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Hyosung GT650R Service

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Set, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. So I've been riding for 6 weeks now as a learner rider and loving it. Unfortunately I have run into a few issues with the bike.

    It all started just a few days after purchasing the bike, riding down the freeway when all of a sudden when changing from 5th to 6th gear the engine cuts out. Being new to riding I wasn't the quickest to pull in the clutch, and suffered a rather nasty jolt forward, almost stacking the bike. I took the bike to Peter Stevens' service center, who apparently adjusted the clutch cable and voila "Problem fixed".

    Wrong. The next week the same issue occurred, as well as being unable to kick the bike into neutral whilst the engine was running. So the time comes for my first service (1000km's), sure enough I take it into Peter Stevens and mention my ongoing issues with the clutch so they could check up on that.

    I received a call today from them that went something like: "Hey, we found the issue with the clutch, basically it wasn't installed correctly and thus whenever you turned it rubbed against your instrument dash and rear brake cable."

    Having only bought the bike 6 weeks ago, as a brand new 2010 model this seemed to be a rather major - and dangerous issue. It had already caused two near misses for me.

    They now want to charge me somewhere in the vicinity of $470 for the bike's first service.

    I have two questions;

    1. Is there some sort of argument I have, or even something in PS's customer service dealings that would void me from having to pay for the first service since they sold me a rather faulty bike.

    and 2. How much does it usually cost for a first bike service? $470 seems very steep...

    Any help is appreciated, cheers!
  2. The first service on the wife's Hyo GV250 was free at PS in Ringwood...
  3. I dont think you will get a free service using the 'faulty bike' excuse, so long as they fix the clutch problem under warranty and dont charge you for it they dont really have to do anything else.
    PS quoted me $450 for the first service on my '09 GS500f, I got it done at my local suzuki dealer for $180. PS are a bloody rip off, next time shop around.
  4. The engine cutting out when changing gears doesn't sound like a clutch issue, I would be looking for a loose sidestand cutout switch or something else electrical.

    On the subject of the service fee, see if the bill is itemised with the time sent on each task shown. If they have been thorough and done a full first service they will have checked every nut and bolt on the bike, steeringhead bearings, chain tension, fluid levels and tyre pressures. They also change the oil and filter, and test ride the bike. It should be a max of 2hrs.

    That is all they should be charging you for, re-routing the clutch cable and any other probs are warranty and should be fixed by them for free.

    In future you shoud know that you can get your bike serviced by any licensed motorcycle mechanic, and provided the work is done as per the service schedule and the warranty/service book is filled out and stamped properly, your warranty will be remain valid. Warranty work however will have to be done by a Hyosung Dealer.

    Good luck with it, they're a fine bike, stick a pipe on it and scare your neighbours! They sound great.
  5. $470 doesn't sound too bad for a service on a 650R. PS are V expensive most hyo owners in Melbourne? recommend Stafford that'll save you quite a few bucks the service periods on a hyo are quite short and the list of stuff to be checked quite long so if you get it dealer serviced it's never going to be cheap.

    Engines cutting out are normally side stand switches or vacuum locking of the fuel tank both common problems which still have been completely eradicated...
  6. $470 for the 1000k service? piss off... they don't even change the oil on the 1000k service, it's little more then a walk around of the bike hence why it's normally free.
  7. They should it's in the schedule...

    1000km service on a hyo is the same as the 4/6000km one, so you need to pull the fairings and tank...

  8. Get them to fix the clutch issue under "warranty" and then don't go back, if the monkeys can't route a clutch cable correctly how do you think the service is going to go?...I'm tipping not well

    You don't have to have your bike dealer serviced to keep your warranty, a qualified motorcycle mechanic can do the job for you, problem is finding a decent one... who

    a) does the job you paid for... eg: checks all the items on the service schedule
    b) puts your bike back together properly
    c) returns it to you in the same condition you dropped it off in

    I have heard and experienced horror stories of, caliper bolts falling out after not being done up, loose sump plugs, 52 psi in a rear tyre, loose front calipers, pinched vacuum lines under tank, being charged for valve clearances and the job not being done etc...

    If you are in Melbourne I highly recommend these guys www.sixtydegrees.com.au, I have had work done there and have been extemely happy, the quality of work and service is second to none, if you are in a different city/state I'm sure somebody will pipe up with an alternative. Even if they are a fair ride from you sometimes it's often worth the trip.

    PS are just like every other "dealer" who services the brand they sell, they have an unending supply of suckers who think they have to take their bike back for servicing, I just had my company car serviced and the VW dealer is just the same... ****ing hopeless
  9. Cheers for the responses.

    I called them today and found the $470 is for the service alone, the rest is all covered by warranty. Thanks for the info though, I definitely won't be going back to them for a service, their pricing is ****ing ridiculous.

    Haha yeah, that's my next project, any suggestions for a good pipe? Loving the bike - heaps of power and a very nice ride :)
  10. Hope ur GT650R fairs better than my 2010 GT650R... going in for round 5 of warranty repairs.. oh boy.
  11. They do/should be changing the oil. $470 is pricey tho. I'm going on memory here but I think hyosung first services may be a valve check too?
  12. still not going well for ya?

    damn dude, sell it and grab something else
  13. Well, it is getting better with each visit :p

    After replacing the fuel pump, it no longer struggles with restarting when it does cut out.

    After replacing the rectifier/regulator idle doesn't bounce around and the bike is smoother. Cuts out less. But still does.

    Next week the stator is getting replaced. I'm almost not expecting that this would fix it.

    I don't really want to sell this bike. I knew the moment I rode it out the dealers driveway it took a massive beating to its market value.
  14. Its a shame that Hyosung have not ironed out the bugs yet - I will honestly say I like the look of GT650R
  15. Yeah went for a decent ride today, still having issues with it. I sit at lights in 1st gear, give a quick burst rev to 3-4k revs and when the revs drop back down the engine just cuts out. Starting to get reallllllly frustrated with this. :-(

    PS: Does anyone know of a place to pick up some decent fairings for the GT650R?
  16. i think as an issue with a new bike they should be paying for it, not the first service.
    to put it simply when u buy a new bike form a dealer.. they are meant to go over the bike to it is raod worthy, hence why u pay for the bike, onroad costs and such... i remember going over this with PS myself with my gt250r. Basically if u fight for your rights u will get somewhere. They WILL push u around if they want.. ur only a customer to them.
    u cannot get out of paying for first service
    but i do beleive that someone who checked your bike when u bought it off them did a poor job.. so any other issues or damage caused by this should also be paid for by them
    that my 5 cents worth
  17. Dude that pretty bad. i got a Hyo gt650r and i have little problems with it but i would be really frustrated if that happened to mine after 6 weeks.

    Anyway i got my 1000km service and it cost $260 and the oil was changed, not only that but the bad part is they "checked the brake lights worked" and charged me $10 for it! they actually wrote ""checked the brake lights worked" on the bill as well. they could of just asked me and saved themselves the masive 20 seconds it would of took ot check.
  18. I'm in the middle of having a major service done. If they line-item the major (I'm having a few other things done too) I'll post here.

    I do know the dealer wanted around $950ish for the 12k major service. After I had a whinge they reduced it to high fives/low sixes (can't remember). Oddly, other dealers were sub-500.

    This is Sydney though.
  19. This post is not really relivent to your inquiry, I'm sorry my kmowledge is very limited. I was interested to know how much this bike was purchased for and where from? I'm quite keen on getting this bike as my first Learners bike. it looks awesome and the reviews I've read for far seem to support the sale. I got a quote from PS in the city for like 8999 now I'm scared to go back to them lol since it's not the most popular place. What other shops are worth having a look at so that I can compare the prices?