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Hyosung GT650 Tuning

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ro, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Just a Quick question that I wanted to put out.

    I'm wondering is there is anyone out there that has done any work to a GT650?

    I've changed the slides and replaced the standard 125 main jets to 145's and it's running great now.

    If anyone has done any other mods, please do tell.

  2. Add a better can on the back, chuck on a free flowing airfilter and drill some holes in the air box, if your feelign more frisky, get the heads ported and polished.
  3. how much did that cost you?
    and are you still on you L's?
  4. The slides were $128 and jets were $5 a piece.

    Still on L's, yeah.

    Should have said that I got the factory 'Power Pipe', my bad.

    Air box is next I think. Any one think a bigger jet will be needed? Pilot is a 20 and main 145.

    Looking to remove the air injection soon. Only down side I can think on in doing that is there won't be any more flames out the can.
  5. after the mods you have done so far, how fast does she go?
  6. My advice would be spend money on the suspension before anything else. Usually for bang for buck the suspension is the best upgrade on any bike and will translate to faster laptimes (or speeds through the twisties).
  7. Faster than legal.

    There is a small express way on ramp near where I live, and I went down in yesterday and hit 160 before jumping on the stoppers. It was pulling like a steam train the whole time.

    The ramp would be about 300m long.

    But there's more than just top speed, it feels like the torque has increased with the jets.

    Open the air box soon and shut the air injection after that.
  8. suspension makes a big diference with motocross, didnt realise it also did for road bikes :/

    cant wait to get my GT650
  9. Haven't got a lot of suspension to work with. Shock and rebound on the forks and preload on the rear.

    Can buy replacement parts that are fully adjustable but that starts at about the $1000 mark for anything half decent.