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Hyosung GT250R Not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chicken78, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Ok had a big ride today, stopped on a corner while "streetmaster" removed a wombat, turned the bike off(was in first gear) when to restart(clutch in, first gear) Hyo wouldnt start(may be a bad habit starting the bike in gear etc but it always started like this until today) there was nothing, zip, not-a-thing

    The only way I can get it started now is in neutral?

    Any ideas? electrical? clutch related?
  2. Check your battery, hopefully the cables are just loose off the battery or maybe you've blown a fuse..Don't know alot about bikes but worth checking out if you havent.
  3. Well I would say check the side stand switch (if it has one), but does it die when you put it into gear? I assume it doesn't since I assume you managed to continue riding, but it might be an intermittent problem. Unless you ever forget to put the side stand up, I'd just be tracing the wires from the switch to wherever they join to a plug (most likely under the seat), disconnecting the wires, and (depending on how your switch works) jumpering the plug, thus simulating a side stand UP position all the time. Might fix it. If not then I'd be looking at the clutch switch as well.
  4. sidestand up? wont start in gear with it down klunks on the right track at least
  5. great, now I have a new nick name.
  6. sorry should have clarified, side stand up. Only started this tantrum half way through the ride,
  7. you did press the starter didnt you?
  8. Klunks definately on the right track for once

  9. Seriously?
  10. Im a bad bad boy
  11. Sounds like it has a clutch safety switch that would normally let you start it in gear, as long as the clutch is pulled in. If that switch has failed (or wire is loose) you would get the symptoms you describe. You could bypass the switch as a temporary (or permanent) fix, but you'd just have to remember to not start it in gear unless you pull the clutch in.
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  12. Thanks mole, ill look into it further tomorrow ;)
  13. Also check the side stand switch. If you hit a batwom you may have affected the switch and fooled it into thinking gthe side stand is down.

    However why would you want to sart the bike in gear. Just start it in neutral.

  14. Valid point but it was just something I noticed on sat....got it sussed now, luckily good ol' dad cam for a visit 10 min later, jobs right
  15. so what was the problem?
  16. Yeah, what was the problem in the end?
  17. Was an adjustment at the clutch that he made, havent had a chance to get him eto explain it yet (which may take a 3 hours to get the full story
    ) as he is one of these really tech-ie people ;)