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Hyosung GT250 or 10 yo Honda?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ssadam, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Ok I'm a fan of naked style bikes and still on my "P"s as well as $$ challenged. In looking at my next bike I was toying up the Hyosung GT250 for $3750 rideaway which is brand new with 2 year warranty as opposed to an older 2nd hand Honda or similar which seems to sell for the same price. Surely getting a brand new bike with up to date specifications and warranty is better off than buying something more than 10 years old.

    I know there is a resale tradeoff on Hyosung but are they a bad bike?? I like the look of them and they ride nicely too. I know they suffered in early years but are they a good bike now with issues sorted out? Are they better than the likes of CF Moto etc?
  2. Ignore that one, it won't ride in a straight line.

    I vote Honda. Buy a bike now that will see you past your P's.
  3. Most similar Honda to the GT250 would be VTR250.

    Technologically, there's nothing in it between a 10yo VTR and a new GT250. The Hyo's new but the Honda was a better bike out of the factory, so it kind of washes out. It's not like Hyosung have brought out any fancy new tech on their new bikes, let alone the sub-$4k ones.

    The older Honda has been through its depreciation cliff so you'd lose less money on resale (assuming you don't bin it).

    Reliability-wise, find a good Honda and take care of it and it won't give you trouble (again, assuming you don't bin it too bad). I've heard the EFI Hyo's are better than the carbed models but I still know people who've had trouble with them. CF-Moto have developed a decent reputation in a short time (especially with the 650) but they're still a new-ish brand so take that into account.

    Personally, I'm an old-school guy when it comes to serving out your restrictions - buy it cheap, do your time with minimal fuss and get rid of it for a real bike. Used Honda's are perfect for this philosophy.
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  4. +1
  5. I'm pretty much in agreement with the whole rest of your post, but this bit is well wide of the mark, because: Engineering.
  6. Don't hyos and cfmotos use a lot of old tech anyway? Buy a used Japanese bike, you might even get what you paid for it when you sell it. You suggest maybe you want a warranty? Think about it this way: If you buy something used with a few ks on it with a good history that already suggests it is not an unreliable POS.
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  7. I'd generally agree with you WaynedWayned but here we're discussing a Korean bike that you can ride away new for $4k. The engineering went into getting it built to that price - there's nothing on the spec sheet that screams 'cutting edge'.
  8. Brand new Hyo or 5000-year-old Honda?

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  9. there doesnt seem to anyone out there with a Hyosung that can give us their opinion? Or have they moved on to Hondas........?
  10. Son is still happy with his Hyo. It's a GT250R, purchased new in...ish...2007? Nothing serious - in fact, my bikes have had more problems than his.
  11. There's no blah fodder there, other than for the most chronic of derperers.

    The bottom line is that, taking the km on a used VTR into account, Korea simply can't build a bike now for 4 Grand new that is as good as what Japan built (allowing for inflation + ORC) for what would comfortably equate to an equivalent spend of 10 Grand.

    In any case, the upshot is that while Hyosungs have improved a good deal (according to my local bike mechanic), even if build quality was comparable, it's at a lower price and tech tier.

    Why the CBR 300 (or prior 250) or it's naked sibling aren't in the running here is a little baffling, but then the ambient level of "Hurr - they're made in Thailand/only have one cylinder..." still wafting across the Internet like sardine-brewed cat farts might have something to do with it.
  12. This makes a lot of sense. I reckon I'd almost get back what i paid for my TU250 if I were to sell it.
  13. My VTR was awesome. It didnt owe me anything when I sold it.
  14. I got my licence on a 20 year old, clapped out GN250 which I paid about $1500 for and it showed 30 000km on the clock ie 130 000km. That bike was very reliable over the years that I owned it. Older jap bikes are reliable and simple, you don't lose much on the resell, if you drop the Honda it is not a disaster, and you get to spin some spanners on it. Importantly, you learn how to fix your own bike, where on a new bike you may void the warranty if you service and fix it yourself.
  15. I have a 05 VTR 250 (so now 10 years old) I've put over 25,000 hard kms on it and its never missed a beat.

    A colleague bought a brand new 650 Hyo as he refused to buy second hand and wanted the bigger engine and dimensions, he blew a clutch (how anyone can knacker a wet clutch is beyond me) before 1000kms, his rear fender incl number plate fell off during a ride and disapearred before 1500kms, and a flat battery also reset his dash back to 0kms which could be considered a good thing but just goes to show.
  16. My wife has a 2006 Hyosung GT250R. She got it before we met. Like most of us, I would have told her to stay away from it if I knew her at the time.


    It has been a good bike! It had been neglected by her, just left unused for a few years. All it needed was a new battery, carbs cleaned and a new fuel tap thing. Took me an afternoon.

    It rides well, it's the first 250 I have ridden (only had bigger bikes) and I was impressed. Makes a good fun town bike, feels like you're doing 100 when you're doing 60. Every ride becomes a GP. Seems more powerful then a friend's late model Ninja 250. It even sounds good! I'm 185cm and 110kg and can fit on it ok, much better than the Ninja. Kinda similar size to my old 1998 Fireblade.

    It's done 28000kms, not many I know for a 2006 bike. I put about 4000 of those on with no problems.

    It has again been left standing for 18 months as we have been working in a remote area but still starts ok. I will be using it again as my daily transport in a few months time when I go back to civilisation.

    I would definitely pick up another Hyosung at the right price. I would prefer the naked model just for comfort but the 'R' does look better. The bars on the 'R' are too low really for a starter bike.

    All that said, you could get a nice used Ninja 250 for the same price as a new Hyo. Tough choice...
  17. or what about a 2nd hand CF Moto 650 nk?? You seem to be able to pick these up cheaply, some still with warranty. Theyve depreciated 40% in less than 2 years. Are these bikes any good or should I still go down the 10 year old Honda route?
  18. The magazines seem to love them - AMCN has a long-termer that they can't speak highly enough of.

    At the end of the day though, it's your money. If you're more comfortable with a newer budget bike as compared to a older but more proven model, that's really what matters. You'll probably be okay either way, and short of a catastrophe it'd be really hard to say in 3yrs that you made the 'wrong' choice.
  19. Hyo, good bike for the money, have had no problems with my older carby model. Check service intervals on the two. Mine says 4000km. If the Honda is 8-10000, and you are going to keep it long term, may be cheaper to go with Honda....

    VTR250 very good bike, popular learner naked. Easy to resell.