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Hyosung GT250R - 1st bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by mrhyosung, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Bought meself a 2008 Hyosung GT250r the other day. Learner :(

    I was so close to buying a 650r, thinking id learn to ride on it, and then derestrict it. But everyone i know convinced me otherwise.

    Pretty happy with the bike. Riding is heeaaaeaps of good fun.

    Now im thinking of spending abit of money on modifying it abit to suit my taste.
    Just wanted some opinions, should i wait it out, save my money and upgrade to a 650r, or enjoy the 250 for what it is ?

    Thanks guys, i found this forum really helpful in alot of aspects


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  2. Chicken78 is selling her pony, you could have saved yourself some dollars!!
    congrats on the new bike tho, my personal suggestion is keep the money in your pocket, write up a list of what you would 'like' to modify, keep note of the cost and put that amount aside for the upgrade later on, and you WILL upgrade.
    Enjoy the ride :) and welcome to NR, get yourself down to Homebush for the learner prac sessions, might keep you alive!!
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    I spent heaps on mine and really regretted it. The learner bike gets incredibly boring after 12 months and once you find yourself using full throttle almost all the time you'll be shopping for your upgrade in no time.

    Save your money and buy something decent once you're off your Ps.

    I bought my dream bike straight off my Ps and now am regretting all the money I dumped into the hyo because I'd have the bike paid off by now if I'd saved the dosh.
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    Oh, and grats. The post 07 hyo is a good learner.
  5. Save your money and wait till your off restrictions and can get a real bike, not a dig at hyo's, but lams in general. Bike is great as is, use this time to learn riding fundamentals & have fun!!
  6. I've got a Hyo GT250 and was tempted to spend some $$$ on it, but quickly realised that after I'm off my L's I'll be wanting another bike. Save your cash mate, maybe do a couple of little things but my advice is don't go overboard if you a) plan on getting a bigger bike or b) plan on keeping your license long term and the inevitable urge to upgrade to a bigger bike will hit.
  7. Dont do it save the $$ I learnt the hard way . My bike is staying stock till sold in Nov 2012
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  8. As all have stated, DO NOT spend a cent that isn't necessary. By all means put a pipe (cheap ebay is more than fine), and service it as needed, but save your $$ and put it towards the next bike....which if you're like me, you will certainly be counting down the days until you are off restrictions (65 days....so close but sooooooo far lol) and able to get what you 'really' like.
  9. Wow thanks alot guys. Always good to learn from other people's advice.

    What do u guys think, in a few months time, in regards to upgrading to a GT650r (LEARNER LEGAL) but can be deristricted. Then i can put a pipe and spend abit on it :)

    I was going to go for a GT650r as a first bike, but thought i'd start off slow and learn on a 250r.

    I absolutely love riding so far. Where can i find more info on the learner prac sessions (Cudnt find anything about it here). Would be very good to meet a few riders and learn abit more about safe riding.
    Havn't had any close calls with cars yet (thank god) but i have lost the front handlebars on a pothole once when i was full throttle. The front handle bars were shaking very violently but thankfully it balanced itself out after abit. scariest shit ever. I learn something new everyday.

    But hands down, the BEST thing about riding is pulling up at the lights next to a rider and talking about bikes, riding together and the head nods u give to other riders.
  10. Just ride the one bike although LAMS bike hold there value very well getting a real 600+ bike after your restrictions are gone is better then a LAMS 650 earn the intrest on your savings for better upgrades on your real bike.
  11. My opinion, fwiw, is to hold off until you get rid of the restrictions. Unless it REALLY starts to drive you nuts, and you can get a REALLY good deal, better to wait. There's a whole world of great unrestricted bikes out there to choose from, but you can't have them yet. You might find something you like even better if you wait.
  12. great advice given here!

    hold off - you need the experience... and the hyo 650 is probably not the bike u will want long term...

    just b/c u have lasted a few months without inicdents, does not mean you have roadcraft - not even close....

    i used to spend a fair while on the road, and lasted maybe 18mo or 2 yrs before 2-3 incidents in rapid succession including 2 rides to hospital - none my fault... one that I had memory of (the other i didn't!) the cager totally made eye contact, stopped - then burnt rubber to cut me off going straight as he turned into me.

    trust me, those experiences change the way you ride, and you DO grow eyes on the back of your head - and the ability to pre-empt what others do on the road seemingly without any warning. That is only gained by experience...

    do you time, stay safe, and when you are experienced and confident - go ahead and dump the dinero on the bike that speaks to you... no restrictions...

  13. Save your money. Spend it on the repairs.