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Hyosung GT650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. no, not for me!

    a mate of my dad's is looking at getting back into riding. he'll be 60 in two years & wants to buy one for when he retires.

    now i don't know a lot about hyosungs, other than they're made in korea. A lot of people bag them. but I was wondering whether some people who own them, particularly the naked Gt650, can let me know what they think of the bike?

    dad's mate is after a middle size, easy to ride, not too powerful but not a slow arse either bike.

    is this the one for him?

  2. He should probably also check out the Suzuki SV650, SV650S and DL650 as well as the Kawasaki ER6, ER6F and perhaps even the 4 cylinder naked bikes as well.

    No need to rush, have fun test riding :)
  3. good veetwin option...

    try the cagiva 650 as well.

    same motor, gear box as the hyosung and the suzuki (of ocurse) but it has the brembo gold series brakes, braided lines, one of hte best tube trellis frames and a real nice comfortable bike to ride. the quality is outstanding, paint is supurb. guaranteed to suit hte ol fella for sure.

    would be second hand to suit same price as new hyosung.
  4. Hyosung good value at $8,000 or so, if that is his budget and he wants new go for it. They are a pretty good bike but I don't intend on keeping my 250 for much more than two years, my next bike is going to be a long term bike so looking at F800ST but they cost $20k.

    Me I would look at a cruiser type bike or even a second hand VFR800. But what would I know?
  5. I had an 05 GT650R for 10 months and put 10k on it. I found it to be comfortable and the power was on a par with the SV650. The only real problem with them is the suspension, It just is not able to cope with sport riding. I replaced the front brake pads with EBCs and that made a big improvement I then fitted braided front lines and the front brakes were more than acceptable. At the moment the best value bike they have is the GT650S touring model. I would not buy a Hyosung with the price that the SV650N is at the moment. I am sure the Hyosung will be a much better bike in 2 years time when they get EFI and sort them out a bit more.

    The engine is not the same as an SV or any other bike. The carbs are the same housing but all the jets are different.
  6. he's explicitely stated that he only wants a V-twin, and is only looking at the Hyosung. He said he found the Sv650 uncomfortable.

    I suggested all these other bikes on the weekend to him & he said "i've done my research & want the hyosung"

    his budget is between $5000-$6000 and he's looking to buy second hand.
  7. Well for that price a pretty good buy I reckon.
  8. thanks for the comments oz650r, will pass them on!
  9. The Cagiva does look nice.
  10. I will, it's a nice looking bike for sure.
    again it just depends on whether he can get one for less than $6000
  11. I have one, good bike, comfy, powerfull, only downside is that it loses its resale value very quickly and that it is a biatch of a bike to sell.
  12. twoguns - this is what he had to say about the cagiva:
  13. no worries.

    tell him though, that the hyosung is the auzuki in deguise, and the cagiva is the what the suzuki shoudve been.

    but as the cagiva is less known, you ca get em in the 6k bracket jsut like you can the sv's.
  14. He should check out as many bikes as he needs to convince himself that the Hyosung is a bad choice.
  15. thanks guys,
    Loz & TwoGuns, we were camping on the weekend with this bloke, my dad & mybrother.
    spent all weekend drinking & talking bikes.

    We did everything we could to try to convince him to even test ride another bike before deciding on a hyosung.

    he told us "listen, I've been researchng this for 6 months and this is the bike i want to get. I just want to hear from owners what problems they've had"

    basicly he's not interested in any opinions on bikes we think would be a better choice. We spent 3 days trying to get him to test ride as many different bikes as possible. but he's set on a GT650.

    he must be going senile in his own age!

    Comment from my dad was "considering how many times rev used to fall off in his youth, he's better off buying a crappy korean thing that doesn't cost FA to fix"
  16. +1 on that.

    Wouldn't touch the Hyosung. There's a reason it's cheaper.
  17. Havent you answered your own question right there?
    There is no debate....he want that bike and he's going to get it. Simple.

    As for particular issues....the early 650's here did have some fairly major problems. The 250's by and large were fine, but the 650's were blowing engines all over the shop. This seemed to be rectified in recent times. You will have to wait for replies from others more knowledgeable on it than me, to find out when Hyosung fixed the problems. Obviously you will want to avoid those earlier bikes.
  18. Edge,

    Tell your mate to go and have a browse through this site:


    Not only will he be able to see what sort of experiences other Hyo owners have had, it will also come in handy when he does get the bike and needs somewhere to ask question about it...

  19. i wasn't asking for whether he should get the bike or not, or whether he should try other naked 600's.

    my question on page 1 was:
    what I want is owners to tell me what they think so I can pass it on to him. he asked me to find out what people who have the bike think of it. so that's what I'm asking.

    thanks for your info on engines, will pass that on.