or removed. Are any other instrumentation bits functioning at the same time? Should be nothin powered up whist the keys off. Definitely off to the dealer tomorrow.
  6. key on, off, removed, engine running or not, it always makes the noise. Only way to stop it is to unplug the battery. Instrumentation all working as normal.

    Justus, i did research, and saw plenty of people happy with their bikes, both online and offline, and a few who looked to have real issues. But mostly it was just the likes of "dont buy cheap chinese shit" from people who said nothing that would suggest they have ever seen one, let alone owned one.

    I also have heard nothing but good about the local dealership, who have been around for decades. So far, they have been great to deal with, and i fully expect that this will continue. I only asked on here tonight to get some ideas, and so as I might have a bit of a clue what im talking about when i ring them in the morning.
  7. Hope u get it sorted mate, loved my gv650. Looked alot like the night rod .
  8. thanks, im sure it will be fine. Yeah i love mine too, seems like a great bike. (well apart from this obviously)
  9. I was being serious, if you have an electrical short under the fuel tank I'd be very cautious, I would suggest you ring the dealer before you ride it anywhere.
  10. Other trouble shooting alternative, just let it buzz till it either catches fire, or blows a fuse. Then you'll know what is was :rolleyes:
  11. Hell, alright I will certainly be careful.IIt's in the shed, battery unplugged, and won't be moving until I ring the dealer.

    I don't think I will try that Gooza
  12. ok, so i reconnected the battery, and it seems fine this morning. But I rang the dealer who said they have seen it before. It is the "hazard warning system", and it needs a wire altered, something to do with a relay. But its no big deal, I can ride it as per normal. They will do it when I next head into town.
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  13. I think you should sell. And as soon as you got the cash, then run! :D