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Hyosung GT250R not starting!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cragv, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. So I jumped on my 2005 Hyo GT250R this morning, and as usual, I turned the key, put it in Neutral, drew the choke on most of the way, and hit the starter.

    Nothing happened. I checked the kill switch (OFF) - flicked it on and off again anyway, and kicked the stand up just in case the bike still thought it was in gear for some reason.

    Still nothing. Bummer.

    I tried a few more times, and at one point the starter motor coughed (as in, it spun very briefly). The battery is good (headlights are strong, high beam still bright, and dash is fully lit up), but she just ain't starting.

    As the starter motor worked once and only once, I violently rocked the bike left and right between my legs on the chance there was some kind of loose connection. This did nothing.

    Had to leave for work, so I took the car and will check the bike tonight. I assume its an electrical issue (I ride rain, hail or shine) but am not sure where to start. I did have time to look under the seat, but the contacts on teh battery were just fine (as they should be, cos the lights and dash light up brightly as usual).

    Anyone got some ideas here? I rode it yesterday and it was fine - hasn't missed a beat in the 4 months I've had it, and it only has 20,000km on the clock (I've put 7000km of those on myself).

    Thanks for anything you can suggest. I really appreciate it, and am really really keen to get this fixed. Cheers Netrider :)
  2. /wait for the flaming

    But seriously, not sure who you deal with, but I would recommend chatting to Ray at Staffords in Heidelberg - he certainly knows Hyosungs and their characteristics well.
  3. Two things, the battery is probably stuffed. It may light up your lights but not have enough grunt to turn it over. make sure your lights are off befoer you crank it over, can be checked by doing a roll start.

    Second problem could be the kill switch on the side stand, clean all the road crap/gunk that gathers there with some WD40 or similair.

    If these two don't work then get it to a workshop.
  4. Like matti said, the problem is most probably the battery not having enough charge.

    Four months ago the same thing happened to me (@25k km). That morning i was heading to Port Stephens for a holiday. I was in a rush so without fully looking at the problem went to the bike shop and just got a new battery, got them to charge it for me for an hour.
    Luckily that fixed the problem...

    The day after I got back to Sydney, bike wont start. Lucky it did not happen at Port Stephens. Same thing dead battery.

    Wheeled it to the workshop they had a look and it turned out to be the stator coil not giving out enough of a voltage to charge the battery. (Expensive and i probably did not need a new battery)

    Get a charger (friend, NR, ask the guys at your local workshop), charge the battery and see if the same thing happens several days later.
  5. Another great hyosung story :LOL: My kwaka has 103,000 on it and still the original battery,and for that matter all is original except the fuel pump.Let me know when a korean bike can do that and i will look at one :p
  6. Mate the original battery is a Century Huasa in disguise, these are pretty damn good batteries!

    Show me a brand new kwaka at half the price they are
  7. Show me a hyosung that can even do 103,000 ks with out replacement of anyparts except fuel pump :p Seriously you get what you pay for :grin:
  8. Show me what Hyocrap of similar size, performace etc is half the price of the comparable Kwaka, or any other JAP brand. Oh, wait, silly me, there is no such thing as a Hyo that is comparable to a Jap bike. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Oddly enough the original poster was not complaining about his bike.

    He seemed quite happy with it, in spite of the problem.

    There are other forums for expressing your sort of dribble - why not use them.

    This is meant to be a place for help, not hindrance. Please help us by at least being constructive. Your contributions shows both a lack of originality and factuality in regard to the problem.


    Trevor G

    (not a Hysumg owner}
  10. Thanks a lot, OzChris, matti-san and Gustlik. I'll check it out tonight when I get home.
    Muchly appreciated :)
  11. just jump start it from the car, that will let u know + its less effort
  12. You're not funny, original or constructive at all, either.

    Please keep unnecessary and unhelpful posts like this for the appropriate forum. This is not it...


    TYrevor G
  13. I am factual, can that be disputed here?

    Please keep your preeching for the appropriate thread sir.

  14. Just don't have the car running at all when you do it.
  15. Tweet you do get what you paid for with Hyos.
    I was under no illusion when i got mine. Its had its problems but overall I am happy with it.
    That said; its a LAMS bike that i dont plan to hold for more then a year and a half so to me it didnt matter what i got. As long as it wasnt a 250, my legs are too long for those and i feel cramped.

    Back on topic, any luck cragv?
  16. Well I (did not jump start) roll-started it by dropping the clutch in 2nd, and it fired up quickly and easily, as usual.

    While the engine was running, I tapped the starter switch a couple of times (I don't usually do this; just wanted to see if it would turn over). Usually you'd hear it whine, but nothing happened, so either the motor's had it, or (more likely?) the switch has corroded, become dirty, or just broken somehow.

    Anyway, the engine seems fine thankfully. After further spending some time on the starter thumb switch (all looks clean, and a shot of WD40 didn't do anything), I'm thinking the problem lies further down that line, all the way possibly to the starter motor. Might have to get that looked at, as I really am not overly mechanically inclined, and have next to no tools! Hopefully it could be the starter fuse too, someone has suggested. Will look for that tonight. Cheers.
  17. Turns out either the starter switch had crud or water in it, or else the main fuse wasn't seated properly. After examing the fuse and plugging it back in, remembering also I'd given the starter switch assembly a good spray of WD40 24 hours previous, the bike fired up just fine last night.

    Rode it to work today no problems. Must have been the rain and muck I've been riding through recently.

    Oh and TWEET and Z900 - seriously guys, why are you trawling through the mechanical thread where people genuinely are looking for help, only to post unhelpful comments about how bad their choice of bike is? Do you know how you come across when you do that? It's pretty arrogant hey, and had the effect of filling my thead with garbage, when I was asking for help! It devalues the community here ultimately. If you value Netrider as a resource for riders, then save your smart comments for Off Topic or General Discussion. No hard feelings - I just think it should be said, and you should take a look over the thread as a whole, and how your comments shaped it.

    Cheers guys. Feels good to be back on the stallion :)
  18. Good stuff Crag! It's always something simple, I think Hyosungs do get a bad name because it is noobs who normally buy them [like I was 2 years ago]. They then ask for advice and of course the heroes come out and say "look another hyosung fcuken up!". :grin:

    Me I asked how to change a clutch cable because it snapped! Turned out no grease had been put on the cable end so friction etc snap! But the howls of derision were loud. :mad:
  19. Heh, fair enough.

    You seem to have the same model as me, but unfaired. My one had the clutch cable problem too. Was replaced twice before the Hyo recall and replacement they did in Australia, and now its no longer a problem.

    I think given time Hyo have been making better and better bikes - importantly, they do listen to their riders, and tweak the next years models accordingly.

    Besides all that, I got my GT250R for very cheap from a good mate, with low KMs too. Honestly, I wouldn't have cared what brand it was - before I owned it, I used to pay him out for riding a Hyundai. Now my mates pay me out for the same. And I couldn't care less :D

    Because when you jump on, fire it up, hear that lovely V-twin rumble from the pipe, and hit the road, it's just you, the bike and the road. And nothing else matters. Aww yeah.
  20. That is the truth, AMEN :LOL: :LOL: