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Hyosung GT250R - Did i buy a dodgy bike???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Miss_dj, May 28, 2006.

  1. I am so angry at the moment... :furious:

    From day one, i seem to be constantly having problems with my "BRAND NEW BIKE" wtf??? :shock:

    Now theres a loud 'clunking' noise from the front sections and it almost sounds as if the wheels going to fall off and the whole bikes going to fall apart!
    Secondly my rear wheel squeeks like a mofo (Plus a few other probs)....

    What do i do, i feel like ive been sold a dodgy bike from a dodgy dealer and im almost on the verve of crying (and i rarely cry) lol
    i know it sounds dumb, but im at a loss of what to do...

    And yes i know its covered under warranty however does this now mean i have to have my bike in every week to get fixed???

    WHat are my rights??? :deal:

    Please help!!! :cry:
  2. Ok, firstly... new bikes have new problems.
    The longer you keep a bike, the better it get's... until it gets to the other end of the spectrum and things start falling off. :wink:

    The loud clunking noise from the front could be a number of things. I'd be optomistic and say check if the front mudguard is loose.

    Rear wheel squeaking like a mofo is an odd one... perhaps check the elbow grease and make sure there's plenty of it on there. :grin:

    Ok, ok... just kidding about the elbow grease.
    Depends on the sort of squeak but a new bike sounds to me like a rear brake sqeak, so the pads have probably just not be worn in yet.

    Yeah, take it in... get them to fix it. They'll run out of things to fix, and eventually you'll have an awesome bike! :grin:
  3. Miss_Dj - return bike to shop and have them fix for u.

    I agree with Koma, please try and be optimistic as there really isant too much that can wrong with these bikes.

    I know it can be a pain especially as its new but you will be out there before u know it.

    alternative - u could always return it and purchase yourself a Honda :)

    Good luck
  4. the guys ar right and have given good advice. unfortunately it might take more than one trip. my advice from past exterience - write it all down - it helps in more than one way - gives you a record if you ever have to go further and helps the mechs in finding the problems. try to note thing like speed, gear, under load/coasting, when bike is warm or cold, gets worse if ?
    Good luck, and don't forget to enjoy the ride.
  5. I remember reading a review on them in one of the big bike mags and they said something about the rear brakes being dodgy and ate away the pads just within the time they had it... or something along those lines..
  6. The rear wheel 'squeeking' sounds a bit like the rear brakes could be binding.

    This often happens with new brakes.

    Take it out and get the rear brakes _hot_ and well worked and see if it still happens, if it does take it to the shop.
  7. also remember new riders have bad habits... one of them is being to gentle on the rear brake OR riding it... eather way they could be glazed and when the [pads are glazed... oh my do they squeel!!
  8. My poor Jamie!

    Fear not my friend; I have also had the same experience with my soon to be 2 week old Hyosung GT250R. Except last weekend I nearly suffered from coronary arrest as when I was letting the bike warm up there seemed to be far too much of a heavy clunking noise coming from the inside of the engine. When I would rev it, the clunking/rattling noise would follow and get increasingly louder each time. I took it for a ride and it soon went away. For the past week my rear tire end seemed to be squeaking - a quick tap of the brakes to me indicated that they had not yet worn in, or as a previous post suggests - had worn through to the metal calipers similar to that read in a GT250R review which was highly unlikely. Yesterday I went out for a ride around town with Hyo who also bought a black GT250R, we compared bike noises and I guess it put me as ease somewhat more because are bikes sounded very similar. Now the front discs seem to be squeaking - again when squeezing the lever it seems to disappear so to me it could only suggest that the brakes have a little while to wear in. I've only done 250km on the clock so time will tell.

    And for the record, I'm convinced it's not a half bad bike. But when asking the A1 mechanic what his honest opinion was he summarized it fairly accurately "You get what you pay for...”

    If it will put your mind at ease, come for a ride with me and you can see how similar our bike squeaks and creaks are :)
  9. squiks creaks clunks noises. Welcome to riding a bike :)

    Some days i swear my bike is about to self destruct and turn into a pile of bolts dropping me on my ass skidding down the road.

    Soon enough youll figure out which noises are just your bike complaining and which ones need attention.

    If your concerned about your bike, check it over.
    Check your axels are tight. Your wheels wont fall off if they are.
    Check your chain, oil, water etc.
    Make sure all the bolts you can get to are tight.
    Take your fairings off and have a look at whats inside. Is is clean and free of oil?

    Bikes are reasonably simple (engine/gearbox aside, but even then..) so have a look-see. Once you understand what stuff does and how it comes apart/goes back together it may put your mind at ease a bit.

    Always nice to know that the wheels wont fall off.
  10. I know it's a biatch to keep on doing it but bring it back to PS and tell them to make sure they have it fixed properly this time and if they give you shit i'm sure there are lots of people on here who would go down with you and have a word with them ;).

    Do you have to bring the bike to peter stevens or can you take it elsewhere? because if you want someone who won't rip you off and actually knows what they are doing pm me and i'll give you his details (He's pretty closeby to you too)

    Good Luck :)
  11. Hang in there, Miss_dj, these things are what warranty's for. As the other folk have said, persevere, get these niggles fixed, and you'll have a good bike and the manufacturer will have paid for the fettling.
  12. I had a dodgy sound coming from my front wheel when I got my bike. Turned out to be a strange looking clip with a pop rivet atached still stuck to one of the disc brakes. The dealer easily removed it saying "look what you've picked up..." I suspect it was left over packaging from the assembly they did not remove. But all's good now.

    The howling rear brake just needs several good workouts to bead it in. Mine stop making noise but it took more than a thousand kms as I hardly use it.

    Cheer up :grin: . It's the price we pay for buying a new brand.

  13. Stafford's Yamaha in Heidelberg (Bells St) are also a dealer for Hyo's.. They know all the issues and fixes for most of the Hyo range.. Its a fair hike from Hampton but it might be worth it if they can fix your problems..

    There is also a Hyo forum at www.korider.com... After reading some of the owners comments on the forum it turned me right off a GT650R..

    Good Luck..

  14. Can you get an experienced bike friend to ride the bike and get their view? Might help with everything overall, 'just to be sure' if there is stuff wrong/bad/fixable/nornal etc... :)
  15. Squeeking= your brake pads are shiny. (well mine are)

    Front End Clunk= tighten up the front wheel bolts ASAP (size 8 hex key)
    My mate had this but he was able to pick up on it really quick and tighten them, if you dont know how.... dont ride it until you find someone to fix it. This is not a manufacturer fault, this is dealer delivery fcuk up! (bikes dont come in with front wheel attached to them)

    Engine Clunking = have you dropped your bike recently?

    PS are the epitome of SHIT.... They have a mental issue which requires them to be shot on sight (just updating those who haven't read the paper :D)

    I have had a few issues but nothing serious..... and mine's been over a couple of times. ;-)

    Go to Staffords at least they have a clue & decent customer service.

    ALSO.. check your brake lights with the front & back brakes and any signs of a minor fuel leak..
  16. Hey all...

    Thanks SOOOOO much for all your advice! :grin:
    Ill be definately getting it checked and making a list of everything wrong...

    I also forgot to mention thats theres a strong smell coming from the front which sort of smells like burnt oil or something??>?

    ANyway all, thanks again... ill keep you updated... :shock:

    Ciao Ciao
  17. brand new bikes will make interesting smells for a while. Everything needs to get hot and cool down a few times before it all smells nermal.
  18. I got my GS500 suzuki new ,my brakes still sqeak till there warmed up and my speedo cable fell out ,so Hyo or suzuki........ any other bike ,small thing need to be ironed out in the first 6 months.
    My mate got a brand new holden and it blow up in 3 weeks, another mate got a brand new nissan x trail in its been to the shop 3 times in 6 months with little things.
  19. take it back to them.. demand what is your rights for warranty.