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Hyosung GT250R VS Kwaka ZZR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Neo_nick, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Whats everyones experience, i currently have a ZZR250 but want something a bit bigger and have been looking at a GT250R as they are built on the 600 frame.
    What are they like compared to power wise - ie is the Vtwin more powerfull or faster than the inline twin?

  2. How about a test ride to see for your self?
    Power is only part of the equasion you should be looking at.
  3. About the same power. But only one of them is a Hyo.
  4. Don't do it, the just use the ZZR250 to get you off your restrictions. If you really can't wait it is said that LAMS in Victoria will be announced at the Melbourne Motorcycle expo later this year.
  5. they finally bringing in Lams!
    When will that come into effect? any idea?

    I really regret not getting my licence 3 years ago when i got my bike!
  6. The ZZR250 is a good size bike for a 250. I had one for more than 4 years and I am over 6 feet tall.
  7. yeah dont buy another bike while your on restrictions. Wait.
  8. Yeah, no point buying another 250 while still on restrictions. It just makes the wait for a new bike all the sweeter :D
  9. +1 why do you wanna waste money on another gutless 250cc?!?
  10. ZZR has a few more kW, but if you compare a dyno chart the vtwin gives slightly more grunt low down. And by slightly, I mean an imperceptible amount. I went through the same thoughts as you except with a cbrr and a vtr, I opted to increase my skill instead of taking the easier option of a sportier bike :)

    Maybe consider a gt650r though?
  11. a GT250R is heavier and less powerful than a zzr. are you pinning the throttle coming out of corners yet? if not, i would say you dont need that extra power just yet. just my thoughts.
    i was going through the exact same thoughts as you when i was about 4 months into my ps, i was considering a monster 620 lite, but then i realised i wasnt using all the power all the time, so i waited, and got a firestorm last month :grin:

  12. when I had my L's I had two friends on 250cc bikes. one was a brand new 250r and the other was a 98 zzr250. After riding back to Melb from Sydney and swapping between bikes every 100km's or so........well the bike in my avatar was the one I bought off my mate a week later. And I am very very glad I didn't go the other way :cool:
  13. keep the kwaka, tried and true little bastards they are :)

    i was the same.. looking at upgrading while still under restrictions. but decided to wait it out... hurry up February!
  14. LAMS being introduced into victoria! whens the motorcycle expo? Ive got to sell my bike before it halves in value.
  15. so are you guys in vic still restricted to 250cc as here in SA we have the lams and can go for 650cc