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Hyosung GT250R repair and custom paint

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by steltzer, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. My bro bought his bike back in december 2010. It was and is his first bike. 6 months after he got his license, I got mine. We have been having the times of our lives since.

    My bro moved in with me and my family just last month. He previously lived in the Newcastle area (our home town).

    Before he moved in, he transported his bike (trailer) down here to melb to ride from my house down to the MotoGP back at the end of october. During the transport of the bike, the rear shock gave way and lost it's charge (or leaked it charge). My bro wasn't sure what was going on, but on the way back from the GP, he really felt it. It was very bouncy. By the time we got back to my house after race day, there was no pressure left, and just resting your hand weight on the bike, it would bottom out at the rear. We were up for a new rear shock.

    So he went back to newy, left the bike here, and moved down at the beginning of December.
    Once here we started to pull it apart to replace the rear shock. as we pulled off the fairings, we got a little excited as what we could do while the fairings were off.

    He dropped his bike 3 times since buying it, while on his L's, and the fairings had very large scratches (could argue they were gouges) down both sides of the bike. So we thought, stuff it, time for paint. We decided to go cheap, rattle can it, and go from there. but things got a bit out of control, and we decided to do spray gun. I had one, and I had never used it before, so we had a crack. We were told any spray gun wil beat the quality of every rattle can, so we did.

    We primered, stuffed it, wiped it off, painted, stuffed it, wiped it off, painted again, then decided to do some custom stuff (red stripes, for the extra killer wasps), and a cool tribal logo we liked. I dunno, we think it looked good.
    Added some rim tape, cleaned and cut/polished, put it all back together, chain cleaned. done!

    The results below.

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  2. Sweet job.

    You should paint race fairings, I hate doing mine with a can!!!

    Nice work!!!
  3. Kind of has an mv augusta look
  4. yeh, it does a bit.

    painting race fairings, that could be cool. How much do basic race fairing paint jobs cost? just curios. might be a nice little on the side hobby
  5. I just paid $300 for my race fairings in gloss black but no design.

    Would be a nice little money making hobby!!!
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  6. Great job!(y)
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  7. excellent work mate! does look very much agusta-like
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  8. Yeah looks decent actually.
  9. Being prepare to have a go and admit you stuffed up and try again is a great learning curve.
    The end result looks great.
  10. I really like that, the red pinstripe follows the natural lines from stem to stern.
    Usually the best looking paint jobs are the simplest, and this really shines IMO.

    Going to repaint the top half as well ?