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Hyosung GT250 (R) - which dealer ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I am due to test for my Ls next week, after spending some years on dirt bikes I am hoping that I get through the test etc.

    I am now in the market for a bike, I really like the look of the Hyosung GT250 and probably feel more comfortable in buying a new bike (unless its a 2nd hand bike from a NR member :grin: ). Couple of questions, anyone here recently bought one of these bikes and are you happy ?

    As far as I can tell these bikes are only available from a couple of dealers in Melbourne, Peter Stevens and Stafford in Heidelberg, anyone bought from these dealers and if so which dealer would you recommend ? I will probably end up buying gear from the dealer as well so will be looking for a "deal".

  2. G'day Hopper I got mine from PS at Dandenong, they seemed pretty good. I have heard nothing but good reports about Staffords, they are also a lot cheaper for servicing from what i have been told.

    Anyway great bike now done nearly 16,000kms and hasn't missed a beat.

  3. If quoted prices are same, Stafford. 1000km service will be free while PS wants more than $200 for the 1000km service.

    I am happy with my GT250. I would have bought a second hand if there was any when I bought mine.
  4. I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Peter Stevens in Ringwood. Service was ok. Nothing spectacular.

    You lookin at the 250 or the 250r? I got the r. Only problems i have so far is the fork seals are pissing oil everywhere and wrecked my front brakes, has a flat spot at about 5500rpm (which is a known issue and will be fixed tomorrow) and the paint on the front wheel faring is a bit dodgy and starting to peel. apart from that, extremely happy.

    Theyre not the quickest bikes out there (a cbr or zxr would smoke it) but for a learner bike i love it. Get lots of people asking me at the lights if its a 600 or 750. I tell em a 600. (ignoring the fact is says 250 on the side and i have L plates on!) If theyre stupid enough to ask the question, they should be stupid enough to believe the answer!
  5. I tell em a 600. (ignoring the fact is says 250 on the side and i have L plates on!) If theyre stupid enough to ask the question, they should be stupid enough to believe the answer!

    bah ha ha that is damn funny
  6. One of the bike dealers on Nepean Hwy Moorabbin sells them as well... sorry haven't got a name but next to the Kawasaki dealer.
  7. babbam, did you buy the bike new ? Leaking fork seals, flat spot, peeling paint ... man I would be pissed off.
  8. It sounds nice, but it's fugly. Get a spada like the rest of the sheeps.

    well since you rode dirt bikes, I highly recommend a 2 stroke. RGVs or RS250s are viable options.
  9. Sheep-Thats exactly why you shouldn't buy a Spada, the Hyosung is a spectacular looking 250, and you're right, there's enough info out there to suggest they're an all round good reliable bike.

    I just wish there was something that nice around all those years ago when I was looking. I had to make do with a '86 Honda XL....Yuck !!
  10. I got one and I love it. I got the black naked version and it looks hot ! Getting such a nice looking bike brand new for that price - its a no brainer for me. Getting a 2nd hand 5 yr old 250 for the same price is a big gamble.

    I test drove mine and loved it.

    But.. I've only had it 3 days and not quite sure how to start it properly. It starts and all but never first time when its cold. I was told to use full choke when cold and no revs, - it turns and if i leave it it cuts out. after about three goes it starts fine. Is that normal.
  11. I have a GT250 (not the R) and in the morning I do full choke and give it a bit of throttle to kick over, then I drop the throttle and let the choke do the rest.

    Once I'm in 3rd gear down the street I turn the choke off.
  12. cool - after you start do u leave the revs for a bit or is that just at start up? does it always start first tim like that ?
    Thanks for the info dude...
  13. Just as I press the starter button, once it's started I let go and the choke keeps the revs up.
  14. PS dont do 1st servioce free, its like $200-220.

    if you are looking for a new one, i suggest going to the dealerships that sell them and getting quotes then going to another dealership and making them beat that quote.

    i brought my R6 from peter stevens in geelong, GREAT customer service, did the best price on my bike (even 2-3months later quotes from w'bee yamaha are still higher) and gave me a great deal on all my gear after i clocked up my 1st 1000k's.

    PS in geelong also stock HYO's.


    virago is still for sale too :p
  15. Stafford experience:

    Got my GT250R from Stafford in Heidelberg. They were a pleasure to deal with, were able to agree on a price and their 1000km service is free. They didn't try the hard sell or treat me like I hadn't read anything about the bike.

    Peter Stevens experience:

    With the exception of one salesperson who offered a test ride without me having to ask I didn't think much of the salespersons at Peter Stevens. I waved cash in front of one particular salesperson and he still wouldn't budge on the price as he had already sold 5 that week (this was on a Thursday). He went on further to suggest that a 1000km service is a "car thing" and that I should have to pay for this on top of his exuberant price.

    I find the accessories salespersons at PS are great and they will go out of their way to help you with any gear you need. It's the ones selling the bikes that don't seem to care much for service. That was my experience with Peter Stevens anyway.
  16. Hey mate,

    Yup got it new. Leaking fork seals wasnt a huge issue as they fixed it without a hassle and replaced my front pads and cleaned the discs. The flat spot is a known issue with the Hyos. Its actually a restrictor for EPA or compliancing or some crap. Simple clip of a wire and all gone! Much smoother ride now.

    The peeling paint is on the innermost edge of the front wheel guard. Could be dodgy paint or could picked up some stones or something which may have chipped it. Not really an issue. To be honest, id forgotten about it till i read this thread again.

    Never had an issue starting it in the mornings. Its actually i abit harder to start if you have just shut it down. Like gettting petrol for ex. A few minutes with the bike off and you have to crank it a bit longer and give it a bit more of a rev to get her running. I am kinda pedantic tho. I notice these little things that alot of others may not.

    Hopper, are you in melb? If you want pm me and you can come check mine out if ya want. Ill show you a few things to look for with them. You can have a sit and get a bit of a feel for it if you want.

    Cheers and good luck with it.

    Oh, my first service at PS cost me $296.20. She ran like a completely different bike after that. She kinda felt really sloppy and tired coming up to the first 1000km but after that service, she felt tighter, quicker and smoother. Made a MASSIVE difference!

  17. the first 1000k's of a new bike it is running on mineral oil or something not proper engine oil. its to do with running the engine in. after the 1st service it should run like a dream.
  18. they told me the same thing, first service free is only a car thing. i think paying for your fisrt service is only a peter stevens thing lol. but im not gunna complain, even after the cost of the 1st service the bike still cost less than if i had of brought local. (PS in geelong as apposed to city west yamaha in hoppers crossing)
  19. I bought my first road bike at Stafford. The price was great and the after sales service was exceptional. Many years later I still take my bike there for any work I need done and am always impressed with the work standard and customer service. :)
  20. Breno I have heard the PS Geelong store isn't as bad as the other ones. Unfortunately this is the only PS store I didn't go to. I live about 20 mins from Stafford so getting the bike from them was a no brainer. They went out of their way to make sure I got what I wanted and even if they hadn't agreed to my price I'd be more inclined to buy a bike from them rather than PS. Can't put a price on good service.