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Hyosung GT250R VS Kawasaki GPX-250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimbob80, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Was thinking about buying one or the other. Anyone here got any ideas or info on which one would be the better buy etc, etc.....

    I am well aware that one bike is not as well known as the other but I would like information that is not bias just to the Kawasaki...

    Any info would be appreciated.....
  2. GPX is cheap and well tested. Most people give them a good rap, I almost bought one.
  3. To be honest, if it is only going to be your learner bike then i would stick to a second Hand GPX250. The reason being that it has been around for YEARS and is a tried and tested machine that is bullet-proof if treated properly.

    The Hyosung on the other hand, which i think is a fantastic motorcycle for the money you pay, is not as well known, has only been around a short while and will lose a significant amount of money in re-sale value.

    The gpx if treated properly and not dropped or stacked will be able to be sold for almost the same amount, whereas the Hyosung is likely to depreciate by a few grand
  4. I have been looking at pictures and specs of both bikes and notice that there is only a 20kg weight difference between the two.

    I understand that most 250's are smaller than the Hyosung. I am 6.5 tall and was thinking that the Hyosung would be better for me and my wife to fit on.... HAHA

    However, I do want a good bike and I know that Kawasaki has a better reputation. This is a hard decision as I would prefer a brand new bike and for the money the Hyosung is damd tempting but then there is the well known bike factor..... :p
  5. The Hyosung looks pretty sweet, and will be more predictable in terms of performance as most of them are new. Parts for the Hyosung may be an issue, not sure though. I had a look at one and wasn't too impressed with the build quality and finish of the bike, but most new 125's/250's aren't known for that.

    How deep are your pockets? If you're looking to upgrade off your restrictions, don't even think about the hyosung, as josh said you'll lose too much in the first year on it - stick with the GPX. If you're thinking of keeping it for 3-5 years, then the GT250R could be a good option as a newer engine may mean less mechanical probs, but they haven't been around long enough to expose any long-term nasties. GPX's are pretty resilient too, and there are plenty of spares going around for them.
  6. I'd go with the GPX250, without question.

    New 250s are for learners with $100,000 salaries and no dependants. You _will_ lose 15% of its value just by walking out of there with it.

    As for the Hyosung, I've heard mixed reports. A friend of mine bought one new two years ago and the electrics are already shot to hell. Other people have found them fine.

    The GPX250 is a bit of an "old reliable".
  7. You can get a really smick GPX250 for $3500 to $4000.. we got one for the other half for $4000 with an RWC and a new front tyre (just serviced too) with 8000kms.

    I expect that it'll still be worth around $3000 in a couple of years... which is bugger all depreciation.

    The GPX is a reliable design that long ago had any major faults sorted out.

    The hyosung (attractive pricing not withstanding) is a new design and the first release of most things tends to have quality issues.

    I haven't heard lots of bad things about them, but I have heard stories about inconsistent quality... which is a bit of a worry.

    I'm sure given another couple of years that'll be sorted out... but at this point in time my recommendation would be to go for a GPX250.
  8. at 6'5, i would actually steer clear of the GPX. its a great LITTLE bike, a LITTLE too small for bigger people IMO. i was really uncomfortable riding them around and i'm only 6'. they're a great bike, and if you sit on one and like it, go for it. but personally i would be looking at one of the nakeds.

    maybe have a look at the ZZR? they're a little bigger with the same motor. or go in a different direction and have a look at a bandit V or hornet or something, they're generally well suited to taller people. i know the hyosung comet is a really tall bike for a 250 too, couldn't comment on the feel or reliability, i've only sat on one once, but they are tall :D
  9. At 6'7, i agree with Coconuts. My first bike was a GPX, and it was just WAY too small. The ZZR is a better option IMHO.
  10. The Hyosungs are pretty cool looking bikes... and much larger...

    Im 6'2" and didnt have problems on the GPX... but at 6.5 You might struggle...

    Hyosung, makes engine parts for Suzuki, and also own Daiwoo... They are a very new player in the motorcycle market... but according to all reviews, they are pretty good bikes.... (although owners recommend you change the front brake pads almost immediately, because the supplied pads are rubbish apparently)..
  11. 6 foot 5? You're stuffed, you're going to look like a circus clown whatever 250 you sit on... But that's okay. Why not go the whole hog and get yourself a postie bike, a red nose and a pair of big floppy shoes?

    Seriously though, whatever you get you're best off getting one second hand and buying privately, as has been said above. You'd be mental to buy a brand new 2fiddy - you'll only keep it for a year, and you'll probably drop it a few times... Which adds up to huge depreciation when you get rid of it.

    Much better to buy something cheap that's in reasonably good nick and that you can sell without taking it in the bum - even if you slide it once or twice.
  12. I will be a learner however I will not be looking to trade in until finishing Univercity... I am starting Uni next year.

    I am a little concerned as I do nto really know much about bikes and feel that a new bike "like the Hyosung" comes with a 2 year unlimited km warrenty and is cheaper than the GPX...

    I am worried about the fact that if I buy a used bike then I might be buying one that may have problems and the last thing I want is to have problems and fork out for things to be fixed...

    Whatever bike I get I will be keeping for 3 years at least.
  13. Hahahahaha... mean but funny....

    In any case... I sat on a Hyosung at the motorcycle show, it was not all that much smaller than my 636...

    I suggest you go and test ride one.... They are very affordable... a decent size and with an unlimited warranty for 2 years, you just cannot go wrong...

    by the way, they look best in red or black... the yellow looks cheap...


    a list of dealers here

  14. i doubt it :LOL:

    many say similar words, but change their mind after riding for a couple of months. 250s are great fun, and serve their purpose in getting you started in riding, but they really are slow and 'soft' feeling. you'll be able to pick up a MUCH better bike for the same money when you're off restrictions, and you'll most likely do it :wink:
  15. Oh, but dont buy them from Peter Stevens... because peter stevens are the devil...

    Stafford Motorcycles have some in stock (or at least they did when I was there a month ago)..
  16. I will be doing QRIde here in Queensland which will enable me to get a unrestricted licence... Only because I have had an open car licence for so long.

    So really I have the option to get any bike I want. All I really want is a reliable ride with NO complications that will get me from a-b while I am doing Uni. Once I finish then the bike will be palmed off to my wife HAHA as she wants to get one but has to wait 2 years to get an open licence. :p

    I will be stuck with whatever bike I get for 3 years. Basically I am just wanting to get ideas as to what 250 is best to buy according to my situation.

    Thanks for all your input so far guys. I appreciate it. Keep it all coming hehe. :)
  17. A common concern mate, but I'm sure there's plenty of mechanically minded netriders in Brisbane who'd be happy to come along and inspect a bike you're keen on for the price of a six-pack.

    If you save two or three grand on the price of the bike, that's two or three grand's worth of mechanical failure and damage insurance you've got up your sleeve. And don't forget, a warranty doesn't cover damage incurred in a drop.

    But hey, if you're happy to throw that cash at it, go ahead. It's fears like yours that mean the tightarses among us have a constant supply of fresh, cheap, nearly new bikes to play with!
  18. Hyosung Motors was founded in 1978, and in 1979 signed an MOA with Suzuki. While the 250 and the 650 might be newish models in the Australian market, they are scarcely a new company, or an unknown quantity.

    The 250 model was released in 2002 and the 650 in 2003.
  19. Jeeeeez dude, then don't muck about with 2fiddys! Get yourself a 650 twin like an SV suzy or something. They're easy to ride, lots of fun, more appropriate for your size and will keep you entertained for a LOT longer.

    250cc bikes do nothing to inspire confidence in a beginner. They're underpowered which puts you at the mercy of the traffic sometimes, and the rest of the bits like brakes etc are usually far inferior to those found on bigger bikes.
  20. .... or a 650 Comet........