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Hyosung gt250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hondaguy12, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Im wondering how this bike is...i have read almost every article about this bike...but i want some first hand experience..with people who have this bike... i plan on getting one...i live in the US... and they are fairly new here...hows the speed on this bike and is it fast enough to not be made fun of.... i know a 250 is a small bike..but i heard this one was fast...can any1 help me out on my decision? any help is appreciated..thanks!!

  2. they there and welcome
    the gt250r is a great bike and its size actually makes it look like a 600cc bike
    the power isnt that fantastic and as the for the speed i dont think it will outrun a cbr 250 rr or any of the other 4 strokes 250
    they are good and easy to ride bikes but not the fastest i own one of the gt comets 250 and it was a great bike to ride and learn but i always come out second best with racing with freinds..... but then again im going on 90kg bracket :LOL: :LOL:
  3. yeah but is it fast enough? lol i dont want it to be a dog..and want to sell it within a year...ya know?
  4. I believe that they top out at about 140 kph.
  5. no it wont be fast enough
    250 are more for learning and understanding how the bike works
    if u want fast get a 600cc or 1000cc
  6. The GT650R is a very similar bike, since the US doesn't have 250 restrictions for learners I'd look at the 650 instead.

    It will last you longer.
  7. The GT250R is a great bike, but I wouldn't get one if I wasn't forced to have a 250. That said, it's the only 250 I'd ride - and that's why I do! The other fully-faired 250s are too old and I don't care what folks say, I'm not riding a 10 year old bike.

    I topped it out at 151kmh last weekend, but that was downhill in an almost windtunnel-like arrangement haha. Comfortable max is about 140, yeah.

    It's a great bike. Feels comfortable, well-sized, modern looks.
  8. ok i guess ill look into the 650 then guys..thanks!
  9. If your on your L's, you will have to go for the GT650L which has the carb slides in it that restricts its power but makes it learner legal, how ever, you can replace these slides to allow the engine to produce full power for about $100, that being said, many places will inform the RTA that the bike is no longer learner legal, note I said many places, there are places that will do it and turn a blind eye, or if your mechanicaly inclined, you can do it your self, and no one can tell the difference.
  10. He's in America :)
  11. yeah im in United States...
  12. Whereas my ZZR250 that is 7 years old has topped that on the flat and still had some go in it.

    the Hyo is a good looking bike, but it weighs in a little. but the real question is not how fast it goes. it is how well it accalerates and handles. Streight line speed will just get you killed, learn to ride the bike first.
  13. Haha, wasn't saying mine was fast man, I was actually saying it's quite slow.