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Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wallyt99, May 16, 2008.

  1. For anyone considering buying a GT250R, I thought I would give you my opinions of the bike. This is my third motorbike and I have been riding for 5 years. I purchased it for $3500 with extremely low k's.

    The good -

    -Tracks well through corners.
    -Large and comfortable bike, extra good for big guy.
    -Build quality is good enough.
    -Plenty of power and tourqe all through the rev range (for a 250)
    -The torque and sound of the 2 cylinder is great.
    -Great range and fuel economy.
    -Twin discs mean braking is excellent (with good pads)
    - Good tyres and pads make a huge difference to the bike.

    The Bad.

    -Headlight is next to useless.
    -A little bumpy when cruising at 100...I am guessing stiff suspension?
    -Quality of anodised finish on wheels is really rough, and collects chain grit.
    -The large 'tank between your legs' seating position, makes it hard to shift weight on the bike. (mayby I am just not as agile as I used to be :]
    -Not super flickable, but tracks well.

    Overall I am really happy with it. I wouldn't say it is a good learners bike as I feel it is a genuine sports bike and not as stable, or flickable as some other learner bikes. If you learnt to ride on this then I think you might struggle with some evasive measures.

    I have more than enough power. I do not want to lose my license (again) or my life. That said, due to its size it would be a great bike to progress onto something bigger.

    When I picked up the bike, there were a few niggly issues but I fixed em no worries. If you can't fix, and perform preventative maintenance on your own bike I may also not suggest this bike. Then again, I probably wouldn't suggest any bike if you can't do that.

    I would definately consider another Hyo as my next bike.
  2. Oh yeah, and when I park next to the Ninja 250RR at Uni, it looks like a Peewee 50, and the differences such as single disc braking really stand out.

    To the trained eye, you can see that the ninja used better quality manufacturing. Particularly in the finish however the parts are the lowest spec part available. The wheels are narrow, the discs are small, the instruments are outdated. The bike looks small, and slow.

    It's probably a much better learner bike though.
  3. Thats good and bad.
    Do you mind going into abit more detail about 'flickable'? and what little issues yo had?

    I'm new, just got my license and looking for a bike, i like the look and sound off the Hyosung GT250R im 6'3 about 86kg, probably looking at getting one. Where about are you in Aus? Perth?
  4. As we just talking about looks then, I'd put money on the single disk ninja stopping better than the dual disk hyo, the instruments may be analogue but a major failing in the 250r is than the digital displays fail with monotonous regularity, and wide do the wheels on a 250 need to be????
  5. as wide as mine! 180 REAR :p
  6. Flickable is how easy the bike tips into corners. And once in how easy it is to change the line of the bike.

    I'd still rather a Ninja :p
  7. i reckon the only thing good about the ninja is their looks.
    they are soooooo sloooooowwww. i have an 04 VTR 250 and i ate the up my mates ninja yesterday.

    i have no chance of staying with the hyo. it's much quicker off the mark and sounds great too.

    still, from reading through all the info on here, id never buy one. hence my decision to go with a used VTR.

  8. Why not work on the facts.

    The new ninja 250 is:
    Weight: 152 kg + lams allowance 90kg for wet weight and rider
    Total 242 kg
    Output power 23.7 kw
    Power to weight ratio 97.9 kw per tonne

    Hysoung GT250R is:
    Weight 168 kg + lams allowance 90kg for wet weight and rider
    Total 258 kg
    Output power 19.2 kw
    Power to weight ratio 74.6 kw per tonne

    I know which one I would rather have.
  9. What's outdated about an analog display that's actually easy to read.
    Only reason manufacturers use LCD displays is because they're cheap.
  10. I think you are comparing two different ninjas. The Op is comparing an older ninja, while the other is comparing the 2008 Ninja 250R which has just come out. From my understanding the new Ninja is a lot more powerful than the old. Correct me if I am wrong.
  11. I believe you are wrong.
    The old 250 ninja (ZX2R) was a 250 i4 like the CBR RRRR Or FZR, the new “Ninja†is an I2 (basically the same as the ZZR or GPX) so odds on the peak power on the old ninja was higher, but the new one has more low down off the line grunt.
    Now as for the GT250R beating a new Ninja… I have dragged one (And a CBR250RRRRR) off the line at a set of lights. The Hyo had the grunt off the line, I on the ZZR took the middle ground and then the little sewing machine came flying past once it had wound up like we were both standing still.
    So I will give the Hyos full points for there low down Torque. But they are a bit unwieldy to throw through corners (I believe the word of choice is “Flickable†(The ZZR is more “flickableâ€))
  12. I think you'll find that the GPX, ZZR, and the new "ninja" 250R all put out about the same power supposedly the new "ninja" is down a smidge on power and up a smidge on torque but they all they all make more power and torque that the flungding and are lighter.
  13. Good review, I found the Stinko tyres and standard brake pads horrible. Once changed made a huge difference.
  14. No I meant the new 08 Ninja 250r. The other bikes SHOULD be called ZXR250, and GPX250. The new bike should have been called the GPX250r....as it is so similar it aint funny.

    This really works on selective facts.

    The true power (acceleration) of a bike doesnt depend purely on it's power to weight ratio, the torque and gearing must both be considered.

    Although the Ninja also has a higher peak torque - 22 vs 21nm the biggest advantage the Hyo has is it's smooth application of strong torque, all through the rev range, unlike the ninja which is more 'peaky'.

    The gearbox in the Ninja is also renowned for being horribly geared with 6 extra long gears. Horrible for acceleration.

    I don't think it is the nature of the instrument panel that is outdated, Analogue is fine and can look great. Alot better than Digital IMO, however the instruments on the Ninja 250r look like they are from a 1973 cb250.....or worse! As for easy to read? What is the point of having a speedo that goes up to 200km hour when clearly the bike would struggle to do 150k's? For normal riding, this means you only ever use at most half of the display space.

    Flickable is as already mentioned the ability to quickly tip into a corner, to change directions, and to change lanes or avoid obsticles rapidly. After riding a few different bikes this feeling becomes pretty clear straight away. If a bike is flickable, then that is a really good trait particularly for a learner bike. Older riders may say a bike can be too 'light' though.

    A good way to explain is that a CBR250RR will be extremely flickable, it is light, nimble and has a narrow wheel base, whereas a Virago 250 cruiser will be extremely UNflickable, because they are low to the ground, long wheelbase, heavy and sloooooow.

    The Hyo is unflickable for a 250 Sport, but much better than say a 250 cruiser.

    The small problems - I bought the bike at Auction - Despite only having 2000 k's it had gone through a set of rear pads. (Probably bad braking technique from previous owner) The clutch lever and right mirror were broken (replaced pads and broken parts) and the brake light wasn't working on the front brake (fixed with contact cleaner).

    The brake lever was also spongy with 2 year old fluid....I bled the brakes too...changed the oil and filter.

    All cheap and easy jobs which I don't mind doing, but to pay someone to do them, and wait for them would not have been fun.

    The bike will be great for your size, but as already mentioned, I don't feel the riding style is optimum to learning to ride. This is of course a judgement call though.
  15. the new ninja can do over $1.50 easy :)

    it was tested on a track ;)
  16. The rear pads is a common problem on the flungdung the callipers are prone to drag, and if they don't the drilling pattern on the disk causes the pads not to clear properly and score the disk...
  17. So that the 50-150kph range people actually use occupies the top half of the speedo making it easier to see at a quick glance.
  18. So less than a quarter of the dial is unused :LOL:
  19. im surpirsed Dougz isn't here dissing the shite out the the hyosung. :LOL:
  20. good to see you are HAPPY with your Hyosung mate. :)