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Hyosung gt250r - i think my gear box or clutch is gone???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by davey_87, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone

    Bike: Hyosung gt 250r
    Year: 2006
    K's: 11,000
    Prior problems:
    nothing at all really, except a little little whine from the gearbox when the clutch is engaged (no pressure on lever) that you can just hear while in neutral

    last monday nite i was riding home, traveling at about 70 - 80 k's maybe?? in 4th or 5th gear. i wanted to slow down, so while slightly on the brakes. i pulled the clutch lever in, shifted down a gear and let off the clutch. the bike didn't slow down.

    no loud noises, no shudder, just felt like shifting it to neutral

    so i pulled over, turned the engine off. shifted to neutral. started the engine, went to first...nothing happens

    i can roll the bike in gear (assuming the lever is changing gears)
    the gear lever and clutch both feel as normal

    i have no idea about motorcycle gearboxes or clutches??
    all the teeth are still on the front sprocket

    anyone got any ideas what wrong with my bike??
  2. Without pulling the clutch, roll the bike forward, can you select (clunk) through the gears or does it feel like the gear lever isn't doing anything ?

  3. changing gears feels fine. it clunks gears when rolling the bike. in 'first' the lever wont clunk down, normal amount of pressure to get in neutral and shows up on the dash, in 5th (top gear) doesn't go up.
  4. Re: Hyosung gt250r - i think my gear box or clutch is gone??

    Hello, I'm not quite sure what's wrong but you do have a 2 year unlimited kilometre warranty
  5. This happens to one of the guys with the same bike .

    In basic terms I'm no mechanic ,and sounds 100% the same problem as yours ,he was riding along and lost "drive" .

    The main bolt the holds the front sprocket on, come loose, so it goes in to gear { you can see it on the screen }and the bike revs etc ,but the the part that spins the sprocket wasn't bolted on to it ,so the motor was turning ,but not the sproket .

    And it was fixed and a week later it happened again ,he fixed it and then took it back to the dealer again ,to fix properly.

    If you get my drift .
  6. Re: Hyosung gt250r - i think my gear box or clutch is gone??

    The best thing I've ever seen with the word Hyosung on it is the warranty card.
  7. will it cover the costs entirely? last thing i want is for them to say its not under warrenty?
  8. is the front sprocket and the small shaft attached to it one piece?? if not what do you have to do to attach it?? i have no tools here in the city, so it makes looking at this problem difficult.

    surely a problem as small as this would be under warrenty
  9. davey, whatever the problem REALLY is, it certainly sounds serious enough for you to be getting Hyosung to honour their warranty, as Meph says.

    Those of us who don't mind getting our hands dirty, do so. Warranty is for those who don't, and for the manufacturer to fix up those things that have gone wrong that shouldn't have.

    Ring your dealer first thing tomorrow morning, and holler!
  10. hornet600..
    ive got no problem getting my hands dirty, however i only know how to put car engines together...

    anyways the main point is, if its under warrenty it will cost me nothing. last thing i want is to get stuck with bill i cant afford at the moment, when i could have done it myself to save some dollars and time
  11. an engine is an engine. Have a crack at it mate.