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Hyosung GT650R (L)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Noticibly F.A.T, May 17, 2008.

  1. So i'm thinking of upgrading to one of these, since the LAMS thingy comes in in a month or so...

    Anyone had any experience with these?

    Whats the power like?

    I'm test riding a GT250R on tuesday, so hopefully i'll get an idea of power and frame size etc.

    Comments welcome

    (btw, i ride a zzr-250 atm, and its too fcuking small. I'm 6ft 2, and 125kgs...)

    Got 10 months left on restrictions, and i ride every single day, commute and for fun :)

  2. Weather pending, taking a 650 for test ride later on this morning.
  3. Suzuki dealer told me the other day that they have been the most reliable bike this year for them...
    <enter stiggers complaints here>
    He told me they are restricted to be suitable for L's, you can then derestrict them to reach their full potential.. he did give KW gain but I cann't remember. something like 27kw to 47kw...no sure.
    <enter stiggers complaints here>
    You will find that its the same three people (exaggeration to make point) who complain about them on this forum
    <enter stiggers complaints here>
    but there is an Australian Hyosung forum and a gagillion owners who are happy with their bikes.
    <enter stiggers complaints here>

    Go for a test ride and if its comfortable and you like it go for it!
    Personally though I thought the ninja 250R or GS500F was a much better ride.

    Search "stigger" comments for worse posible owners outcome btw, he is an experience hyosung owner who does know his hyosung stuff.
  4. They way i see it, its either the Hyo, or i just wait 11 months and get something bigger. The main reason is the 250's are all too bloody small...

    Dehon - Let us know how you go :)
  5. Okay I'll bite

    When I picked mine up, there were still 4 650's in the yard with bits off, and the service manager still mutters under his breath. I think the power more than doubles to 79 bhp, I think it's probably closer to 72bhp as the new ones have the heads of the GV that only puts out that.

    I've spoken to the European importer recently who told me that they issued the local recall because they were get about an 10% engine failure rate...

    Yep there's only 3 of us with dud bikes. I know of no Austrlian forum but there is http://www.korider.com with happy members but actually do a search for the valve and bearing failures taking out engines and the weekly clutch cable, side stand and stator failures.

    Take heed of whoever you want but I do actually own one....
  6. I noticed yours is the '04 model...

    Hopefully the '07/'08 models don't still have these issues....

    But thanks for the input dude :)

    Just out of interest... why do you still own it? If it was that bad, wouldn't you sell it?

    Oh, and does anyone know what the 250's power is compared with the 650L?
    It would be about the same yeah? Or does the 650 have just that little bit more poke?
  7. because it doesn't work and isn't worth anything. You'd think that they'd have gotten the hang of by now, but as the company have never accepted any responsibility and have outright lied about them I'll not take that chance.
  8. hello, i wanted to ask Stigger, how much did it cost you to repair your Hyo and is it all good now?
  9. It was about $2500 last time, they want $3500 this time which I don't have. So no it's not all well.
  10. Er.....is this a support Hyosung or tramp on Hyosung post.....I'm confused....

    Just got a Kawasake ER-5 2000 model for $2,000 so not realy bothered - just wanted to tell someone.... :grin:
  11. Borrowed a Hyo 650T while my Sprint was being serviced. Was so disappointed in it. 'Cheap' is the name of the game. While it's got alot more go than a 250, after stepping off my 250 Hornet just a few weeks ago I would pick it over the Hyo any day of the week. Seating position was uncomfortable & cramped by comparison, motor was rough and a trifle gutless. Wasn't restricted as it had an aftermarket can which made it sound like a lawnmower. Not a definitive report but don't let the price tag be too great a lure.
  12. thats not good at all, was it the same problem both times?

    I thought u could fix it by putting some newer model parts on it?
  13. Well are there any other full frame 250's or LAMS legal bikes out there?
  14. Um.. are you saying that becasue it had an aftermarket slip on it was derestricted? lol

    GS500F is a FAT size LAMS legal bike
  15. I've had a look at them...

    They look about the same size as my zzr-250... and the look ALOT smaller than a HYO....

    I really need something of decent proportions...
  16. yep dropped a valve from the front head the first time, the rear the second according to Hyosung that doesn't show a pattern...

    Yeah you need to fit the head from an mid 06 or later preferably and 07 to be sure which has the same design as the GV, then you are just limited to the other issues... One of the mods on korider had the top come off one of his pistons a while ago... :grin:
  17. Not sure where you get that from the GS is 25mm taller than the GT with a 10mm taller seat height whereas the zzr is 30 odd mil lower in the seat and about 100mm shorter overall...
  18. Is it?!?!!?

    I stand corrected...
    I saw a GS500F in lorne and walked past it, and just judging from where i was standing, it looked the same as the zzr....

    Hmmm... Perhaps i should go sit on one.....
  19. thats the idea :p SIT and u'll know.
  20. #20 drewzor, May 18, 2008
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