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Hyosung GT250r EFI FI light on

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Cambell12, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    So I just took my hyosung gt250 r efi out on my first ride after getting my ls and it was going good for about 15 minutes until I tried to throttle out of a corner and the bike cut out on me and the fi light came on, after stopping putting it in neutral and trying to start it again it won't turn over and the fi light remains on.

    When I turn the key and switch the kill switch to on, the fuel injector doesn't make the noise that it normally makes. Any suggestions?
  2. You can put the bike into dealer mode by shorting a plug on the bike. The Speedo will then show an error code that you can map against a faulty sensor etc. I don't know much aboutr where the dealer plug is on a Hyo you may have to do some Googling. The manual below lists the error codes, Good Luck, (y)

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  3. I've had a few efi bikes and have managed to get fault codes off them without having to go to the dealer. I googled it and found threads explaining what buttons to press
  4. Thanks for all your comments!
    I tried to short that plug and didn't achieve anything. I ended up opening the fuel cap, closing it and then turning the bike on and the fuel pump made its strange noise, really strange haha,

  5. Well maybe a fuel pump that has crapped out.

    So you got no error code when you put the bike in dealer mode? That's strange, if the bike is throwing up an F1 light it usually will have an error code to accompany that. You may need to switch the ignition off with the short in place and then switch ignition on again, did you do that?
  6. Yeah, I jammed a wire between the two pins and then tried every combination of start up I could think of and got nothing, I have no idea what's going on with it, I rode it today and it was fine for the whole trip. Strangggge
  7. Is the bike still under warranty?
    Do you have a fuel filter you can easily check?
  8. I have checked the side stand switch and will check the fuel filter today, it has done it to me a couple of times since and it seems the common thing between all incidents is the bike sitting out in the sunlight.
  9. and increasing air (fuel vapour) pressure in the fuel tank?
    no tank vent, or vent blocked?
  10. How old is it, there was a recall to get the tank vent fixed up.
  11. All sorted now, a mechanic said that the issue was corrosion in the spark plugs, and the battery terminals were coming loose causing it short.

    Cheers for all the suggestions
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