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Hyosung GT650R idle problems

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gee1675, May 28, 2016.

  1. Hey guys new to the site I went and looked at a Hyosung gt650r 08 model not an efi. Guy reckons the battery is fried hasn't been started in 8 months and one of the spark plugs are gone. Other than that bike is in good knick a few upgrades and hardly any scratches or damage.

    We started the bike by jumpstart and I took it for a spin, rode well just stalled when I came to a stop and didn't keep the revs up. He said he rode it about 25 mins home and had no problems.

    He said if I replaced the battery and spark plugs it's going to run perfectly. Selling it for $2k with 30x kms so pretty cheap.

    Please don't turn this into a Hyosung bashing.

    Bike will be my first bike so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Gee1675Gee1675. if the guy says this will fix the problems, call his bluff and ask him to replace the battery and the plugs and if it does indeed fix the problem then pay him for the battery/plugs ....otherwise walk away!! Could be a myriad of problems that you really don't need
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  3. Probably a fuelling issue if its stalling under braking, unless your clutching too late :p, however if that'll fix it, tell him to fix it before you'll buy it........ if its soooooooo simple
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  4. Hi Gee1675, Sounds like a clasic, "Just needs.....and she'l be right" I agree with MadDog, if it really is a simple fix, why would the owner not fix it before trying to sell it. My advice would be to negotiate a price on the proviso that a new battery and set of plugs fixes the issue. Otherwise walk away.
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  5. Walk on this one....run even
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