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QLD Hyosung GT650R 2010 EFI Derestriction

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CodeMonkey, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a somewhat happy owner of a 2010 EFI GT650R LAMS bike.

    At the time of purchase the dealership said I'd be able to get it de-restricted when I have my full license. I bought the bike in august 2009.

    Since then I've heard and read that blessed QLD Transport has in their infinite wisdom decided to not allow the bike to be de-restricted.

    However, if I purchased my bike before that decision came through then shouldn't I be able to demand that the dealership remove the restriction?

    If that fails I'm hoping to be able to remove the restriction myself. As far as I'm aware it might just be a physical restriction of the throttle. Anyone in the loop and know for certain what is required?

    I don't really want to sell it in order to upgrade to something - kinda the reason why I bought a 650cc LAMS bike.

    Anyone care to share some advice?

  2. the legislation will most likly state that the bikes in question can not be desrestricted from the day the bill is passed into law --- it will most likely not be retrospective

    meaning its illegal to de - restrict after the date specified in the legislation - had you done so before this came into force and could prove it you would have no worries on legality

    its not about the day of purchase its about the day the modification is done
  3. I know on the non-fuel injected version it was a part on the throttle that prevented full throttle, hence less power. However, on the EFI I would imagine that it would be in the programming of the EFI computer rather then a physical part on the throttle. i could be wrong, but that is my guess.
  4. I know it definitely has a physical restriction on the throttle. Not sure if the ECU plays any role. It might. It might not.

    I'd prefer to let the dealership do the de-restriction. Anyone think I have any chance of getting it done? I don't have anything in writing saying that my bike can't be de-restricted. Anyone have any material from QLD Transport detailing this decision or even just mentioning it?

    I don't see why I can't get my bike up to full power when I get my full license - as I was told when I first handed over a nice bundle of cash.
  5. The ECU restriction argument would run counter to Hyosungs low pricing philosophy :p
    I think it would be cheaper for them to have restricted the power by physical means.

    Did you have a look at those throttle bodies for further signs of fun-curbing douchbaggery?!
  6. If you want a shop to do it couldn't you just take it intersate to have it done?
  7. I've seen the restriction on the throttle body. Worst case scenario I'll see if I can remove it. But as I said I'd prefer to have the shop do it - that way then my bike can lose its LAM status and all can be legit.
  8. The other thing to keep in mind is that if you de-restrict it legally, you can never re-restrict it, & you will lose some of the resale value & potential, as the bike will no longer be LAMS approved.

    That's how it works in Vic, I suspect Qld would be the same.
  9. Fair point and I have already considered it.

    I don't care about resale.

    If I did then I don't think I would have gone the Hyosung route. I went hyo because suzie wouldn't at all de-restrict the gsx650fu and at the time hyosung would de-restrict the gt650r.

    My plan was to buy one bike that I wouldn't grow out of any time soon. I plan on keeping it for many years to come. That, or write it off.
  10. QLD - they don't feel the love. They make the hate with riders at the moment.
  11. The GSX is easy to derestrict just get a full power ECU...
  12. 1.) At the time the going rate for the ECU from the UK was around 1.7k

    2.) Still not legal. (riding a non-LAM bike still registered as LAM)

    The hyo at the time was the only option where I could get it legally de-restricted.

    No-one have any details about QLD Transport's decision to not allow these bikes to be de-restricted and rego amended accordingly?
  13. They are still giving them away with a new one in the UK. Standard issue... You can get them on ebay normally I think when I priced one they were about 300 quid.

    I don't think the Hyo was ever derestrictable in QLD...
  14. I believe they were. I know Hyo Aus were supplying the de-restriction kit free of charge to the dealers. And that the kits contained 3 parts (I presume small cheap [arts).

    Maybe the dealer didn't know and just said what would get me closer to buying the bike. I do have a good contact who works for a hyo dealership (albeit a sales manager) but was going to wait for my full license (approx 3 months away) before I go demanding my bike gets un-neutered with gunz blazing.

    I was hoping for the experience of others would reveal what went down when QT and Hyo Aus decided it would be best to screw me. I suppose I have no avenue of making them do it just because they said they would when I get my full license.
  15. Hyo Aus are pretty good at screwing people, just look at their parts costs... The QLD seems to be a deliberate attack on the LAMS system even though they've adopted it for harmonisation reasons, they seem intent on derailing it...
  16. Take it across the border into NSW and have it derestricted by a shop there
  17. bloody oath... $100 for a new brake lever?!?!? Who are they kidding...
  18. Honda wanted $14 for a sleeved bolt. How is that any better?

    I happen to know a box of 50 costs about $15. Any non-factory bike shop will have bucketloads, yet Honda reckoned it would also take 3 months to get one in.

    They're all ripping us off.

  19. I dunno, but what I do know is that I can get parts shipped from a bike shop in Korea to Australia Quicker and for half the cost of buying them from a dealer here...
  20. Not having checked the Qld lams list recently but it's the moot point if it's a "lams" version of the bike given that Qld doesn't recognize these bikes for Lams anyway. Or has that changed recently? Like I know the Lams Gladius and Er6n weren't on the list.