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Hyosung GT650R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. So, still a complete 'no go', do we think?

    The Mrs needs something with a bit more poke than the CB125E, but the exchequer is still checkered, so we're looking cheap. For something 250-750, relatively new and low km, the Hyos are all over Bikesales.

    My impression was that there were some pretty serious teething issues when they started in Oz around 2005. Have they got better, or stayed about the same?

    For $2.5k it's probably worth the punt, and if it dies we can put a match to it by the side of the road and walk away. ;)
  2. They have got better, see if u can afford an efi model. There was a rumour going around that one of the newer models actually got further than 11kms from the dealership after purchased but this is not confirmed ...
  3. Lol.
    The Suzuki SV six fiddy is hard to beat if you wanna spend extra $$$
  4. That's an excellent thought, and there are very nice 'curvy' (pre-2003, I think) SVs around for very sensible money.
  5. I've had a '11 GT650S for about a year and a half now. Aside from the regulator/rectifier failing and frying the battery the only issue I've had is that she doesn't deal well with dirty fuel.

    The reg/rec and battery were covered under warranty. Dirty fuel just need to be burnt off then replaced with something decent.

    Mine will be listed for sale next week if you're interested. That said, I'll be looking for a bit more than $2.5k. On the other hand, I've still got six months warranty left.

    I love mine. It's not a perfect bike, but you'll never find that on a cheap restricted bike. Tons of low down torque, decent handling and a very good riding position if you're not a stretched out bastard like me.

    The impression I got was to avoid the carbed models. Quality apparently improved immensely after the '10/'11 update. The later update in 2013 or so was mostly cosmetic if I remember correctly.
  6. Thanks, yeah, I'll keep an eye out in the 'for sale' section. It's for the Mrs who is a short-arse, so that bit is OK. ;)
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