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Solved Hyosung GT250R EFI Won't Start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Probablyraging, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum and after some help with my 2012 Hyosung GT250R EFI.

    Last night while at work some local yobbo thought he would be funny and disconnect a whole bunch of wires on my bike. These including headlights, the loom that runs down the left side just under the fuel tank, and a single plug that plugs into the engine just between the headers (mind my lack of bike knowledge here).

    Plugged them all (I think) back in. Problem is, now my bike doesn't start.

    Turn ignition on (lights/dash come on) > Kill switch on (fuel pump works) > Starter button (nothing, no sound at all)..

    I've checked as best as I could, without pulling anything apart, to see if any of the wires coming out of my starter were broken or unplugged but from what I can tell there is nothing wrong there.

    I'm not sure if this is new or I've just missed it before but when I turn ignition on the FI light goes red and on my dash (where it 0km/h is displayed) the '0' changes back and forth to 'F1'.

    If anyone has any ideas on what I can try please let me know,
  2. Hi ProbablyragingProbablyraging found a similar issue online 2012 GT250R FI Light pre-ignition. seems your prob. is not unique and shouldn't stop the bike starting so have a look at your sidestand switch and also clutch lever switch (if it has one) to see if the a@sholes have pulled those wires off too.
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  3. Agree with East Coast Cruiser it sounds like a start interlock issue so the side stand and clutch switched are a good place to look.
  4. Thanks, that cleared up the FI problem!

    The side stand isn't an issue as I was able to make the FI light turn off when bike was in 1st gear with stand up, light comes back on when stand goes down. So I assume that's working correctly.

    As for Clutch Lever Switch, I'm not sure what I am looking for?
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    Last edited: Sep 5, 2016
    My guess is this is what you're referring too, and if not, I'm sure this is probably important anyway. No idea how I missed it on my first sweep but this was obviously pulled out and then just sat back into the hole it was originally in, as it basically fell out when I wiggled it.

    EDIT: Yep, so after a bit of a google that is the clutch safety. Now I have no idea how to put that together and I'm pretty sure I lost that spring in the grass after taking this photo anyway. Going to try and bypass this switch now and see if I can get her started.

    Wish me luck!
  6. That was the problem. fcukers pulled the safety switch out as well. Just wired the two together and she's running for now, until I can get it fixed.
    Thanks a bunch for the help!
  7. Looks like it is a pull cord switch. Carefully peel back the black cable outer sheath and you should find 2 wires inside connected to a micro switch. If there are 2 wires you should be able to connect the wires together bypassing the clutch switch. Just remember the bike will now start without pulling the clutch lever in as you used to do before.

  8. Thanks mate, already went a head and did that! It's running now. Thanks again for your help! Now to find out what else the little shits pulled apart :mad:
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  9. Good one, hope you work out how to catch the little shit and teach him about bikers revenge....
  10. In a small town like the one I am in, it won't be hard ;)
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  11. Some of your posts got hung up in moderation ProbablyragingProbablyraging so you may have thought you posted a couple of times and they didn't come up until later. Once your account upgrades to Member status that problem should stop. Glad you are mobile again.
  12. Uh yes, that would explain the message above my posts. I though it was due to me posting too fast, or links etc.. Thanks for the heads up though! :)