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Hyosung Gt650r 2nd gear dead

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by moose4rock, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Sorry for the lengthy paragraph as I need to get you all the details.
    So today was the worst day of the week, I have a Hyosung Gt650r 2015 at it has done only 5500kms, today as soon as I left the house, there a red light down the road, when I took off on green lights and did around 50kmh on first gear, as I shifted to the 2nd gear I heard a loud clicking noise coming down the sprocket (or engine not sure) and the rate got higher every time I revved up with clutch engaged, the sound was continuous even when I disengaged the clutch and the sprocket kept getting locked up. so I turned off the bike and pushed it back home (there wasn't any noise coming when I was pushing the bike).
    Later I opened the sprocket cover to check if I have broken the chain or broke the sprocket or maybe the sprocket is just worn out but, everything seemed just fine. I turned the bike on again on neutral and still the clicking/cranking loud noise was continuous and would disappear. When I put it back on first gear and moved then the noise started again and the front sprocket got jammed and got released again and it all just kept happening every time I tried to move, I decided to try on 2nd gear but, unfortunately after trying few times and moving forward on low speed (with loud clicking noise and getting jammed) I lost the 2nd gear, now the bike travels on first gear and as I put it on 2nd gear it feels like its on neutral. The sprocket not getting jammed now on first gear but still I can hear the loud noise.
    I know I messed up big time but can anyone tell me what have I broken :(, I searched a lot of forums but couldn't find a similar case so, if u guys know what's messed up and can help me before I take it to my mechanic, and if you can tell me an estimate price of getting it fixed.
    thanks for reading.

  2. It sounds like your gearbox is toast, or at least a significant part of it. There's no way to give you a cost estimate via forum post, you'll just have to take it to a mechanic and hope you still have some warranty left and that they come to the party.
  3. I have 7 months warranty left, so is anything covered under warranty?
  4. Ring the dealer tell them what's happened and for them to pick the bike up and fix it and don't take no bullcrap from them,this seems to be a problem with hyosung , if they they muck you around get on to fair trading
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  5. Major gearbox failure, don't touch it, attempt to repair it or even start the engine
    Can't imagine it being your fault and I'd certainly follow Zrxkev's advice and get them to retrieve the bike and fix it at their own cost
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  6. How lucky that it's still under warranty. What a disgrace that a gearbox only lasts 5000 Klms . Take it straight back to the dealer , there's no way they can get out of fixing it
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  7. You Have warranty its now there problem as others have said let your fingers do the walking & call the dealer
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  8. Every single time I see one of these threads its always a Hyosung! I feel so bad for people who buy them not knowing how many issues they're going to face. Sorry to hear mate.

    Call the dealership and be firm in your tone - don't even give the hint that it may be your fault somehow because they'll take you for a ride even if it's not your fault.

    "I was riding, shifted up into second and it felt like it was in neutral, can you please pick it up and fix it. I shouldn't be having these with an almost brand new bike."
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  9. Sadly I have to agree, whilst other bikes can and do have these sorts of problems they don't seem to happen with anything like the same frequency to any brand other than Hyosung.

    On a more positive note I'm thinking it's time that the old joke was changed from Harley to Hyosung :)

    Q. Did you know that over 90% of the Hyosungs ever made are still on the road?

    A. Yes, but the other 10% made it home...

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  10. I've already down-graded the Harley version to 50%
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  11. #11 moose4rock, Aug 16, 2016
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  12. I am amazed how u guys managed to turn this thread into a Harley bashing...
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  13. I'm amazed you think we did.
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  14. Have a look at my avatar picture, that's my current bike.

    Now ask yourself 'What brand is that bike?'.

    Then go and sit in the naughty corner :p
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