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Hyosung GT250 (on road cost)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PJ2, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. I'm just wondering what people have been paying for a Hyosung GT250 including on road costs ?

    On the Peterstevens/ Hyosung website it states that they are $5600 plus on road cost, so I'm just wondering how much are on road costs and how far have people haggled the final price down by ?
  2. Dont know the all up cost but a word of advice. The sticker price of a brand new vehicle is usually pretty firm. Where you can deal is on accessories and bling. You will also need to ask if the dealer delivery is included in the sticker or on road cost. There is a vicroads web page telling you the actual reg and stamps cost (you'll need to do a search)

    From what I've heard they are nice machines if you can keep brakes up to them. Maybe thats been sorted now.

  3. Well my gt250r was 7160 ride away, and that included delivery. Also got a 10% discount off my gear. Then again im in Perth and my bike is fecked.
  4. You got ripped kara!
  5. Oh well :p At least my new bike won't cost me anything lol.
  6. Thats not bad. I got quoted around the $7900 ride away. I think they are about $6690 retail on Gold Coast + On roads and delivery.

  7. They know you can pick up a brand new gpx for as low as 6000 when kawa dealers need a quick sale so they do have to compete with other budget bikes (especially when its established manufacturer vs hyosung)
  8. the OP was talking about a GT250.

    kara is quoting a price for a GT250r.

    They are different bikes, at different prices.
  9. On Roads were about $800 :roll: for my GV250 about a month ago from PS cant see it being much different.
  10. My GT250 was $6400 on the road from Les Penner, Bendigo.
  11. i got a new gpx250r 3 weeks ago with on roads and delivered for $6800 including guarranteed same price for my b/f (he's getting his this week) and a $50 voucher if that helps any
  12. hi guys i am seriously considering a hyo 250 r , have the people who actually have them habe any regrets? i think they are a good bike in all accounts , a brand new 250 with a 2 year warranty :)
  13. Congrats on your new GPX, i'm sure you and your bf would love it! awesome bike to ride. :wink:
  14. it is ... my bf got a red one last week ... we adore them and ssay goodnight to them them every night :p

    btw ... they have a 2year unlimited Klm warranty also
  15. On-road costs

    with all ORC expect to pay $7580.
    Insurance ~$500. p.a.
  16. I picked up a GT250R from Peter Stevens in Melbourne last week for $6,700 inc onroads
  17. Check the compliance plate (manufacture date) pretty sure it will be 06.