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Hyosung GT250R and GT650R, height for smaller person..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by aetude, May 3, 2008.

  1. i am 167 cm tall, 67kg would this bike be suitiable for my size ?

    anyone ridding a bike that is on their tippy toes ? if anyone has one of these and around my size please share you experience...

  2. G'Day,

    My missus rode my GT250R once and she's about your size. She struggled a bit due to the seat height and the very large tank these machines have.

    Having said that, buy one at your peril. They are a notoriously badly built bike and the importers have terrible back up service when things go wrong (and they will).
  3. hey there, I ride a 250r and I'm 171cm... sure it's heavier than any other 250 but the size is good. And the wheelbase is good because it creates better balance and it gets you ready for a bigger bike.

    Say what you want about the quality of Hyosungs, but I have not heard anything bad from people who have owned one. The company hasn't been making bikes independently for long (made parts for suzuki originally) and it does take a while for them to develop the models, and have been improving, so grab a late model. Mine hasn't given me any major trouble and I have done 15000 k's a few at 180 kmph and it's done fine mechanically. superficially there has been a few loose screws but the parts are the cheapest on the market, and youre bound to have an accident on your first bike at some point.

    Take one for a ride and see what you think, if you have a larger budget then go something else like a ninja if you like!
  4. actually the ninja is cheaper, as the only reason for buying a hyo is that it's the physically largest 250 and you aren't then you shouldn't have to spend any time in hyo hell...
  5. Search this site cha :wink:

    Sorry but that's not true and is a rumour put around by Hyosung to give themselves some credibility.

    Mine blew a big end bearing at 15000k's and needed a full rebuild so be careful

    WTF?? Impossible. Bear in mind too that the Hyo speedo's are out anywhere between 8 - 15k's. 165 is possible down a hill :p

    I consider $110 for a mirror not that cheap when my new CBR600RR mirror (genuine) only cost $70.

    Great advice :cool: Perhaps consider a VTR250? Awesome bike with plenty of power and heaps of fun to throw around.

    *edit* not having a go Cha :wink: Just straightening out a few facts. Glad you love your bike :grin:
  6. I'm the exact same height but about 5 kgs less, and used to ride a hyo gt250r. You should have no problem getting your toes down. If seated flat it'll be just the tippy toes. If your ass is slightly to one side you'll be able to get a good foot down.

    FYI at above post - while Dougz is extremely pesimistic, he is right about the max speed. I got it to touch 165kmh on a good long downhill stretch. It took ages to get that last 1kmh on the speedo as well.

    Other than that, have since sold it and the guy who owns it now also loves it (sold to a friend). Good bike, very chuckable, and can sound decent too with a sports exhaust (OEM or aftermarket).
  7. Actually, I have a suzuki genuine spare part cush drive made by a factory called Hyosung. If its just the name of a factory unrelated or is infact the same brand is another matter.
  8. Interesting. Though, if it is a suzuki part made by Hyosung and they have been making Suzuki parts for years, then why can't they make a decent bike??? :?

    Having said that, when my bike was not in the repair shop having something or other repaired or replaced under warranty, :roll: it was a fun bike to ride. If you trust it (very hard to do mind you) and put decent rubber on it it'll run thru the twisties with the big bikes no dramas.
  9. I think you'll find that Hyosung did and maybe do still make parts for Suzuki, but there is a great deal of difference between whet makes it through the Suzuki Quality Control and out to shops, and and the shit they let though for their own consumption.

    What was a lie however was that Hyosung ever made complete Suzukis for outside of Korea...
  10. That's the one. Thanks for clearing that up Stigger :)
  11. I have done my research on the hyosung gt250 and it seems to me hyosung did have some problems with earlier models and fixed these problems

    majority of problems i noticed seemed to be from earlier models . I also asked a number of people with 08 models and they say its a great bike

    I should be picking my 250r up next week :D . And that will be the best way to conclude my research haha . And the way i see it is ...Your gonna end up having a bigger bike one day so you may aswell get a bigger sized 250

  12. As you may have noticed it's May, so you'll probably find that those 08 models just haven't had time to break yet...
  13. Exactly.

    Mine was an 07 and it blew up...
  14. Quality issues aside, the Hyosung is one of the dearest 250cc bikes on the market atm. I was quoted $200 more on the road than the ninja which is the closest equivilant. The naked version of the Hyosung is dearer than the Honda CBF-250 by $300-400 as well.

    I find it pretty strange that the Hyosung is one of the dearest 250cc's out there nowadays (now that the VTR-250 is a run out model) and that other chinese made bikes which may not be as good as the Hyo like the Pagsta & Zongshen, are both priced in the $4,000 - $5,000 on road.

    Then you have Yamaha's Scorpio that's on road for $4,000. It ain't sporty and probably isn't as quick as the other 250's, but save the 2-3,000 grand difference and put it towards license upgrade day.
    Given the Hyosung & ninja 250's are not that much cheaper than bikes like the Suzuki GS500F or even Hyo's own 650, what are you better off with in the long term?
  15. a 250 hyodung can get up to 180kmh? =.=
  16. Guess so according to Hyosung owners. I just wonder how that speed was measured. By laser gun after the owner threw it off a cliff? After being rear ended by a mack on the nullabor?

    You don't know. Cha_chaos may only wiegh 60kg's, has modified his Hyo, has an optimistic speedo and found one heck of a down hill run (20 degree incline maybe).

    He may also have forgotten to wear his glasses too that day! :p
  17. I've been doing 150 accurate and friend on gt650r's speedo right next to me was reading 180.. All bike speedos are off - hyos aren't really much worse.
  18. To be fair, everything new should be dearer than the CBF250.

    The CBF250 is a very-low-power, cheap single-cylinder commuter bike with a rear drum brake. It's basically the new modern version of the venerable Honda CB250.

    The V-twin naked Hyosung GT250 sportsbike would be more fairly compared to its direct competitor, the V-twin naked Honda VTR250 sportsbike.
  19. Which still makes the Hyosung overpriced ;).
  20. Point. Hyosung is V-twin and rear disc brake. It's hard to find "direct competitors" for 250's these days given there are only a handful left. Yamaha scoprio is similar to CBF, but with a 225cc single and that is $1,500 cheaper than the CBF so that's a valid point about the CBF being overpriced.

    On price alone, CBR-125R is similar to Scorpio (both under 4.5 kay on road) where as the CBF 250, both Hyosung and the ninja are all in the 6.2 -7.5 kay range. GT250 is probably better buying than the CBF sure but I think the ninja would be better than GT250R. I was quoted $7,500 for the GT250R. 300 bucks more than the ninja.

    ON that note, what is the power of HYosungs 250cc V-twin? That seems to be a closely guarded secret. How does it compare to Ninja's 24kw V-twin?