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Hyosung GT250R Noise whilst riding + back story

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by raiden337, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Ok, Starting off with STUPID backstory.

    Back Story: I adjusted my chain to take up some slack that had begun to appear, when i had it where i wanted it my olds came down the drive way so i had to wheel my bike out the way... long story short i forgot to tighten the nuts.

    Whilst out cruising that night I popped the clutch and the torque ripped the left side of my rear wheel forward and kicked the chain off my front sprocket. I made a call to a mate and had a toolbox brought to me, i fixed everything up. Pulled the chain adjuster out of the bike(it got sucked in when the wheel snapped forward) lined everything up and went off to ride again.

    Problem: Now when i ride i have a rubbing/grinding noise that increases in frequency based on my speed. it is really loud and continues when i have the clutch pulled in.

    Things i've checked so far:
    Measured wheel alignment with bike to make sure it is straight
    Removed back Brake and taken bike for spin in my court
    Removed chain and checked front sproket for warped dimensions
    Removed Chain guard and checked all around the chain for items that could rub
    Even with each of these items checked the noise remained, My first thought was that it is the bearings that would have had a massive amount of strain placed when the incident happened. I did consider that the wheel mounts may be warped but then there is no particular space where the wheel rubs. When the noise happens you can feel the bike holding back a little bit, but u can only feel this when the clutch is in and ur already slowing. It's like something it grabbing.

    I have no way to lift the bike safely so i cant check exactly where the sound is coming from. but it is getting worse
  2. My only thing to say is take it to a shop NOW.
  3. I vote for a bent axel and out of round bearing races after the axel movement.
  4. I just wish i could find a way to get the rear wheel raised safely. I'm more than capable of replacing the internals of that wheel... Maybe two jacks? one of each side of the swing arm... *cries* I'll work something out but i have to agree a bent axle is a good point actually... didn't consider that
  5. Chain could be stuffed, did you check it when you checked the front sprocket?
    Second pair of eyes to have a look is probably not a bad idea either.
  6. I think you've picked it, I reckon it's the wheel bearings. That crunchy sound is the giveaway. Don't ride it anymore, if one of those bearings shits itself properly, you'll root the whole wheel hub. They ain't cheap.

    Jack the back end up, take the brake caliper off, and yank the axle. Set the chain on the chain guard and take the wheel out. Poke your finger in where the axle goes and rotate the bearings from each side. They should feel smooth to turn but I betcha they're munted.

    New wheel bearings should be cheap (I'd go aftermarket to avoid the famous whoflung quality) and if you're not keen on packing and fitting them yourself, just take the wheel in to any mechanic and it'll be a ten minute job.

    Good luck. Here's hoping that's one of those mistakes you make ONCE!
  7. Ok jacked the bike up pulled the axle, The bearing is stuffed as said above. Turns freely a little and then locks.
    However it gets worse Just to be sure I pulled down the entire assembly and checked to see everything was true, The axle is true and straight, the sprocket seems straight as well. The Sprocket mounting drum however is out of alignment, this is causing the chain to tighten and loosen during its revolutions. as a result the seals have been stretched out on certain links and the chain is stuffed.

    So I need to replace the mounting drum, Bearings, chain and probably the rear sprocket as there are visable marks of un even wear on the sides.

    Any body know how much I'm looking at $ wise?
  8. Bad luck mate. Is it me or Loz who gets the points on this one?
    Cant help you with costs but your planned replacements cover everything. If an axel doesnt ad much to the bill I'd be replacing that as well. You might not get much change from $600
  9. Depends on where you get them from, but ball park figures from my personal experience are:

    Mounting drum.. nfi
    Bearings < $25
    Chain <$200 (greatly depends on the brand)
    Sprocket < $50
  10. lol Not sure who gets the points... how about 50/50 :)

    I've taken the bike into my trusted mechanics at Honda Mornington, They've given me a call and they are going to replace the chain and do a wheel alignment. Hopefully that fixes it.

    I've given an ok to the work and hopefully I will be back on with good news some time tomorrow.

    Guys thank you for your help as always, i value your input.
  11. Bike got a new chain installed and had the wheels aligned.
    Rides like a dream and feels much more crisp, I'd say i was loosing a fair amount of horsePower in the wonky wheel.

    But now nobody wants to go for a ride :s
  12. nice work in getting all that done in a few days.

    can you share how much it cost in the end?
  13. Ah Of course, My total cost was $207. I really need to say that the bike is so much smoother now, the entire riding experience feels muc hmore connected.

    Mornington Honda definatly worth mentioning just how fast and helpful they are there.