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Hyosung GV 250 Aqulia

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by HeavyNinja, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Hey guys just wondering about the Hyosung GV250. Firstly I realize hyosung is not a great name in bikes, but my mrs wants a cruizer style bike. I found one 50km from me, 2007 model, 7000km, comes with jacket and 2 helmets for $1000ono. Reckon it would be worth a look?

  2. I ride an 04 GT250 - so same mechanicals in different chassis. I paid a grand for it, plus rego and RWC having done 43000 km when I bought it.

    Its been a generally good first bike, and as I am a tinkerer I have been able to learn heaps about service and maintenance on the bike.

    I have no idea what its previous service history was like, but considering the state of the oil and the brake fluid when I bought it, I would say it wasn't really up to scratch, which may have influenced an engine failure at 49000 km.

    I actually now have a GV250 engine in the GT Chassis, as I was able to pick up a 4500 km old motor for $350.00.

    So I cant comment on the comfort of the GV, but they are a cheaper alternative, not overly powerful ( max out at about 120 kph usually ) but a good little torquey engine
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  3. Yeah, I sent an email regarding service history. I reckon if I can get it for $900 and it needs maybe 700 worth of work it might be a good buy. A 9yr old bike with only 7000km means it has either gone round or was barely ridden. Given where they live I am thinking it might have gone round.
  4. It's unlikely to have gone around - very few bikes, especially 250s, ever do that, and you'd know it looking at it - everything will look very tired. Cheap buying, but you'll want to change all the fluids, check anything made of rubber for perishing, switch to new tyres and get fresh oil in the engine before to long.
  5. They are a comfy bike with enough power to make a 250 rider happy. They tend to have a few little things to watch out for. A rectifier issue.... Replace it straight away with an upgrade will fix charging issues. Also check coils, make sure both model numbers start with "F" .... Not "R".... If you have an "R" coil swap it out for another "F" coil they are better quality and won't give you problems.... That's about it.... Really enjoyable bike after those fixes.... I have the 2012 EFI model and really like it.