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Hyosung GT650RL

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dastrix, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys

    I'm a 6'2 rider, 83kg and looking for a sports bike for the duration of my P's and a bit into my full license. I like the look of the Hyosungs and do realise they are rip off ducatis with some teething issues coming outta Korean.

    I also realise its the Hyuandi of the motorcycle world but I'm ok with that as a beginner bike

    I think the 650 would suit better with some room to grow and want to ask you knowledgeable guys a few questions before I take a look into one

    1) How quick are they? Quicker than say a 02 VTR 250?
    2) Anyone know about the 07 having EFI? or a revamp of the current model coming out soon?
    3) Rough insurance for a 27yo, P rider, eastern suburbs of Sydney street parking?
    4) Is there a big diff between restricted/unrestriced?

    Thanks gents!

    Black frame don't look half bad!

  2. No takers for this one? OK then, I'll tell you what I know, though it isn't much.
    In restricted form they might be slightly quicker, and I would expect them to accelerate a bit better because restricted or not, this is still 650cc vs. 250cc. I've heard of people doing about 150-155km/hr on them, though you might want to factor some speedo and, uh, human inaccuracy :)

    As far as I know 07 model still has carbs.


    Unrestricted model has 58kW I think - the restricted one would be about 30, give or take a few. So yeah, a fair bit of difference there.

    Yes, I think it's an improvement. In fact the whole 07 model is supposed to be an improvement on the previous models, quality and reliability-wise. We'll see if that turns out to be true - hopefully you'll tell us! :)
  3. www.insuremyride.com.au Pretend that you already own it.
  4. Explore all your options before buying. I owned an 05 GT650R for 10 months and 10000km. I had a fuel tap and rear disc replaced under warranty and they were the only 2 problems I had with the bike. I found it to be economical and comfortable. The main problem with these bikes and the reason I sold mine is the suspension is just crap. When it gets warm it will just give up and make for some interesting riding. I replaced all the brake pads and fitted braided front lines and found the brakes to then be good. The black frame model is the latest version we have and EFI will be introduced with new models. I do not think these bikes are good value as the price of all the other mid capacity twins has now come down.
    If you only want to comute and learn these are good bikes.
    If you want to have fun on the good roads I would look for another bike.

    It is unfair to compare Hyosung wityh Hyundai. Hyundai make world class quality cars. Hyosung are just getting started.
  5. If you get a new one then will probably have to deal with warranty returns, and poor resale values.
    The 2007 as well as having black frames should also have no air injection on the rear cylinder. Apparently the the brakes have been sorted to some extent too with a new master cylinder. As far as I know Fuel Injection isn't on the card till the 1000cc engine is finished and released in the GV.
    I would touch a second hand one, what with all the known issues and Hyosungs nonexistent efforts at fixing them. I did took the risk and am now up for $3500 in repairs after a week on ownership (sorry to harp but it gives me the 5h1ts),

    But as they say "your mileage may vary"

    And as per Hyundai and Kia Hyosung aren't even close.
  6. But when hyundai started they were riddled with problems. Fair comparison in my view.
  7. Hyundai were never riddled with problems. I know I worked on them for many years. It is just the Australian way to find problems and bag the 5hit out of anything new or unknown.

    I got a fair trade in on my 650 when I sold it last year so re sale is not a huge problem. You will loose just as much money with a Hyo as you will with most bikes. The more you spend the more you will loose.
  8. Thanks guys!

    I don't see many other nice looking 650's around that are learner capable for the money so I dont think Hyosung has that much competition in the market?

    Would a learner really push the limits of the suspension? you say it was one of the main reasons... what exactly fails with regards to suspension?

    I read about the brake lines, perhaps the new 07 model addresses this.

    I'm thinking a used 07 with warranty would be good for the year of my P plates...

    Appreciate all your responses gents
  9. Well, if you want nice, there's the Ducati 620! Also Aprilia Pegaso, and BMW F650, if you like one-cylinder bikes. And if you'd like a motard, KTM has one model, 625SMC that is learner-legal.
    Also, I'd imagine something like Suzuki GS500 would be pretty comparable to Hyosung, at least in its restricted form.
    Here's the whole list of learner legal bikes...
  10. Sorry I dislike all the models you posted...ducati 620 is decent though, but exy

    The Gs500 is nice - this one learner legal? GS500F?

  11. Yep, GS500F is learner legal, slightly heavier than the unfaired one, but both are learner-legal.
  12. What is the mechanical difference between the restricted one and the unrestricted GT650R? Is there anyway to easily un restrict a restricted bike?
  13. The GT has no adjustment apart from spring pre load on the rear and the front end does not make all that much differance when you fiddle with adjustment there. When tne suspension warms up it can not keep up with the road conditions. The restricted Hyosungs have holes driled through the carby slides and no other modifications. Suzuki SV carb slides fit and will derestrict the bike.
  14. That was my first bike, naked version, it was really great to learn on. It got axed and went to motorbike heaven (rear ended) so I got an sv650 with the insurance money.

    It just felt like a nice comfortable bike and a good price plus not to bad to insure. As far as I am aware the engine should just keep pluggin along on it. One thing that I didn't like so much was a lack of any fuel gauge type thing, but I got pretty good at picking when it was time to hit reserve. It has 20 litre tank too, I could get nearly 500km out of a tank which spanks the SV to the moon.
  15. Poor GS500 :( I'm not convinced its the bike for me as I hear they dont overly have much grunt that would see me onto my blacks.

    I'm still interested in Hyo 650s - got my P's today so I may go and look/sit on one this weekend...

  16. A couple of things. If your after the sports bike look nothing new compares for the price. As for speed, it would eat the VTR250 for breakfast, even while restricted. My 250 tops out at about 160km/h so I imagine the top end on this would be a fair bit more as it has an extra cog as well as the capacity. Then you can de restrict it and you have more power to play with. :LOL:

    Oh and Hyundai's were pieces of shit when they first started out and still not great. I don't think you can compare though, the Hyo's are a lot better IMO.
  17. They fit a different set of slides in the carbies. They're designed to restrict the flow of the fuel and basically mean it doesn't matter how far you twist the throttle you don't end up with full power.

    To un-restrict the bike it should be as simple as opening it up and replacing the slide.
    Which would of course make the bike illegal to ride on your P's.
    but it means once you get your full licence it'll only cost you a few bucks to
    upgrade your learner bike to a full 650. Not a bad option if you're happy to hang onto the bike for a while.

    I seriously thought about getting one when I was on my Ls. Decided I wanted an Sv instead so I rode a 250 until I could upgrade.

    If the biggest gripe with the Hyosung is the suspension - well, if you budget some extra money I'm sure some new fork springs and oil and a new rear shock would improve that significantly and you'll still be paying less than most other bikes out there.

    oh - and budget for a pipe too - it's just cruel to choke off the sound of a V-twin :)