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hyosung gt250r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spongesam, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. guys, i'm really wanting the hyosung gt250r...

    being new to riding it looks the way i would like a bike to look, yet it's obviously not as powerful... which is good...

    what i want to know... is how good of a chance do i ahve getting it ON-ROAD for $6500?

    i'm on a budget see... aproved for $6K... and want to put in the extra $500 personally...
    most shops are telling me onroad would be about 7-7.3...


    i'm in camberwell / victoria

  2. If you're stretching the budget just to buy the bike have you also taken into consideration the cost of insurance? You could always go with 3rd party but if you put all your money into the bike and stack it then you'll find yourself with no bike and no money to fix it.
  3. I just bought one personally, i cant really "ride" it yet due to not being able to book liecencing junk till 25/6th of feb, but the fact that these things sell out so damn quick and the colours get snapped up i thought i'd rather get it now then wait longer etc etc etc. Paid $6500 but the on roads brings it up to about $7300 or something, THEN insurance comes and guts me like a fish just under 2G i think ( yet these is much debate on this in a different thread i started lol ) so all n all its putting me in debt for the next 18 months, but i think ill let my youth allowance do the hard yards for it, hope this helps!
  4. i have the olds taking care of the insurance for me so that's not too bad... well... 1 side of the olds... the other side is all "you're going to kill yaself"... and suprisingly... it's my dad...
  5. Plus you need to budget for protective gear (I'm assuming?)

    Oh, welcome, by the way (how rude of me!)

    You might be better looking at a second-hand GT250, like here http://snipurl.com/lvet
  6. i've got my L's... got helmet/jacket/pants/gloves... boots shortly...

    been riding my brothers RGV250 but he needs that now...

    it's just the bike i'm after...

    i'm just curious how hard these salesmen are going to be when i attempt to argue them down...

    if i say... "i want this... on road... 6.5... it's my budget... i can't move from this"

    are they going to tell me "jeez, that's fair enough and i'd lvoe to sell u this bike, but i just can't?"

    or are they going to go "well... i like you... you know that... and do you know what... because i like you... i'm going to do you the deal for 6.75..."

    and then eventually i get it for 6.5...

    or woudl that be a fantasy?
  7. just buy a second hand bike. seriously, you shouldn't have to fork out more than say $5k for a 250, $4k is too much IMO.

    really have a think about what you're doing here, you WILL lose money if you buy new, you can get away pretty much even stevens if you buy second hand. its a temp bike, you wont have it past your restrictions because there are MUCH better bikes out there for the money (i'm not just talking speed, its the whole package)
  8. Just remember that EVERYTHING is negotiable. Its worth a try. I’m not sure about your chances, but give it a go. I’d spend a while buttering them up first, don’t go in straight away lay all your cards down.

    Other option I guess is beg/borrow/steal another 500 or just wait a few months till you have the extra cash.
  9. Well, as ucanttme says, Hyosung are in the same position as Mazda with their 6 model. They can afford to play hardball with the prices because if you don't buy at RRP plenty of other people will.

    That's why I suggested you look at second-hand; did you check that Bikesales link?
  10. checked that out... was after the R model...

    i'm concerned about buying 2nd hand...
    had horrible luck with cars... warranties too...

    with something new... at least it's a sure thing...

    if i was to get the GT250 i could have that onroad within budget brand new.

    also i have an issue that i work all weekend... and is hard to get time off... so it's hard to find private and actually see the bike
  11. You wont get it brand new for $6,500 with onc. Not a chance in hell. They'd have to be mad to sell it that cheap. Like hornet says. Theyre in big demand so they have no reason to give discount at all especially that much, theyd be giving you the onc for free. Good luck though :grin:
  12. G'day, having just gone through this process I can say that if all you are after is the bike low $7Ks is about the best you will get for the following reasons:

    1: Yes, there is a shortage of these bikes [supply & demand]
    2: New bike sales do not carry massive margins

    I am experienced in negotiations and the best I could do was $8k for a GT250 [not R] which included $2,300worth of gear. This equated to a discount of the package of $850 or so. :grin: :grin:

    Anyway give it a shot you never know!
  13. I am with coconuts buy something decent secondhand :grin: take your time and be fussy as this will not be your last bike and why throw money at it when you could put the savings towards insurance gear or your next bike
  14. i'm glad u guys are here... i don't really have heaps of mates that ride bikes...

    i'm seeing if they'll let me put my loan towards a private sale

    it's a credit union... so they're a bit pedantic about everything
  15. this is so much effort!
    why can't it be like cars... it's simple... commodore!

    but then again... v8 commodore is the reason i'm getting a bike...

    and friends pushing me to get a 600... regardless of restriction... as restricted fine is only $125 or something?

    would be off dislpaying p plates in april


    i'm all confused now :(
  16. i wouldn't run the gauntlet on Ls, and i'd strongly suggest getting a few months at least on a 250 or at least something thats not a supersports 600/750/1000. they can all up and bite you on the arse if you're a complete newbie :wink:

    but definately go as cheap as you can bring yourself to go for the first bike. save those pennies for something thats well built and has a little bit of power, not a 250 :LOL:

    i know someone selling a 96 GPX250 for $2500 if you're interested :?: :wink:
  17. Cooma -door :shock: Well thats it taste down the tube :grin: Dont worry you can be forgiven and get a kawasaki :grin: If you are new to bikes do your time on a 250 as a 600 is going to be a handfull first time around and if you hit a tree its not like in a cooma-door
  18. You said you ride your brothers bike ,so you will jump in the new bike and with in 5 days or less need the 1000km service ,thats an extra $300 + .
  19. a gpx was my other interest...

    also... credit unions suck at getting back to people
    i said call my mobile... they haven't called my mobile!
  20. The GT250R is a nice bike and good value for money.
    My mate and I negotiated a deal on 2 of these (1 for his son and 1 for his son's mate) best price we could get was $7100 on road. Some dealer wouldn't even budge on the price.
    But I suggest before you put your money down, find out what the availability of the bike is.
    Most bikes on display at dealers are already sold and I believe that these bikes are in short supply, up to 8 weeks wait for the bikes.
    We were told 3 weeks, this then became 5 and then out to 8, so the boys told them to stick the bikes and went and bought themselves other bikes (ZX2R and a CBR250RR).
    So if nothing else ask the question "When can I have it?".