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Hyosung gt250r led tail light!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by johnny250, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. hey guys

    been lookin around and cant find rear led lights for the 250
    anyone kno places that sells them!

  2. You could always just replace the standard globe with an led globe... Check ebay
  3. cant really find anything.
    looking for one that just bolts on or sumthin.
    i saw some on ebay before but not there anymore.
  4. Any actual aftermarket fabricated part is ridiculously expensive for the hyo I've noticed. I recommend DIYing this one.

    In a nutshell:
    * Cut the reflector off, leave a little stump, then shave it back flush with the rest of the fender. Maintain the wiring.
    * Measure the height of the plate and use that as reference for how much fender you should leave. Put the plate against the fender where you want it to sit and mark the fender appropriately.
    * Shave the fender back so it is now invisible behind your intended plate position.
    * Seperate the body kit enough to allow you to remove the rear brake light.
    * Feed the wiring through so it is poking out underneath the brake light (previously impossible when assembled)
    * Get a 3 light LED strip from tandys (they're water proof it's alright) and solder the wiring together appropriately.
    * Glue the fcuker to the underside of the brake light, flush against where it meets the plastic fender.
    * Drill some holes into remaining fender to accomodate your plate (will probably also need drilling)
    If done correctly it should be at an acute angle to underside. eg: <
    * Ta da!!! You now have LEDs lighting up your plate and if done right it looks fantastic!
  5. except the OP is asking about a complete tail light, not a number plate light
  6. This place has a nice range of amp's (after market parts) there in the UK but worth a look, Good service and I will vouch for there service Ive never had a problem...http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/