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Hyosung GT650(L) and Suzuki SV650 slides

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ro, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Firstly can I say a big G'day to all on this site. I found it by mistake, but am glad that I did. It's great to see that there's a local site that a stack of riders use to discuss all sorts of issues.

    Now to the question that I have:

    I ride a Hyosung GT650 and am looking to do the slides on the sly. She needs that bit more power.

    I have heard that the slides form the SV650 will work to free it up.

    So I'm wondering if anyone would know if this would work and if I would have to re-jet the carbies?

    I should add the my bike has the factory 'power pipe' on it now and is running a bit lean, to meet emissions I'm guessing.

    Thanks to all for your help.
  2. Why not just go and get it derestricted properly?
  3. cos he's probably still on his L's.... maybe even just bought it..
  4. I would but because Im new to road riding ie on a restricted licence.

    I've riden on dirt for quite a while and riden dirt bikes with better power to weight ratios than this 650.

    So relax, I'm not going to go out and just wind it up.
  5. Just do it yourself. As far as I'm aware it's just a bracket that fits in the carb slide and prevents the slide from going to full open.
    A workshop manual would be a good start if you don't already know the inner workings of the carbs.
  6. I've looked around for a workshop manual for this bike, but couldn't find one at the time. I'll try again to find one.

    It might be a good idea that there isn't one out (that I could find) cause it would just make it that much easier for the other 'Boy Racers' like myself to de-restrict the bike and let the good times roll.
  7. Can't remember exactly where I found it, but I've got a copy of the GV650 workshop manual. It has the same engine as the GT. I'm working on getting pics of the carby up for you...

    Try looking at Korider.com to see if the manuals are there...

    :grin: :grin: :grin: Here we go, does this help??

  8. All 4 stroke carbs are very similar. If you read up about the design and what parts (in pete the freaks pic) do what, then you should be able to easily discern which part is the restrictor and remove it.
  9. But be aware that your re-seller has registered the sale of this bike with the RTA as a LAMS bike.....
  10. :LOL: "Never adjust "CO Adjust Screw" of the carburetor. If adjust at discretion, have a bad influence upon output of the engine, as the two carburetor is disharmonious" :LOL: :LOL:
  11. "disharmonious"

    Yeah, you don't want bad Feng Shui on your bike...
  12. The best I read was in the manual for my old CZ 250, Quote, " When the motorcycle it become choke of carbon, take into field, using petrol set it alight".

    It turns out they only meant the silencer, not the whole bike.. :)
  13. The SR500 needs to be kickstarted with the piston a poofteenth past TDC - get it wrong and the result can be a few weeks with your ankle in plaster.

    The manual advises..

    "The engine has a TDC window to aid the elderly and infirm"

    ..which was all the incentive I needed to machine a blanking plug and get rid of the window. I may be both those things, but don't need to be reminded by my bike.
  14. Classic, Inci and Mark, just classic :grin:
  15. Ahh yes, the joys of mandraulic starter. I well remember the notorious Panther 'Sloper' of my youth, sorta like the SR500 but more primitive, bigger, longer stroke, no de-compressor, and quite ill tempered, with a magneto and a manual advance/retard. Getting it wrong on that monstrosity could result in a low earth orbit.
  16. Going to pick the bike up today, after it went in for its first service yesterday. So I'll ask the guys that are doing the service if thy know of any other way to let the bike breathe more freely.

    Big thanks go to 'Pete the Freak' for getting the pictures online. They will becaome handy when the surgery takes place.

    Ill leave another post if I find the answer to my question of if these slides are interchangable (GT650 & SV650).
  17. a mate of mine has a 2005 gt650
    i am a motorcycle mechanic and i found that the slides in the carby cause the restrition by leaning the mixture
    i found that the 1999 sv 650 slides are the same so i got a set and tried it
    BINGO it works

    so YES 1999 SV650 slides are a direct replacement ofor the restricted gt650
  18. I wonder why they restricted some bikes.
    There could also be some insurance issue here.
  19. The restricted all of the GT650(L) models to keep the power/weight at a LAM's level. You can buy the normal GT650 if you're not concerned about LAM's.

    It's a big ass bike so the 250cc model really doesn't cut it in terms of going fast in a straight line, the restricted 650 is a much more manageable model.