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Hyosung GT250R (first impressions)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sabretsubasa, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hyosung GT250R review Warning (long and boring)... no really.

    Having had the bike for the best part of 5 days and 5 nights, I would like to share my experiences and my sole opinion in riding the new Hyosung GT250R (full fairing) version.

    Well it was Friday and I went to my dealer to check if the shipment had come in, he took me out the back where a great wall of cardboard boxes cast an imposing shadow, he points at a box with my name scribbled on it. Christmas had come early this year…

    Tuesday I came to pick it up. There it was in all its glory and goodness.

    So here are my first impressions.

    Aesthetics’ – This is one hot bike, definitely one of the better looking fully faired 250’s on the market and its styling has received nothing else but compliments from my friends. The headlight housing is also beautifully finished in a chrome surround and complimented the bikes modern looks.
    The paint job is satisfactory on the metal tank, on the plastic fairings the finish is seamless and certainly has a bit of shine. I received the red model which seems to be the most popular and really highlights the lines of the bikes design.

    My main gripe about the looks of the bike has to do with all the screws and bolts and holes on the bike. Seems like only the frame is welded and everything else is attached on. I guess this might ruin the overall flow of the bikes lines, for me at least. The seats upholstery also feels and looks rather cheap, but these things are the least of my worries and can be easily changed.

    Ride Comfort – Being quite a large bike and for me a not-so tall guy, the bike was surprisingly comfortable to ride. The seat slopes downwards into the petrol tank and I find my crotch always gravitating closer to it where I am welcomed by subtle vibrations. This may be a good or bad thing… My butt also does not hurt after a 50km ride. So that's nice to know.

    The pillion is also great and your passenger will find himself or herself having plenty of space. The view from the back is also quite nice.

    Performance – The turning circle on the bike is restricted due to its low handlebars so you will find yourself having to put your foot down if you have to do a u-turn on a narrow street or driveway. This applies to all full fairing bikes. The bike is heavy… at ~200kg (fuel and oil included) moving it around at a walking pace and reversing it can become a challenge if you don't have the strength. But you only need to worry about that in car parks or driveways.

    On the roads and particularly the twisties, this bike handles surprisingly well, it’s balanced quite well and allows you to really lean over on the corners. This makes any ride a little more exciting. From 0-100 I found myself crunching through the gears quite quickly and the 5-speed gear box does justice to the little 250. Max speeds are around 140-155 but you will find yourself really pushing it to the limiter (13k RPM).
    A comfortable freeway/highway cruising speed is 120 around (8k RPM), any higher and things get a little more noisy and shaky… as with all 250’s. But it’s not important how fast you get from 0-100… It’s from 100-0. The brakes are quite nice and it took me around 200km to get them worn in properly. At first they were woody and stiff but now respond quite nicely. I find myself being able to emergency stop on this bike much better (50-0 in 5m). The two front disc brakes also balance it quite well and if your wheel locks the force is kept central. I feel confident with these brakes. They’re not the best on the market but have plenty of stopping power for this 250.

    Some things I really like about the bike.
    The digital dash, is quite nice and is brightly lit, it is also visible in direct sunlight, which helps.
    The tie-down hooks on the back, these are a nice treat and I find it easy to strap down boxes or a spare helmet.
    Fuel economy - This is the big bonus, the lack of power does give some impressive fuel economy figures and I’m still running on my first tank. I expect it to do a little over 450km from the 17Litres.
    A 2 year factory warranty. Something you don't get with second hand bikes.

    Some things Hyosung could improve.
    The presence of bolts and holes and general tacky-ness of the assembly does make the bike look almost like a kit construction.
    The side-stand looks rather flimsy, I’m sure it is able to hold up the bike for the rest of its life however it does look cheap… But it’s only a side-stand.

    So having had this bike for 5 days I can safely conclude that the bike makes a wonderful daily commuter and certainly turns heads.

    For $7000 (including ORC). It's a good price for a brand spanking new bike if you can afford it and don't want to get a POS.

    Resale value might be crap after a few years, so if you don't plan to hang onto this one for a while, get that 10-year-old import CBR :)

    - Mike
  2. Don't tell the Japanese policemen that. :wink:
  3. any pics of the new bike??


    I also had a ride of this bike last week. Fantastic for anyone who feels small or cramped on a bike, gives you a much bigger feel.

    Didn't get the test out the breaking or acceleration, but it seems to keep up with most 250's even my ZXR250, though once over 140, i loose it for good.

    Seems to be a nice stable bike, I was expecting it to be very heavy, but it just looks that way. I have found that on this particular bike, that the front brakes tended to be very diffuclt to use, you have to pull the bar right ot the grips to get the full breaking power. Under warranty, they are going to upgrade the cylender, to give it more.
  5. Ahahah, best review ever. Love the bit about the vibrating around the nuts ;)

    But nah seriously, this was a good read man. I'll be in the market in the next 2 months (if all goes well with paying off my other freaking debts!), and the GT250R is now right on top of my list unless someone tells me something to turn me off it! But compared to a 12 year old bike - regardless of how good the CBR250RR may be - this is a real winner in my books.
  6. Great review of what I believe will be a very popular bike
  7. a very nice looking bike! lacks HP though and if ur only going to have a bike for 12 months before u uprade why would u wanna buy a new one and lose out when u sell or trade :LOL: :LOL: better to get a cbr or zxr, thoughs bikes have much more power and are more enjoyable to ride and u dont lose value on them if kept in good nik :wink:
    to hell with Hyo :LOL: :LOL:
  8. We don't all need to trade in or sell our bikes when we're finished with them mate. Mine will be going to my girlfriend and I'll be buying a new one outright. So I would prefer to have a brand new bike than a thrashed out shitter that's had 42 owners who've all given it the beans at every opportunity.
  9. point taken bro :wink: atleast i'l get back what i payed for mine :LOL: :LOL:
  10. nothing wrong if you want to buy a new bike...
    each there own man

  11. exactly u owned one didnt ya bro :wink: nice bike eh? then u thought bugga i'l upgrade before my restrictions run out cause u wanted a fair bit more power and performance eh :LOL: :LOL:
  12. yeah but there was nothing wrong apart from that
    i just wanted a more powerful bike.... as for everything else it was great...
    good feel... great learning bike... and was decent looking...

  13. i only said 1 thing was wrong with the bike Troy and that was that it is gutless, good to see u agree with me on that term mate :wink: apart from that its a nice bike to look at :LOL:
  14. i gotta say the bike looks very good for a 250. my mate has one and i love the digital speedo and the front lights. besides from that, the bike looks a like a plastic toy. cant compare it to a zxr or cbr but the bike is better than a zzr. not bad for the price!
  15. I agree that the bike does not have as much up and go as a CBR250 or ZX2, but it's not too bad for my liking. Next for me is to learn how to corner really well and get the knee down. The bike does have good handling.

    Troy, what bike did you upgrade to?