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Hyosung GT250R - Own one? Ridden one?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by van, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hey folks.

    Firstly, my apologies if there's a thread already along these lines. I did a search, but with about 12 pages of search results on the word "Hyosung", it could have resulted in a couple of hours of looking with no ideal result!

    Anyway, onto the question.

    I'm a complete noob, hence the posting in this section. In the next 2 months, I'll have a cleared up my credit card and will be a good chance of a loan from the bank. Let's not turn this thread into a debate regarding the pros and cons of financing a bike rather than saving up for it, cheers. :wink:

    I've been looking at the 250s available, and I'm pretty sure I want the sports style. So I've been looking at CBR250RRs, YZRs, ZZRs, et cetera and so forth. After having browsed these forums though, it seems as if there's some consternation over the quality of these bikes, since they're all fairly old by now (although not necessarily the ZZRs, though frankly I don't like the look of the Kwakas). With that in mind, and remembering that it's specifically the sports style that I'm after (which kinda rules out the likes of the VTR, non?), I've started noticing the Hyosung GT250R.

    Which brings us to the crux of the matter!

    Do you own a Hyo GT250R? If not, have you ridden one? Have you heard anything bad about them? How do they stack up against the more well known manufacturers?

    Feedback is, of course, much appreciated. Cheers folks :)
  2. good bike to lean on... just not enough power to get you into trouble
    overall top bike...
    :LOL: :LOL:
  3. They are a lovely bike I have had mine to 2 months now. ANd am loving it. Nice to corner with having upside forks. Nice brake system. And a not so bad motor, could have more power but what can ya do?

    Also very economical i get about 415 KM to a tank and i dont let it get into the red so i probably still have another 50-70 KM left when i fill it up at 15L.

    Seat is a little slippery though. And finding netral can be a Shit at times as the gear selecter will just bypass it no matter how soft you tap it. Or youll take off change to 2nd and it will go into netral and VROOM goes your bike but your actually slowing down.
  4. Thanks for the response Gowron, much obliged! That's a bit of a shit about the gearing and the seat... Would you say it's a big enough problem that you'd not get the bike if you could go back in time?

    Anyway, I just noticed this thread posted today as well hahah. I feel like a bit of a dipshit ;)

    Apologies for making this thread!
  5. Nah I would still buy it. Still a very nice package, just the gearing can make you swear at it sometimes buts its not that big a deal. and the seat well. there are a lot of slippery bike seats out there. so also not a big factor.
  6. Excellent! Thanks man :D
  7. went for my first good ride yesterday and did 300km. the bike went well, and it was quite comfy, wasnt sore at all , the only problem i had was the speedo is incorrect. says 115 when going 100
  8. I dont have the 'R' but i have the naked GT250. I amagine the ride would be pretty similar. I love it, great bike to learn on. Also like that its nice and big (well for a 250 :) ).

    The only thing i'm a little concerned about is resale value in 1-2 yrs. But hey, thats why i went second hand, so should be OK.

    I actually dont find the seat slippery at all. Maybe its been fixed? As for the dodgy neutral, yeah i have the same problem, but so do a lot of bikes. Frankly it doesnt bother me cause i never want neutral anyway.

    they are well worth a look mate.
  9. These bikes seem alright to learn on, however as some of the guys have said i would be a little concerned about resale value. I would also be very intersested to see how these things are running after a couple of years and with a few thousand k's on them. The overall finish on them is quite nice but i would also be worried about the build and materials quality.