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Hyosung GV 250 EFi - ECU (Scotland)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Starfleet, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone, I am a new user from Scotland.

    I bought myself a 2009 GV 250 EFI Aquila model second hand in August last year from a private seller. The bike is great condition, and only 5,500km on the clock.
    However, I have not been on the road since I bought it as it over revs then stutters then cuts out. There are no decent Hyosung dealers in the UK and after a month or so of stripping the bike checking all the wiring and eventually pinpointing the fault to probably the idle speed controller, I ordered a new one from Korea.

    the local bike servicer who services 'all makes of bikes' couldn't even service it as he didn't know where to start and apparently my bike was the first in the UK to go from carb to EFI, which doesn't help!!!

    it arrived and I fitted it, and put the bike back together again and hey presto it started, and the revs sorted themselves out...I left the bike going, went in had a cuppa, came back out it was still going. I though I had cracked it!, I put the side panels back on, the seat and switched the bike off. Went in for another cuppa, came out started her up, high revs and cutting out. I am now thinking it is the ECU, as I cant think of anything else. the air filter is clean, the oil is brand new (ish). However in the UK, I cant get a ECU for love nor money (cheaply any how!). It is a Sentec 85-6816 GV-250, s/n V132687PO43. Does anyone know where I could get one and it imported? I would be grateful of your help!
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  3. thats great, thanks, I will try these.
  4. Try hyosungpartsonline.com.au

    Maybe sign up to the Hyosung forum (korider) if you haven't already.