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Hyosung GT650R riders

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Carpe Diem, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Just thought id share my recent experience with my Hyosung GT650R 2011 EFI model.

    I went out for a leisurely Sunday ride (Sunday just gone) while out i noticed my bike didnt quite feel right. Back fire / burbling alot more than usual.
    I continued cruising then started noticing power drops, I would throttle on and all noise but no go. SO i turned around went home. Made it 200m from my house and the bike stalled. Failed to start after a few goes then started finally enough to get me home. Arrived up my driveway for the bike to stall again. Tried to start it with no luck, continued trying with no luck the bike would just turn over then backfire quite violently then stop all together.

    SO took it back to dealer (luck still under warranty) they were perplexed as to what is was they ended up with it all week finally finding the problem.

    The dealer explained that the woodruff key (A Woodruff key is shaped in a semicircle. A properly installed Woodruff key can prevent a shaft in your vehicle or machine from turning, or it can lock two shafts together as they turn and transmit torque from one to the other.) was damaged (broken teeth which he showed me) so the flywheel was no longer aligned.

    So I did some research and found that if the flywheel goes out your stuffed.
    The spinning flywheel creates current for the ignition, lighting circuits, ECU (which controls the fuel) ect. Together with the pickup coil, the flywheel tells the pickup coil where the pistons are so the Cdi can fire the spark plugs.

    So you get the drift no spark no start, No fuel for spark no start.

    Just thought id share that as it may come in handy if someone has the same issue.

  2. So you have given us a lesson in mechanical knowledge, to tell us something we already know, that hyosungs are crap bikes.

    Your lucky that your 2011 model was still in warranty, usually only extends till it has left the dealer....
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    Yep. Good to see the Hyo quality has improved as we keep getting told...

    Bollocks. Rubbish bikes. With all the knowledge out there about them now, anyone who buys one deserves what they get.
  4. For those who dont wanna read all that i have high lighted the PROBLEM
  5. AS this is a forum for Riders and NEw riders who dont usually cant payout alot of cash on bikes Hyosung is usually a affordable price. Yes they may not be the best quality built but i thought id share my issue with any one interested that owns a hyosung.

    For you 3 guys to be so bored and bascisally want to be smartarse's really get a life and grow up
  6. without sounding more like a smartass but there is a BIKE REVIEW section on this forum ..

    just saying
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    Not really affordable Tbh. The money you end up spending on alternative transport while its in the shop being fixed over the next few years can add up.

    Sorry about the rib dude, Hyos and I have a very bad past together and it just leaves me flabbergasted that so many people still buy them when a
    quick google before purchase will tell you all you need to know.
  8. Look sorry if i jumped down al you guys throat, as this is my first post on the forum and basically the first forum i have been on, it was like a personal attack :) all good i get over things quick.

    Yes ill admit the Hyo isnt quite the best bike you can buy but it aint the worst.
    I havent had a problem with it until now and been on it for a year now clocked up 8000km so far its been great.

    I apologise for the name calling. But as i said first time on here and was abit taken back with the negativity.

    To me its not what you ride but how you ride yeah.

    Anyways enjoy, Hopefully my next forum experience is a better one hehe.
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  9. I had countless issues with my Hyo GT650R, went back to the deal 5 times with issues ranging from stalling, not starting, clutch issues etc etc etc.

    So I got mad, took them to consumer affairs and got my $$$ back. I then decided to go buy a real bike, my Fireblade ;D
  10. i had a 07 hyo gt250r, served me perfectly fine for the 10,000k's i did on it. the reason i don't have it anymore? lady and a hilux ended that bike.

    after that, i got the supposed bulletproof honda cbr250r... well.... that went really well, paid to much for it, and spent more than that keeping it running.

    like anything else, you get bad ones, you get good ones.

    ipods where the same.
    laptops were the same.

    such a yawn discussion.
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  11. More than usual !!!!
  12. Mine burbles and pops with an occasional louder pop. (could be seen as a backfire from those that don't know the difference.)
    It's normal attitude from my bike.
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    My hyo 250 didn't burble crackle and pop. It went off like fire crackers. Huge bangs, just ask darkhorse. Great for tunnels.
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  14. Like anything mechanical, shIt happens!
    What about all the Hondas with electrical problems??? And one newb here where his brand new CBR250R that dropped a valve??
    A member here with a Triumph that had 2 stators fitted in 12 months!!
    The Hyo's now are better than the early ones, although not perfect. Yes they are built to a price.
    Think of the thousands that are built & shipped world wide every year that have no problems.
    We only hear of the very small (comparatively) number of lemons that make it through.
    Just my 2c.
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  15. I know its a 250, but i had one of the first ones in adelaide back in 05. Bought it from bike city as a demo bike with 3000km on it just before they closed down.
    It had an aftermarket exhaust and was rejetted. I gave that thing a hiding, put 20,000km on it.
    The only thing i had trouble with was the kickstand cut out, the wire had come loose and on a 39 degree day i had to adjust my clutch mid ride through the hills.
  16. Engineering a vehicle is a moving target, it is in the interest of any motorcycle company to continuously improve their range of vehicles based on what they learn from their dealer network and warranty repairs. So every year the marque will get better, it is the measure of any company how they deal with problems because no-one gets it right every time.
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  17. I like the look of the hyosung gt650r - I even considered one myself

    I think they have a lot of potential as a manufacturer and will undoubtable get much better

    I also think the dealers may let them down in the warranty side - maybe the dealers get frustrated etc with doing the warranty repairs or seeing the same problem over and over needing fixing - who knows

    again I think Hyosung have a good future ahead of them slowly but surely
  18. Just thought id reply to let you know after riding it a few times since its repair it is going fantastic. The "usual burble" as i said has gone if i had a standard exhaust i wouldnt even notice it at all. Seems changing the bits and peices has made a world of difference.

    The bike feels different totally pulls diffferent when i crack the thottle open, and definitely different on the down shift (eg. no burble or backfire).

    So happy once again for now, taking it to NSW for xmas so hope all goes well.
  19. comparatively to the number of new bikes sold yes it is a smallish amount that cause problems. But the number is still significantly higher than the other manufacturers and the problems are all to frequently terminal at very minimal kilometers. I won't touch one with a ten foot pole and wouldn't for a long time yet.
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    +1 lilley