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hyosung gt250r engine trouble

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by joshuamw, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. #1 joshuamw, Nov 16, 2010
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    can anyone help me diagnose the noise the engine is making?

    the link to the you tube page is:


    any help would be appreciated
  2. Cam chain tensioner??? The had a recall a while back did you's get done???
  3. Hard to tell with my work PC, but clunking immediatley makes me think big end bearings...

    Have you run it low on oil?
  4. Didn't these things have an occasional problem with bottom end oil feed? Might be wrong but there was some problem reported a while back, to do with the bottom end...
  5. If it's your bike then get it seen to as soon as possible, if you're thinking of buying it then don't.

    It doesn't sound like cam chain noise to me...
  6. I'll go along with cam chain tensioner.
    Big end bearing would be a rythmic even noise..ie every revolution of the crank.
    This noise sounds uneven..like the camchain slapping around randomly...

    But I have been known to be wrong....8-[

    If you own it.....don't run it, fix it.:popcorn:
    If your thinking of buying it....don't ( and not just cause its a hoyflungdung ):demon:
    If you borrowed it, fill it with heavy oil to try and mask the noise when you give it back:angel:
  7. Not lending my bike to this man [-(

    Can you give more info? From the video i heard 25,000 kays? know its service history? its supposed to have valves done at 24k and a shop wouldve picked up on that noise.

    I wouldnt buy it personally.
  8. Thanks guys...
    ya I'm considering buying it... I and another friend went and had a look at it, its done 25000kms and the only problem with it is this noise... he only wants 1500 for it... its a 2007 but I've heard from people that if there are serious problems, it usually costs more than the bike to fix, so i'm unsure whether it would be difficult to fix??
  9. Dont buy it at $80 plus an hour for a mechanic plus parts,oil gaskets if the motor has to be even half disasebled your going to pay big time.
    Better of buying a japanese 250 for a little more money it will save you in ther long run
  10. I had a GT250 that made that noise,...the big end let go not too long after.
    Do yourself a favor and keep shopping...this engine is about to grenade. The 04 models would do it if you looked sideways at them,the later models were better...you had to actually ride them before problems started showing up.
    Once bitten,twice shy.

    Remember kiddies, once the pin is pulled,Mr Grenade is no longer our friend.
  11. "Nothing wrong apart from that noise" was what he said. "Which sounds like a 'dung doing a death dance" was what he didn't say. My gt250r made that noise after it had seized and needed a rebuilt (to be fair it was a lot louder than the vid).

    Yeh, I'd put a lot of trust in that guy.

    Dont buy it, dont touch it, dont go back to him. He's got no idea.
  12. sounds like a bearing on the crankshaft, what oil/velocity have you been using and how often do u check it?
  13. re: Davey_charlie
    wouldn't know, I wanted to buy the bike

    Everyone else,
    thanks for all the input it definitely made my decision making a lot easier:)
  14. Rats.. if it was a 650..
    I have a spare engine for the 650 for sale...

    The 250 engine you can pick up from ebay and the wreckers for around $1000 easy to change over.. Don't buy any thing build before 2007... and nothing with more than 5,000km...

    You can have a cheep good bike... a Hyosung... Cheep good bike...
  15. The last thing hyo's are is cheap.
  16. Only initially. I would say the 'good' part is pushing it a bit too.