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Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mainstage, May 4, 2008.

  1. I've seen a copule of people on here have new Hyosungs.. all I ever see are bad reports about these bikes all over the net , ( one guy wanted to set it on fire and toss it over a cliff ) ,

    So are you guys having any problems with yours ???

    bits falling off ect''ect'

    getting them fix't

    riders who have bought in the last 12 months

    I;m trying to find a 250 tha't I can get my knees under the tank ,GT250 I can '' ( I'm 6.1 )

    cheers and thanks
  2. search is your friend!
  3. GT250

    YES '' I know thanks man I'm searching or right , :shock:
  4. You will usually only hear from the same handfull of people who have had problems with them on this forum.
    The truth is there are hundreds of them out there and these people dont represent the majority no matter how loud they complain.
    Most note that the 07-08 range is much better then previous years and electrical issues are the main problems for owners according to sales people around here.
    It should be considered that they are not suzuki, Kawasaki or honda.
    They are made with less research and cheaper components and for that reason will not fair as well in any circumstance.
    So with that in mind if its a weekend ride...sure, if its "faster faster faster" everywhere then bits will fall off it
    and if its a every day'a then it will start to have problems in about three years that most bikes dont suffer from for at least 5 years.

    hope this helps you
  5. If you need a 250 to see out your time before you can get an open class license, would you consider a 250 traillie. As you have found out, the 250 road class really only caters for garden gnomes. You can get road tyres in the right sizes and maybe a set of narrower handlebars and a change of gearing and you've got yourself a motard for a man sized man. Yamaha also make a wicked looking 250 motard. Bit expensive, though.
  6. ''Drewzor '''Algroover thanks boys every bit of info helps ''
    :) :) [/b]
  7. Mine has been fine, no problems experienced like any of those described by the more vocal minority.

    Shop where I bought it from in the city on the other hand could do with some communication skills.
  8. And? At least its true and accurate information, unlike this quote from Drewzor...

    :rofl: :rofl:
    Absolute generalising bollocks. Could you possibly make anything else up while you're at it? Try starting with "once upon a time..."

    mainstage - don't touch them with a 100ft barge pole. 07-08 ones have the same problems as all the previous years. There are documented stories of cranks breaking, pistons cracking, shocks failing, big end bearing failure to name but a few.

    Take the time and do a proper search. The stories are well documented.
  9. Got a review from every rider? A review off Everyone who has ever bought one? A Document, that is able to be confirmed, indicating sales v Repairs? Or just the ramblings of a select few forum users.

    There is enough of them on the road, and if the problems are so pandemic then you'd think that would not be the case(Surely they would all be getting fixed, or off the road waiting 6 months for parts).

    As per usual your seeing complaints from a vocal minority, and take note that with the complaints, I am not arguing about validity.

    I haven't researched them since I decided on the Hyo. Do we have any indication(other than a forum post) that the bikes weren't flogged, abused or in general poorly treated. Everyone has a different perspective on whats acceptable use, and whats abuse.

    I own a Hyo, and a Yamaha(TTR250 - Yes not a Sports bike) I find them both Fine. Your not Paying for a Honda, nor for a Yamaha, a suzuki or even for a ducati. Cost weighs into every decision, as does new v's old.

    The saying goes "A Thousand Positive's are ruined by just a singular negative"

    p.s Oh and I suppose you could reference other forums, but how many have been sold world wide, to how many documentable cases of failure? I don't know, and I would be interested in some concrete evidence. It would be handy to have, if i ever had to do a warranty claim....

    yes thats what warranty's are for... getting things fixed.
  10. As I've said before they are a very budget bike with very poor support especially in Australia. The 250's have been shedding big end bearing since the were introduced in 2002, they don't do it as often now but they still do it far more often than is acceptable. and the 650's drop valves like its going out of fashion

    It's interesting that this comes up when ever hyo reliability is questioned. The bikes have documented flaws that have only partially been rectified and never acknowledged by the manufacturer. The issues got so bad in Europe that the importers took it into their own hands and recalled every single 650 to replace the heads with a modified design something that hyo Australia can't be bothered to do.

    Yes the failures are in the minority, but we are a large minority and issues, costs and delays involved once you do get a dud one tend to make you vocal.

    Buy your bike and take your chances but with the new ninja actually priced lower than the hyo why take that chance???
  11. unfortunately for me, the ninja was a poor fit comfit wise. For me the Hyo is much more comfortable. I am 6'2" and a 120ish kilos(For reference).

    It is a good thing that there are many options to choose from, and my advice would be the same as everyone else's. Read up, understand others opinions and thoughts, hop on the damn thing yourself to see how it feels.

    Buy the one you want.
  12. The honest truth is you will most often only hear the bad stories. A person who is enjoying their bike is not going to be on a forum b*tching about it. A slightly skewed testament to the GT250R's success is how it is the now amongst the top of its class in units sold.

    I'm not going to sit here and say the bike is perfect - you do get what you pay for. As far as ride goes when all is fine - the thing is great. The v-twin sounds pretty good for a 250cc (esp after a sports exhaust) and as looks go it will turn heads. In my 12 months with mine I got people approaching me all over the place, from other riders to cagers to pedestrians.

    Ride - ignoring rider fit as this changes from person to person, I found the bike to be great for what I was riding. I found it really easy to chuck around on the weekend through twisties, and would often find myself stuck up the rear of other bikes around corners only to be lost on the straights where you suddenly realise you're only riding a 1/4 litre. For me however the thing really shone in day to day use was the hyo's useable torque range which would see me easily putting around at 2-3,000rpm. Admittedly it is slightly less powerful than the CBR and is quite gutless at the top end - but on the 250cc and as a new rider it really means sh*t all.

    Maintenance - brand new it comes with a 24 month warranty that I ended up having to use twice. Once when an electrical cable was a bit loose (turned out it had just slid out), and another time when the cable for the gear lever lost a pin that told the bike the engine was in neutral (again from being loose). That was very early on in the first 2 months, after that it was happy sailing. I noticed some people questioned reliablity under different levels of stress - I rode my bike quite modestly during the week, but on the weekends would abuse it to pieces. Once in the park revs would rarely see below 10,000rpm in order to 'keep up' (who am I kidding) with the bigger bikes I would be riding with, did that pretty much every weekend through autumn and summer for a few hundred km at a time. Rides would easily be 5-7 hours long.

    My personal opinion - IF you can fit on any other bike and you are a grease monkey, the 24 month warranty and reassurance of being a brand new machine will be lost on you and seriously diminish the value. You will be better off buying a bike half your age and losing little on re-sale. On the other hand - regardless of your size - if you're like me and mechanically illiterate other than greasing a chain and checking oil/tyres then the peace of mind I got from riding around on a brand new machine covered by a two year warranty was invaluable.
  13. Yes you only hear bad news, but could you please find me the string of posts from hornet/zzr/gpx riders listing which bit fell off today.
    Yep currently the 250R is top of it's market lets just see how it fairs now that Kawasaki have prettied up it's 250
    Not true cheap doesn't always equal shit, unfortunately I've been in a shop that had the cheaper ninja next to a 250R and there is now comparison...
    Interestingly many people with more experience than me have said the opposite stating that it's top heavy and not actually a very good introduction to how a bike should ride.
    From what I can see all new bikes come with a 24 month warranty, so as I said unless you cannot fit on another bike steer away from these pieces of shit...
  14. mainstage.. you could also try and look for a 250 hornet
    its a 250 with the 600 hornet frame
    should fit you alright!
  15. Other way around. The 250 was developed first, the 600 came later :p.

    Depending on how long you plan on keeping the bike you might want to wait a couple of months for LAMS to kick in so you can get something bigger than a 250. A new Suzuki GS500 is about the same price as a Hyo, and about as reliable as a motorcycle could possibly get.
    The soon to be released Honda CB400 might also be worth a look if you don't plan on upgrading too soon since they're not exactly cheap at 10k (though not bad value compared with paying 5-6k for a grey-import 250 Hornet).
  16. Cheers to all

    Thanks to everyone for posting on this and taking the time

    much appreciated

    very informative think I'll stay with the big boys

    cheers mainstage :) :)
  17. I think the Hyo relies on looking like a more expensive bike, its clearly stolen design ideas and colours from Ducati, but having one frame for the 250 and 600 version and BOTH will be learner legal when LAMS come in! wtf. The thing weighs a TON! so. ever heard anyone say "Don't Judge A Book By The Cover"? cover looks ok, everything under that..... SHIT IMO.
    Ohh i saw some guy pushing one up Heatherdale RD up towards thh bike shops a few weeks ago, Nice red looking thing... now why would he be pushing it??????????????????????????????????????????????? :p
  18. They're different frames dude :wink:


  19. maybe he was a noob like ummm you for instance and ran out of fuel??????????? what do you think a big possibility??????????????????????????? if it was broken down the guy/girl would have been on the phone don't you think????????????????????

    grow up