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Hyosung GT250R EFI or Honda VTR 250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by brothermuffin, May 4, 2014.

  1. Hi netriders,

    After so many years of avoiding this topic. I have finally decided to grow a pair and save the funds to get my first bike and license.

    I will be going for my newbie bike training and learners license end of this month.

    I am 168 cm tall. About 70 - 72 kgs and medium build.

    This will be my commuting bike from home to work. Home to work will be around 15 kms on the Princes Hwy in Melbourne. Looking forward to also some weekend riding to the beach to rev the ladies!

    What do you think of the Hyosung GT250R EFI vs the Honda VTR 250? or any other suggestions?

    I am looking for a used bike since I will be looking forward to dropping my bike and hopefully not die doing something stupid on the road.

    Ultimately once I am off the learners and I will looking to upgrade to the Kawasaki 636, Yamaha R6 or the Suzuki GXR 600.

    Therefore I am looking to spend about $2500 to $4000 for this first bike.

    Thanks riding gurus!
  2. welcome aboard :] the beach, ladies and a Hyosung things that make you go Hmmmmm
  3. Hyosungs got a bad rap as being cheap and nasty, but my son has had one for years and it's never given him any trouble. My LAMS bike was a VTR and it was awesome. Expect to pay more for the VTR than a Hyo. If you're going to drop it, the VTR, being naked, is going to (probably) sustain less damage, although Hyo fairings are pretty cheap. The VTR has a lot of oomph for it's size..I had a lot of fun riding mine. It also probably has a better resale value, so you'll be looking closer to 4k than 2.5k for a good example. I can't say how the Hyo feels as I've never ridden one.

    In the end, try to ride them both and pick the one you like.
  4. I'd go for the VTR, more power and lighter, the hyo is a lump of a thing
  5. Just get the VTR... probably have better resale value as well when you decide to upgrade.

    In my opinion, between Honda and Hyosung, Honda wins hands down - every time.
    Personally, I would not even consider a Hyo.
  6. Don't know how long you are on restricted lic. for, but if it's not long (18 months), then either will do fine. you're better off getting the first decent bike and riding, rather than spending your weekends looking and stressing.

    I had a vtr250, was an awesome bike. probably save me from crashing at least once. but i found that on the very first day i walked into a dealership.
  7. wouldnt the transfer from the hyo to a 600 be an easier transition, since the bike shapes and riding position are probably more similar?
    jumping straight to a 600cc right off restrictions is a risk, maybe wait until you can scrape pegs or completely remove your chicken strips.
    get the bike that is more comfortable if you are going to be riding a lot
  8. He'll have a year and 3 months at least. If he doesn't hurry, he'll have 3 years plus.

    I went from a VTR to a Zthou. It's what's between your ears that counts.
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    Wow thanks for the responses.
    I know the VTR would be the popular choice.

    Is it best to get the EFI version? What's the benefit?

    In terms of used VTR 250 bike purchase, what range of KMs travelled should I go for?

    40K below is acceptable?

    Should I go for 2004 above?

  10. I think going for an EFI model in any bike would be best.
    It's just absolutely no hassle for starting/running, good fuel economy. etc.

    You'll be glad you did.
  11. What about the 2012 CBR250R?

    It's within my price range of $3400 - $4000
  12. how long until we get the cbr300?
    maybe you could be the first on the block
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    If that's the case, just get the 500 and be done with it.

    Or maybe the CB650F when it comes out?
    Can't wait to see what that looks like in the flesh.
  14. been riding on VTR carb model for around 1 year now. if you service yours regularly, it will never let you down.