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Hyosung Gt250r sports bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sookylala, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have any opinions on the hyosung Gt250r sports bike? I have heard many oppionion from salesman in the motorbike shops but not from actual riders info is so hard to get on them such as performance etc :shock:

  2. mines a gv250. im busting to get more experience etc etc so i can get a triumph speedmaster!!!!!! back to..... i dont know if i can compare the gt to the gv but hyosung in general? yeah its a pretty neat 250 it doesnt look toooooo puncy like other 250's still sounds like a seweing machine tho. im happy with it. for now
  3. In terms of performance it's a v-twin, so it's not going to compare with any of the fully-faired 4-cylinder 250s out there (CBR/ZXR/FZR/GSXR). It should be fairly similar to the VTR in terms of performance, so still enough to have some fun with.
  4. Go here,


    quite a bit of helpfull info here.......

    from what i hear they are great bikes, max speed of about 160kph roughly about 4ltrs (just under actually, but obviously that all depends on how you ride it) per 100km's .

    check out the latest TWO WHEELS mag there is a review in there.
    also read about the rode tests on www.hyosung.com.au also there are some reviews here on this Canadian web-site. http://www.onewheeldrive.net/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

    i have risen the gt250 Comet (naked) and was most impressed, nice smooth power delivery, quick but not in a warp speed kind of way and they are as big as a 600 so you wont be cramped on any decent ride you go on. Anyway i am going to get the GT250R i prefer Fully faired bikes and i cant wait to get my Hyosung.

    i hope this helps........

    Also there are some good posts here as well just do some searching.......
  5. Love my GT250, looked at the GT250R but really liked the look of the naked better.

    Performance they are a 250 and as such are pretty low in power, but having said that the V twin is a very smooth motor and they handle pretty good.

    The Hyosung is a very good bike if you are taller than a jockey, the CBR250RR which is one of the quicker bikes around is useless for me as I am 6'2" and have my knees around my ears!

    get the shop you buy it from to fix the flat spot before you take it home!
  6. I think the gt250 is a great little bike. I did over 25,000 km on my gt250 last year and so far for me:

    the cons:
    - weak font brake (but upgradeable to duel discs easily)
    - brake pads wear out quickly (< 5,000 km)
    - heavy rain fall will eventually creep into the airfilter
    - short recommended service intervals of 4,000 km

    the pros:
    - great little engine with enough power in the useable rev range where it matters
    - large frame size for tall people
    - good/comfortable riding position
    - great exhaust note with the hyosung race can on

    This bike was my only form of transport and I used it for my daily commute/shopping and weekend trips. Throughout this period it never failed on me come rain or shine. I'd happily recommend this bike to any of my friends especially with the cheap purchase price (I bought mine on ebay for $4,000 with just 3,000 kms on it - pretty good value IMO)

  7. Except for the clutch issue where you couldn't go over 70 km/h...

  8. This Hyosung debate continually amuses me; we have heaps of people on the forum who own various versions of the bikes, and people like Kloozo post detailed reports, and the general impression is good.

    Then we get heaps of 'urban myth' rubbish; 'I've heard that they have mice in the airbox, etc' type of stuff. Let's have some real: "I had one and the wheels fell off the day the warranty expired" type of thing, or nothing, because as it stands we have real-world positive input and vague irellevant criticisms....
  9. Well the only bad thing I have ever heard was from a Mechanic who worked at a dealership... He was so ever happy when they stoped selling and servicing them...

    According to him Great bikes... but one in 5 (basicaly the one built on friday) was a compleate dud and would continusly come back in to the workshop under warrenty...

    Having said that... this was very early when they first appeared on the market... I do KNOW their Quality has improved ALOT since than...
  10. When i see hyosung with bike on the podium in big races ill respect them.... maybe thats a little unfair but i still like to see a brand performing on the track to prove to me theyre interested in what they do.
  11. Do you apply the same reasoning to Harley Davidson, and the many other manufacturers who don't race, Mik? Just because a manufacturer doesn't race doesn't mean he's not interested in making good bikes......
  12. I do personally yeah.

    I dont think that you cant possibly build a good bike/car without racing experience but i cetainly believe it helps a great deal. I just think its a good testing ground thats in the pulic eye so i can see how their products actually perform, especially at their limit.

    I dont hold it against anyone else if they buy something else and I would never rule anything out completely without giving it a chance but thats my general view on the subject.
  13. Yeah, but same applies to major car manufacturers such as Holden and Ford so this isn't uncommon. Just pray you don't get a Friday car/bike.

    Only exposure I have had to them is the two wheels article(NB. on the R model). They were pretty impressed for the price and negative hype surrounding the bike. And they admit that they have improved a lot since first coming on the market. Given the price, if I was looking at a first bike in preparation for getting something bigger once off restrictions, it might be a good option if you don't mind paying for new. Although, a brand new GT250R is about the same price as a low KM VTR250.
  14. Well, I'd rather have a BMW than a Derbi.
  15. not necessarily - i got my VTR with 5000km on the clock for $5,500. GT250R retails for $6499 + ORC.
  16. I know I guy who has a gt250, he’s bike was only 7mths old and he was riding along the freeway doing 100 and blew he’s motor.

    There replacing the motor under warranty, but last I heard is he’s been waiting 4mths and he still doesn’t have he’s bike back.

    I would stay away from them.
  17. Hi Bart - and how could I not forget the clutch issue on my first trip out with you around the bay :shock:

    I decided not to include this in my previous post about the gt250 as this was probably the result of me trying to use cheaper (car) engine oil instead of a fault in Hyosung's clutch design.
  18. Sports bike???? HAHAHAHAHA they're more like the Hyundai Excel -sports edition!!!!

    They are a good bike though.
  19. HD have a racing heritage.

    They might not contest MotoGP but they spent plenty of time on the american flat tracks and drag racing etc. They're one of the grandaddies now and it's quite obvious all the japs try to imitate them with their cruisers so they've kind of already done their proving.

    Hyosung have just arrived and are minnows when you compare them to HD.
  20. there guttless bikes :LOL: better of riding a 110cc scooter! they go quicker and have more torque than a gt250r :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: