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Hyosung GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pero87, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted peoples opinions that have had some experience with the Hyosung GT250R. Are they reliable? I have read reviews that say they are a good bike, but some other comments saying that the reliability of them is questionable.

    I am obviously aware of the price and you get what you pay for. I just love the look of this bike.

    Thanks in advance

    BTW i am a learner looking for a first bike.

  2. welcome new comer,
    the Hyosung's seem to be a sore subject most times on these forums, though many have rode/still ride them so im sure youll get some better opinions, but generally from my readings they do lure people in because of their price point and have become the less reliable bike, and i guess you want to be pretty safe and sound on a bike at speed.
    But in defence, I actually love the look of em as well and was tempted myself for a 2nd hand black 250R with low k's for my first bike as the Honda VTR250 seems way too over priced for an entry level bike.
    Best of luck
  3. go CT110 - baddest lams bike out, although wheel spin can be uncontrollable at times...
  4. like anything...

    some are good some are bad....

    I had a 2008 250gtr that I loved and put 50,000kms on trouble free..

    Others have posted horror stories about how unreliable their bikes were.

    For any info on Hyosungs go and cruise through korider.com as its a dedicated hyo forum..

    There are plenty of issues posted there as well as fixes and even some good fortune stories.

    If you like it them its really upto you :)
  5. i had a 07 hyo gt250r, was fine, never had a problem, but as people have said, others have.
  6. Thanks for the input guys, appreciate it. Oh and the CT110, my grandma rides one ;)
  7. one for sale near sunbury for $200 :D (ct110)

    Mines an 08 40000kms all good.
  8. Yeah everyone has different opinions, but i was also in your situation leaning towards the hyosung due to its cheap price and sexy looks. Just gonna have to do a bit more searching.
  9. donut buy a hyosung, i rode up to a guy pushing one today to see of he was ok. he claimed "the electrics are all gone" O_O i dont know what that means but sounds frustrating...
  10. My mate has one, posts here as Azomakumar. IIRC he has had a few problems but I can't remember what they were.

    I'm sure they will continue to get better and better, just like the japanese bikes/cars did 20-30 years ago. All I can say is that the stock exhaust does not at all take advantage of the V-twin.
  11. get a megacycle :D
  12. One of my mates own a carb'd gt650R and can confirm that the electronics suck, one time the whole dashboard wasn't functioning.

    So I'm just wondering how the new 2010 EFI hyosungs are...i'm sort of picking between a ninja 250r or 2010+ hyosung gt250r...jus researching the hyo's atm.

    I'm 5'4, 65kg, flat foot 30" inseam. Which of the two would suit me better?

    Will drop by a dealer to sit on a gt250R, just haven't had the time.
  13. Tip: search before asking.

    Like this, then click on "search now" button.
  14. they're awesome. Buy one.