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hyosung gt250r or honda cbr250rr for L's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by flyinrookie, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. hi all,

    this is my first post.
    i have read almost every post that is related to my situation and and others just to learn more.
    ill be buying a bike around july-august and getting my L's in august (2007).
    i am looking for a sharp modern looking bike with full fairings....
    there are two i am looking at at the moment...

    HYOSUNG GT250R - $6690.00 (brand new)


    HONDA CBR250RR - $7990.00 (second hand)


    i like the look of the HONDA but only with that sort of fairing...from doing some searching i have realized majority of the HONDAS have an older style fairing...

    if i buy one with older fairing am i able to get this style of fairing as pictured above and change them?

    anyone that has ridden or owns one of these what are your thoughts?

    thanks in advance

  2. Certainly!

    The CBR250RR's are a popular learner bike. There are two types to look out for:
    1) Grey import.
    2) Tri-colour Australian release.

    The difference is - the Tri-Colour [white fairings with what looks like splashes of purple and red paint on it] will be cheaper to insure, and USUALLY you can be more sure the odometer K's are accurate and it isn't built out of 5 other smashed up bikes.

    The grey imports CAN be legit, OR they can be made of different smashed up bikes put together.
    Generally more expensive to insure.

    Either way, as far as a 2nd hand 250 goes - the Honda is your best bet for parts, etc.

    YES you can buy aftermarket fairing kits. You may need to go the trouble of getting them painted etc though, unless you can find someone selling a pre-painted kit.
    ... and you're right, that one looks hot :)

    The advantage of the Hyosung is that it has warranty - a measure of guaranteed reliability. I understand their quality gets better every year and they are a pretty solid bike at the moment.

    If you're anything like 98.3% of the male learners on a sports bike in Australia, you'll want to upgrade to at least a 600 the second you're on your unrestricted license anyway.
    Best thing for that is the bike that will give you the least amount of trouble for 12-18 months.

    ... you could always buy someone elses 2nd hand Hyo with a few thousand k's on the clock for even cheaper ^_^
  3. An other point of diference is that the CBR is an inline 4 giving it better power up top but meaning you have to make it scream before it gives you anything real. The Hyo is a V Twin, more usable power down low but can't compete at the top end.

    I personaly prefer the twin power it is more usable for most riding conditions, and easier to work while you are learning. I will point out that a GPX And ZZR are other compleatly viable options along with the ZX2R
  4. that is also an option a second hand hyosung but just didnt list it.
    does anyone know the cost or where to find fairings?

    so is a grey import generaly a good looking bike and risk in quality?
  5. just done some searching and found will cost around $1300.00 - $2000.00 for the tyga fairing to make a standard cbr250rr look like the picture above....

    does anyone know what sorta cost would b involved in getting a complete set painted?
  6. its a 2fiddy.. buy it how it is or dont spend money on it.
  7. 2fiddy???
    buy what and dont spend money on what
  8. Wouldnt cost you to much to paint, probably $800ish. But is that really worth it for a 250, which you will get rid of anyway. I noticed the CBR is a shot of a sumoto bike, dont buy one from those (assholes) very bad people. :grin: If i were you and had the money, go the new Hyosung. I know that there are some reasonable CBR's floating around, but i would rather the new bike compared to a recomplianced one. The upside as well is the Hyo is a big bike and if you are a tall person you wont look like one of those bears in the circus. :LOL: In the end its up to you. Only CBR i will vouch for that i know is for sale is a member on here by the name of fireblade.
  9. o ok..sumoto a no go hey...may i ask about a bad experience?....after finding the fairing i would probably buy a cbr250rr and just change the fairing...

    i would spend the money on the fairing for the 250 because i am big on outside physical looking features....how it looks is important to me, as long as it runs good n looks awesome im happy
  10. I've got a ZZR250, its pretty seksy.


    Picked up a GREAT condition 02 model for $5000 @ 18000kms from dealer. Top bike, reliable, shiny, fuel efficient, agile and fun. But like ALL non 2 stroke 250s, they are slow compared to bigger bikes (forget 2 strokes unless you're going to be on the track and have lots of cash and time to throw at it).

    Seems like you're judging the bikes entirely by their appearance at this stage. What you really need to consider is (IMO) more important things like where will you be using it, what kind of roads, your budget (keep around 1000 for gear), how you want to ride, etc.

    Re. the bikes you have chosen I'll tell you abit about both.

    CBR250R/RR. I wouldn't bother with a grey import, especially since Honda now imports them officially (the new ones). This bike is a sports learner bike. Arguably at the top of the learner legal 250s, but seriously its a 250 so being the top of slow is still slow. They have a nice sound to them, which I like more than my 'kwaking'.

    So anyway parts will be easy as its very common, you'll have a bit more zip than other 250s, but as I say and others will tell you, not MUCH more, just a little. Since they are the zippiest of 250s they appeal to people who will be thrashing them 24/7, so watch out for that.

    Hyosung gt250r. Pretty damn good for the price. Don't know the specifics but the brand name rep is basically that its more generic, not as high standards as the others. Definately not as fast, but still looks seksy, and comes with 2 years of warranty. I considered buying a new one for about 10 seconds but then thought of wanting to upgrade after a year, what if I dropped it, etc.

    As ktulu said, you will most probably upgrade asap so think about whats best to learn on, not necessarily wanting the most expensive and fastest since there isn't much difference until you upgrade anyway. Good luck choosing.
  11. Those Tyga kits really do look the business.
    Don't forget you need dough for the riding gear as well..

    I was dreaming of one of those kits but picking up the bits of plastic off the road cus I did some tiny silly learner mistake would just gut me.

    Should go sus out a bike shop & sit on both to see how you feel.

    Good thing about greys is some of them have great looking schemes so you maybe happy to leave it.

    You may want to spend the cash on a track day or something instead..
  12. Sumoto are sharks, have a bad rep in the industry.. and also consider zzr250..
  13. Use the search as this has been discussed before several times as well as Sumotos bad rep.

    I went the Hyo GT250R based on warranty and i figure it will be easier to sell in 12-18 months because other people will have the same thoughts as me and not be keen on paying the same dollars for a 12-15 year old CBR with usually dodgy history. And it looks damn sexy in black :grin:

    Consider as well with these bikes... my Hyo got knocked over in a car park and only received fairly minor damage and the insurance bill to repair is $1300+ and parts for Hyo's are cheap.
  14. I got a cbr250 and love it

    Unfortunately when i got it i found out a week later it needed new valves and i had to pay a packet to get it fixed.....such is the risk of buying second hand.

    At the beginning its very tempting to buy a bike cause it looks good, just make sure you enjoy learning how to ride properly in the process, otherwise your nice bike may not look so nice after a drop/off.

    I'm getting off my restrictions in 5 days........can't wait to upgrade! :)
  15. i understand that been only 250s they wont be the quickest of the bunch and that makes sense considering i will be a learner haha

    im not overly concerned about the $$$ but dont want to spend a stupid amount due to the fact it will probably be gone wen i can get full license.

    but while i have it i want it to look awesome, hence looking at the kits.

    at first i thought the hyosung was a great idea but im loosing interest quickly in it and heading for a HONDA....im not sure if its jus the brand name but the more i search around the more i like it....

    ill be riding to and from school and work, to friends places, city now and then, grandparents, its just filling in as a car mainly while i finish school as i love cars and my exams are right after birthday so need transport but if i get a car ill spend the whole time pulling it apart and putting it back togetha....plus, ive wanted a road bike since i was 5!

    so only smooth normal everyday streets n roads with the occasional trip up bush but still on the bitcherment (not sure how to spell it)...

    i no the RACV will do a check of a used car for you for $100 befor you buy, is there anywhere that does this for bikes?
  16. Cbrr 250's

    Well my first road bike was a Cbrr 250 and at the time was fun to ride around on though I rode a friends for about an hour mid 2006 and never realised how much lacking of low down power they have as I've been riding bigger bikes for a long time.

    Now I was at Sumoto 2 days ago trying out jeans and noticed the new after-market fairing kit that the cbrr 250 has. I enquired about it as it looks an improvement and was told it costs $3000 on its own to buy the kit but only $1000 extra to buy the bike with it already fitted. My opinion is there not worth it. I remember that the cbrr 250 had terrible aerodynamics and could get blown around over a bridge. I dont think this would change with this new kit. Sumoto and cbrr 250's are so over priced for what they are, age especially and I've never rode a Hyosong though rode several, more up right 250 twins and in hindsight I think an upright twin such as a vtr is superior/easier to learn on that a sporty riding positioned bike in my opinion.

    But if you are limiting your choice to the 2 you mentioned, I'd go the Hyosong because its newer, more low down power (ridable) and far more better value than a 17 year old technology cbrr that you will lose more on resale. Bitumen is the correct spelling
  17. An other question you should pay some attention to is the pure size of teh bike.

    I am 6 foot tall and simply would do myself an injury trying to ride the CBR250RR. The seat position is O.K. but my head is seriosly in front of the fairing. The ZZR is comfortable and the Hyo is great for the comfort factor.

    Maybe you should at least sit on them all before settleing on one.
  18. Dude, it all depends on your personal preference. I ride a GT250R, and have found that the other inline 4 250's have a lot more top end grunt. I had a ride on a mates RGV on the weekend and was quite thrilled by the raw power of the thing (compared to the Hyosung), but through the black spur, I was still able to maintain a good pace. I've found that because of it lesser power, it has taught me to rely more on cornering technique to be quick (keep up :p ), rather than out and out balls. I bought it over a CBR250RR because:

    1. It was cheaper
    2. It had a longer warranty
    3. It was a bigger size bike, so would result in an easier transition when upgrading, and also provide more road presence - Important when learning.
    4. It had more bells and whistles.
    5. It looks pretty sexy.

    My mate went for the CBR (from Sumoto - he wouldn't recommend them :evil: )and he loves it too! - Dont pay any more than around $5000 for one.

    When making your decision, remember that you will MOST LIKELY drop it at some stage. It's a 250 that you need to be happy with, but you will upgrade in just over a year.

    Good luck with it! :wink:
  19. I decided on the hyo
    New, warranty, similar price, no grey imports, insurance.
    It all pointed in the hyo direction. Im happy, its a good bike, great for learning on. brakes are "woody" at first.
    You will get sick of the comments and questions, eventually :wink:
  20. i bought a zxr250 because of the size ( im 6ft) and being laughed at by the girl while helping her test ride a cbr dented my ego a bit. when i saw thw hyosung 250 at bike expo with the full faring i was peeved as none of the dealers told me it was coming out 5 months before bying the ninja. and that from a hyosung dealer! the farings are a 2 peice and are actually the same as the ones from the 650 GTR so IF you do drop it badly you can replace what you brake. i.e one side. i bought the 250 cruiser as a second bike and the engine has been fantastic. the front brakes were wooden but get the pads changed for about $50 at the first service.
    the new hyosung 250 GTR now comes with a black frame and looks neat.
    having need some repairs on the ninja i came across International Motorcycle Importers in Knoxfield and they seem very profesional knowladgeable and helpful. they have a number of CBR imports that may be worth looking at if you choose it. DO NOT deal with sumoto live happy