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Hyosung GT250R? Spada? VTR250? Cagiva Mito 125?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by brothermuffin, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Hello biking gods,

    I will be getting me learners next month from HART(Tullamarine). So my task now is to scout for bikes..
    I am in a bit of dilemma here.. My budget for a bike is around 3k - 5k (not including safety gears etc) I would consider buying brand new if its really worth it (like the hyosung or cagiva)

    1. I would like to ask your opinions on these bikes the Hyosung GT250R?

    2. I am not really sure if its worth to spend more on a brand new or just
    go for value since i am gonna ride it for a year till i can upgrade to a
    suzuki 600 :shock:

    3. I have checked out the hyosung GT250R at Peter Stevens (elizabeth st
    melb) going for $7500 on the road and the CAGIVA MITO 125 going for
    about $7990.. Is it more value to get the GTR of the MITO 125??
    Do you guys know if I can it cheaper in Melb?? the 2 yr warranty for the
    Hyosung looks tempting hehehe but what do they cover anyway?

    4. the spada and VTR also sounds good from the reviews i read here..

    any comments?

    thank you biking gods
  2. Welcome to our forum, catsgrave, and to the perennial questions about WHAT TO BUY.

    If you do a search (up the top of the page, under the banner ad) for the Hyosung 250 you will find lots of discussion, a lot of it recent, that will help you with your quest. We have at least three 250 Hyosung owners as active members of the forum.
  3. If you are only going to own it for 1 year, do not buy a new bike, you will lose an awfull lot of money when you sell it..

    Get a second hand bike.... I would recommend a similar style of bike to what you plan to move up to...
  4. As my profile suggest, I own a spada. I work in the Tullamarine area, you could drop around and have a look at some stage if you wish. I think the big difference between the spada and vtr is the max rider height for comfort. Also price, Spada being cheaper by around a grand.
  5. As everyone else suggests a second hand bike is your best bet unless you like throwing away money... Use the cash you save to repair drops or get a bigger better bike when your off restrictions...

    I was thinking about a Cagiva mito too, the thing about them is they are a great entry level race bike if thats what you'd like to get into... other than that to ride one daily seems to be not very worthwhile...

    I can't comment on the other bikes but to also look at the likes of the mighty GPX :p 2nd hand they can be pretty good value, and great fun to learn on still...
  6. I'll let you know if the Cagiva Mito 125 is any good, This missus just bought one and I'm riding it home from <ahem> Peter Stevens this arvo.

    Sure does look the goods though...
  7. Am I crazy or wasn't the on the road cost for the GT250R $7000 even? :?
  8. A well maintained second hand VTR250 will be as reliable as the day it was rolled out of the dealer.
    Good little bike for the money and retains its value very well (i made money on mine! :oops: ).
    Have a look at the Hornet 250 as well. IMHO, it will take you longer to get bored with the Hornets power than the VTR's (inline 4 cylinder compared to V twin).
    My 2 cents. :wink:
  9. first things first.... TRY THEM ON

    no sense in deciding what bike you want over the internet, then sitting on it to ride it home and thinking "oh shit, this really isn't very comfy for me is it" :wink: go and sit on a heap of bikes, see what you like as far as position and height are concerned, THEN look at the stats and reviews.

    most newer (1990ish onwards) 250s are fairly reliable and easy to ride and can be found pretty cheap. look around and make sure the bike has been looked after and you'll be fine :D

    and dont buy new with a 250, big waste of time and $$$ IMO :wink:
  10. I test rode a Mito 125 before I bought the GT250R.

    The Mito brakes are fantastic - Brembos. The overall quality looked great.

    It's a small bike and very easy to manouvre at slow speeds :D

    The down side. It's got very little power when brand new. They need to be de-restricted which supposedly doubles the power which then would still make it less powerful than the GT250R. The dealer I spoke to never got back to me regarding the de-restriction details ($300+ apparently) and it seems nobody wants to validate what how much difference power-wise it'll make - so its a bit of a gamble.

    Best bet would be to buy a 2nd-hand Mito which has been de-restricted and you can feel the performance. Being a 2-stroke they are prone to more maintenance and the occasional top-end rebuild which is why I didn't get one - I don't have time to play mechanic.

    OH, I was quoted $8600 ride-away (thats' with free on-roads) so anything less that that is good.


  11. The Mito the missus bought is brand new, and is de-restricted as new. Apparently Peter Stevens asked Paul Feeney's to ship all their new Mitos derestricted, as they were pretty much useless otherwise - no-one wanted to buy them.
  12. Hi catsgrave , welcome . As coco said , try them all and for a good half hour if you can . Remember you have to sit on for 12 months so just going around the block once wont be a true indication .
  13. Wow thanks for the replies guys.. really appreciate it..

    Well I have been going over and over to Peter Stevens for wks now.. I think the guys over there is getting bored of seeing me...

    Well i havent actually test ride the bikes yet ( still need to get the license first hehe). I have just sat on 2 bikes over there.. the Hyosung GT250R and the Cagiva Mito 125..

    I love the Cagiva!! its pretty small, sleek and sexy..
    considering I am tall and skinny.. the weight of the Hyosung intimidates me more than the Mito 125. I find that when I move side to side I feel more comfortable with the Cagiva Mito 125. The hyosung seems more heavy and harder to control. Well maybe its different from riding and sitting? But its pretty pricey.. So despite the looks I would go for value..

    I spoke to a guy name Alex there.. Nice bloke! Polite and willing to help.. 2 thumbs up for service... He recommend me to just get a Spada or VTR250 for a learners... and spend the extra cash on gears example jacket with back protector, helmet and gloves. haha mind of a salesman

    anybody can recommend me where to get a spada or VTR250 in melb??

  14. I vote VTR250.

    The Mito is sexy as all hell, one of the best looking bikes around - but... it's built for midgets, so unless you're a midget, you'll look like a bear in a circus.

    If you *are* a midget, then I don't trust you and keep your grubby hands off my gold.

    The Hyosung looks promising too but I wouldn't want to be a guinea pig. Many folk here would say otherwise but if it was my money I'd avoid the Koreans for a couple more years.
  15. weight does play a big part on the handling, but not as much as you might think. at one stage i had a 170kg bike and a 205kg bike. the 205 felt much heavier in the garage, but get it out on the road and it felt much lighter. ie- how the bike is built/set up will play a bigger part than the actual weight. having said that tho, i'd assume the wee little mito would be setup to feel lighter than the hyosung by miles.

    but try some other bikes on first and dont stress too much about the weight thing, they feel light as a feather when riding, i havn't met a heavy 250 yet :D try and do a few test rides if you can, dealers might not let you, but private sellers should.

    and dont buy new, it really is silly. buy new, lose a grand off the value straight away, keep it for a year, and lose money. buy second hand, lose nothing off the initial price (provided you didn't get ripped off) and sell it for maybe a couple of hundred less a year later.
  16. One thing to consider is that if you did buy the Mito you'd be more inclined to keep it as a second bike when you upgrade - finances allowing. It would certainly be fun for track days and the like...
  17. what's with all the horror stories that i keep hearing about Peter Stevens anyway?

    should i get my bike somewhere else??

    wat do you guys think?
  18. They have a bad reputation among some riders, but they have the best range of stuff in melbourne - sometimes you can't avoid buying from them. In my experience they aren't willing to negotiate too much on price, they set their specials and there isn't much room to move. That would be fine if they were undercutting the competition regularly, but often they are more expensive. Then there is the 'service' :roll: As always, have a look at PS first, then shop around to try and get a better price.
  19. Which bike? My thoughts.

    The potential bikes you've listed differ a great deal. Which one will suit you best depends on the sort of riding you're going to be doing and where you live (city, regional).

    The 125 2-strokes are a hoot, but have limited range (not sure of Mito), higher running costs, and things can get a bit tiring dancing through the gears and riding the clutch all day long. Capacity aside, they are still pure sports bikes and the handling is their forte.

    The 250's you've mentioned are all great alternatives, they're good bikes. I personally would choose a cheaper bike as a first bike, but this debate has been discussed many times and in the end will come down to personal preferance. Just be aware that no matter which of these bikes you buy, you'll still be wanting a bigger capacity bike and you may lose more money on buying a new bike. Once you've got your ticket, go and have a sit on some, and test ride if possible. Buy the one that feels best.

    Edit: I have always had a soft spot for Spadas, I wish I could grab one before they all disapear for good...
  20. thanks for the advise

    I am new here in melbourne and i dont know which shop is best to go for my 250s

    can anybody recommend me good dealers to get my spada or VTR250 here in melb besides Peter Stevens?

    I dont mind buying from private sellers as well

    Pls PM me