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Hyosung GT250R: Brake line and pad suggestions?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to be picking up a GT250R in the near future, and the main complaints I'm hearing are regarding the brakes. Does anyone have any suggestions on upgraded lines and pads for these bikes?

  2. Forget about better pads and braided brake lines for now, they are always introducing improving their product.

    First thing with the 250 GT is (im not sure about current but earlier ones at least) had only one front caliper and disc. U can run down to the wreckers pick up a new breaking system 75$ and a break disc disc 50+ ish (not sure from memory)(make sure u get the bolts.

    Rip of ur front wheel and mount the extra caliper and disc on the free side (the forks are identical and will have free slots to accomodate the extra caliper)

    other than that u can pick up a realy good quality break pad 40$ x2
    But i wouldnt do all this till u needed it once u ride it for a while and feel the urge for moore breaking power then do these.

    Dont upgrade the back brakes u will lock them up way to much if ur a noob

    PS Welcome to the forums
  3. Agreed.

    Once you've gotten used to the standard setup perhaps look at replacing the brake line/s with stainless items. You'll get much better feel and braking without even changing the pads.
  4. Grue was talking about the gt250r which has dual disks/calipers on the front.

    I have this bike and i have absolutely no complaints about the brakes on it, i've found them to be more than adequate, however im not a very aggressive rider, but when ive not been paying attention and then lokoed back to see the car ahead has stopped, ive found the front and rear together pull the bike up fine.
  5. EBC FA86? pads are the go. The pads alone will make a big difference. Braided front lines if you still want more braking power are a good upgrade. I had a GT650R and replaced the pads and fitted braided lines and the brakes were heaps better. The 650 uses the same brakes as the 250 and they are fine with new pads and lines. The 250 should pull up ok standard though.