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Hyosung GT650 vs Kwaka Z750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. I think the Z750 is a superior bike

  2. I'd go for the Hyosung GT650

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  3. I don't know enough either bike to say

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  1. Ok I've sold my bike :)

    I'm now shopping for my new bike and have my eye firmly on the Z750 which I can't fault anywhere

    But....I still have the lure of the V-twin and have been looking at the Hyosung GT650 based on price and look of the bike.

    (Firestorm and SV650 are out of the price range for now.)

    I've done the reviews to death on both bikes and searched extensively on here for discussion on them so now plan to go and check out both next week...

    I just wanted to know if we're any further down the track with opinions on the Hyosung GT650, ie people that have owned them for a while now?

    And of course your opinion on how it rates compared to the Z750.

  2. Some people may comment on the whole unknown 'Hyosung' thing.. but a quick blurb in Two Wheels (01/06) gave a bit of history and turns out they have been around for some time, just not that long in Australia. Don't know if that helps any in you bike choice though :)
  3. Indeed, they might be newish in the Australian market, but they are not a new company by any means.

    Get the dealer to provide better quality brake pads front and rear, and you're home free.

    Kurt, you're out near Auburn? Go down to Paul Aitken's on Milpera Road just east of the George's River Bridge and have a chat to Paul......
  4. Thanks for the tip Paul. I will go and see him but at the minute he does not appear to have any of the model I want in stock, so I'm going to head down to Close Motorcycles in the city for a sit and hopefully a demo ride.
  5. definetely go the kwaka.....sexy bike

    I personally wouldnt buy a bike from hyosung, simply because theyve not been around for long around here....+ IMO the badge lacks "cred"

    I donno, if you like the look and feel of gt650, go for it....but the kwak looks a nicer ride....+ ive heard good things about it...

    hope your shopping goes well!
  6. I agree the kwaka is a sexy bike....with the GT650 its that V-Twin thats got me interested :grin: , and of course I like the look of the bike.

    Something tells me it will just be fun to ride, but I'll find out tomorrow if all goes well
  7. looking very much at the Hyo GT650R. They look great. Guys who ride V Twin say they have a character of there own
    As for reliability, I have been searching the net for a month now. My conclusion is, I think it wise to wait for the 06 model. They should be here late Jan early Feb. I am more than confident they will be fantastic.
  8. hmm you could have a point there Sharpy.

    I'm currently looking at an 04 model which is very reasonably priced and the guy is throwing in everything but the kitchen sink in terms of mods, originals & accessories...this could be to disguise that the bike is fundamently flawed...dunno?

    As its a new rapidly growing model/market I should imagine there would be significant improvements between the 04 & 06 models.
  9. Hyosung or kawasaki :shock: ?:??? ford xr8 or holden barina mmmmmm it think it obvious :grin:
  10. hey...hey...HEY! :grin:

    what do you think of this and this
  11. here's a novel idea for you duncank, GO AND RIDE THEM!!! :LOL:

    seriously, forget about all this pissing around trying to get opinions from people with potentially completely different tastes. go and jump on a few bikes and see what you think. whatever FEELS the best, buy. dont worry about looks, reliablity, servicing etc.... just grab the bike that pops the biggest grin on your face.
  12. As coconuts said, ride 'em and see, but I've voted for the Z750 because it's one of the bikes I've been drooling over. If I had the money I'd probably grab it.
  13. Dudes I am gonna ride em, tomorrow, jest pissing about getting opinions coz I can :p
  14. Good looking things they are! But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for these to appear at your local dealer -you'd be quite purple by the time they arrive :)
  15. what are they? i like it!!

    i reckon they look pretty cool especially the red/white one. duke monsterish but tougher, kinda racy/militarish, nice! :)

    also looks like that have a nice quality finish to them

    what is italjet? never heard of em
  16. Italjet are European - possibly Italian :) manufacturer of scooters. This appears to be a cooperation - their design based on Hyosung's internals/engine
  17. Both of them are Hyosung GT650's that have been tricked up. Back search the photos, they're from www.korider.com , a forum for Korean bikes. :wink:
  18. Exactly ... go for a ride and see what YOU reckon.
    See what each rides like and bet you'll almost form a good opinion of which one is right for you ... either based on performance or price :)

    Good luck ...
  19. I dont know about the GTR but the Kwaka is definitely a hot bike... I have ridden one and they are very cool...
  20. The Z750 (assuming you are talking about the current one) will be quite a bit quicker than the Hyosung and has somewhat better suspension and noticibly better brakes.

    OTOH with pipes on both of them the Hyosung will sound better (being a twin and all) :)