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Hyosung GT250R vs Kawasaki ZZR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by captainmorgan, May 29, 2006.

  1. I'm looking at buying my first bike and a couple I'm looking at are the Hyosung GT250R and Kawasaki ZZR250.
    I'm just wondering what the power is like between the two bikes. Anyone know? How does the Hyo accelerate compared to the Kawa?


  2. They both be 250's.... they aint rockets. ;-)

    The ZZR will nail the Hyo off the line every time. Not by heaps but enough. The Hyo is a fair bit heavier, higher.... it also doesn't sound like a dying lawnmower which was the biggst thing for me... lol.
  3. The ZZR is quicker off the line if all else is equal.

    But I would still buy the Hyo because it fits me. At 6'2" and 95kgs the ZZR is just too small for me.


    Both great bikes. :grin:
  4. Kwaka ZZR or GPX all the way. Buy second hand, and throw it down the road with merry abandon.
  5. I am 6" and ride a ZZR250 without any issues.
    I think what you should be looking at as a priority is that the Hyo has a more aggressive geometry, the tank allows you to hook you knees in harder the sadle is harder and tighter.

    With the ZZR it is a little more relaxed and Sports Tour in it's geomitry.

    The other thing to consider is that it is a 250 and you will probably
    A) drop it at some point, &
    8) want to upgrade when it becomes an option.
    So do you want to spend the money on a shiney new bike for a temporary measure.

    I realy enjoy my ZZR, but am most impresed by the Hyo's I see.
    Chose the riding style you wan't not the on paper numbers.
  6. thats a good tip. And before you get too set on either, go for a long test ride (not just round the block but for say half an hour.)
  7. Kwaka every time including things like reliability spares and value :grin: , Threads poping up about valves,wood brakes and who knows what else with hyosung bikes :shock:
  8. Had no problems iwth my Hyo, like stated above im about 6"2 and i originally was looking at the kawa and found it way to cramped, the hyo was more roomy, allowed more seating space ( dont forget the adjustable footpegs ) and its extremely well balanced on the road.... go the hyo.
  9. i would recomend looking at a second hand suzuki across as well. I'm 6'1 and its big enough for me. Pretty good power compared with the GTR and ZZR and its got a great storage system where the tank normally is.
  10. I can certainly vouch for Kawasaki, I own an eliminator 250cc , which is different, because it is a v twin, not an inline 4, however there engines are exceptionaly well built with plenty of useable power, and reliability. Hyosung however, should not be dismissed, they are still building a name for themselves, however these bikes are also made in Japan, and use similair engine designs to the kawasaki. I could not imagine getting parts for either brand being a big issue either. I also had a friend that owned a suzuki accross, never had issues with that either. If you can, ride a few different bikes and perhaps that will help you make up your mind on what suits you best. good luck mate.
  11. the hyo (being a v-twin) sounds more meaty with an after market pipe on it. good (safer) to be heard before seen. from what ive heard, its bigger cuz it uses the same frame as the 650cc model. looks like a pretty good bike...
  12. They DON'T use the same frame!
  13. They actually were originally designed to use the 650cc engine in the 250 frame. That's why the 250 engine looks so lost in the enormous frame, and why it's a very large 250 with good ergonomics.

    The 125cc V-twin sold in Europe uses the same frame too. They were going to have a whole range of bikes with the same frame.

    At some point they realised that this was not a good idea, and built a proper frame solely for the 650 engine.
    The 250 frame is fine for the 250, but you wonder how it would have handled had they gone ahead and added 40hp and 20+kilos :?: to it.

    Still, if you really wanted to, you probally could retrofit the 650 engine to the 250 frame without too radical modifications. Might want to upgrade the suspension and brakes while you're at it...
  14. zzr would beat the gt250 but they both slow. im not saying my 250 is fast but sure is faster than both of them.
    if i had a choice, i would pick the gt250 because it looks very modern and sexy compare to the other 250s. has digital speedo and pretty good all around but doesnt handle as well as the cbr and zxr.

  15. Hmmm. Don't wish to put a downer on it but as a learner you are not suposed to be worrying about speed and acceleration. There is already enough to worry about. This is why we have restrictions.....If we didn't would you be asking us about an R1 vs a GSXR ?